WagURThesis on Prion diseases

Yes! FINALLY its here, the digital version of my Thesis: Prion Diseases: Susceptibility and Transmissibility

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The index of the thesis is listed below

Current contact info: dr. A.Bossers PhD, Central Institute for Animal Disease Control (CIDC-Lelystad), Lelystad, The Netherlands (+31-(0)320-238152)


   Chapter 1. General Introduction.                                                      3

           1.1 Introduction.                                                             4
           1.2 Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies.                                5
           1.3 Prion protein.                                                            6
           1.4 Prion protein conversion.                                                12
           1.5 Linkage between PrP and barriers to transmission.                        14
           1.6 TSE strain variation                                                     18
           1.7 Aims and Outline of this Thesis.                                         21

   Chapter 2. PrP allelic variants associated with natural scrapie.                     33

   Chapter 3. PrP genotype contributes to determining survival times of sheep
              with natural scrapie.                                                     47

   Chapter 4. PrP genotype frequencies of the most dominant sheep breed in a
              country free from scrapie.                                                59

   Chapter 5. Scrapie susceptibility-linked polymorphisms modulate the in vitro 
              conversion of sheep prion protein to protease-resistant forms.            67
   Chapter 6. Susceptibility of sheep for scrapie as assessed by in vitro conversion
              of nine natural occurring variants of PrP.                                85

   Chapter 7. Molecular assessment of the potential transmissibilities of BSE and
              scrapie to humans.                                                       105

   Chapter 8. Summary and General Discussion.                                          119

   Samenvatting                                                                        133
   Curriculum vitae                                                                    140
   List of publications                                                                141
   Dankwoord/Acknowledgements                                                          143