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a family history

I´m just started with the family history of the "Langelaar" family.
There is not much yet, but maybe other people can help to put the things together.

I started with searching after Nick Langelaar from Saskatoon (Canada) send me an e-mail with some questions about his roots.
On the internet there are a few people with the name "Langelaar".

If you read this and you can help me , please send all the info I can use to my e-mail account(Ad Langelaar).
The postadress (snailmail) is Ad Langelaar, Selijnsweg 62, 3646 BB, Waverveen (Holland).

What is already done.

Oktober 1998- A visit to Ede and Scherpenzeel for the first view, buying a part of the familyhistory of the Langelaar family (Ede, Scherpenzeel and Renswoude) And to visit Bertus Langelaar in Ede (the uncle of Nick).
November 1998-I got the list from "The church of Jesus Christ of the latter-day Saint" in Amsterdam, in one time I got 180 names (Langelaar, van Langelaar, Langelaer en van Langelaer).
Making this page and collect e-mail addresses all over the world for the mailinglist.
December 1998-Sending e-mails and select the first info.
Jan. / April 1999-More info came in and starting with the computersoftware.
May / june 1999-Time for my trip to the USA where I found Winnie Langelaar waiting for me on Washington/Dulles airport. James en Anton van Langelaar from South Africa send me mail about there family.
July/ November 1999-Short break for other things.
Dezember 1999-Picking up the pieces again.
Jan. 2000-Putting all the items into the new software.
Februari/mei 2000-Working on a puzzle that canīt be fixed (by now).
august 2000-It was my lucky day!...I found a conection and put it in the same line as Tom, Maayke, Gerard, Maiko and Silco Langelaar .
Also I could connect a part of the familyīs Tom v. Zanten and Jean-Yves soulcié.
june / august 2001-Lotīs of items came in. Verry interested is Dietrich van Langelaer (1639-1713) born in Wijck (in the diocese Utrecht) , he goes to Berlin in the year 1665 to become a great gardener.
december 2001-With help from Kees Langelaar (Australia) I found the conection and put it in the same line as Tom, Maayke, Gerard, Maiko and Silco Langelaar .
december 2002-More items came in and made it easy to connect people .

What is "Langelaar"

The word Langelaar goes back to the year 1472 when there was a Hendrik van Langelaer in the neighbourhood of Scherpenzeel (Holland).
"langle", a farm that looks like a castle , stood between Scherpenzeel en De Glind.
It was also known as the forest "langlo" (lo is an old word for forest) , the word "laer" means a open place in the forest.
On this place , there is a new farm named "De Langelaar" also known as "Groot Langelaar", because the old farm burned down (nearly the year 1900).

De farm in 1731

In 1998 we can find the name Langelaar everywere, but I think most in the neighbourhood of Ede, Veenendaal and Barneveld.
Is everyone named (van) Langelaar family?
I still don´t know , but maybe we get soon the answer.

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