aiforth: a DEC Alpha Moore---- forth

Comparable with the lina Forth for Intel Linux I have made a 64-bit ISO Forth for Dec Alpha Linux also called lina.
A next older version is still available.
In fig/eForth tradition it is based on an assembler in only one file, so no c-code is present nor are any c-libraries called. This is a binary download, ready to run, with documentation ready to be viewed or printed. It is a prerelease of stable version 2.0 and based on retrofitting the improvement up to Intel ciforth into the Alpha code base.

It is a stable release and has no known defects apart from what is in the Intel version.

Features, present in the archive:

There is a chapter about the assembler in the manual. This assembler is part of the assembler package, It is written in Forth, but not portable. a generic assembler with plug ins.
Use the generic system for more important changes. It is available upon request.

There is a list of current defects . See also the list of defects of the generic system. . Be warned that because these defects apply to the Intel version 4.0, they may be fixed in the Alpha version. On the other hand this prerelease undoubtedly contains defects of its own.

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