wina : an MS-WIndows NAtive Forth

You can download here release 5.2 of a 32-bit ISO Forth for MS-Windows called wina. This is a dll based 32-bit console Forth, with long filenames, and access to dll libraries, hence in principle to all facilities of MS-Windows. The built-in commands however only use kernel32.dll. This is a binary download, ready to run, with documentation ready to be viewed or printed. The 64 bit version of this Forth is available as a beta release. It passes the internal regression test and the Hayes test, but there may be problems with KEY and KEY?. On the other hand you can make executables that uses DLL's that are opened on a (different) target system. It is not yet pushed to the github archives. The last release 4 version is still available, as there still may be some programs on this website that require this version. . Version 4.0.7 will be the last release for DPMI : DOS protected mode interface. Simply unzip this file in a separate directory and start preferably from the DOS prompt. At last this is an official release and you can file bug reports against it. You can download from Simtel too. An very old snapshot (beta) version is also available.
Do .SIGNON once you are in Forth, to find out what version you have. Go to the home page of Albert van der Horst