About the input stream

noForth behaves as if input comes from a file.
This means that text between "(" and ")" may contain more than one line:
 this text
 will be skipped
In noForth "(" is defined as:
: (   [char] ) beyond ; immediate
BEYOND scans for a character over multiple lines.
char % beyond
this text will be skipped
You saw the words [CHAR] and CHAR in the examples above.
noForth has also CH (a prefix). The rule is very simple:
Use CH when the character immediately follows, otherwise use CHAR
Forget about [CHAR] but never POSTPONE a prefix ;)
: (   ch ) beyond ; immediate
ch % beyond
this text will be skipped
To skip text with a ")" in it you could define:
: COMMENT   char beyond ; immediate
comment *
this text will ( also ) be skipped
BL-WORD is a BL WORD that REFILLs when necessary. You could use it to define a simple [IF]-[THEN] (no [ELSE], no nesting):
: [THEN] ; immediate
: [IF]   ?exit
  begin bl-word find drop ['] [then] =
  until ; immediate