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noForth 1210
16 bit forth
for MSP430


Albert Nijhof & Willem Ouwerkerk
 noForth  1210   \ for MSP430G2553 on Launchpad
 noForth  1210R \ for MSP430FR5739 on 'starterkit'

noForth 1210

Since  noForth  compiles in FlashROM, some words unavoidably don't behave as the standard prescribes. We tried, without restricting the programming freedom, to minimize the aberrations from the standard.

All  noForth  files in a zip

noforth-readme.html ROM and RAM in  noForth 
noforth1210.html about  noForth 
nof1210(r).a43 Intel-hex files for noForth 1210 and 1210R
error-messages.txt   error documentation
prgs program examples
tools1210.f code of the words on top of NOFORTH
ansi1210.f standard words that can be loaded
aux430ass.f external assembler
targ1210.f source code of  noForth 

Slides for
noForth and Beethoven on MSP430 Launchpad
Forth-Tagung in Garmisch Partenkirchen, april 2013

How to...

How to get  noForth1210  in the Launchpad? (Windows)

How to get  noForth 1210R  in the MSP430FR5739 Experimenter's board? (Windows)

If things don't work

  1. Close everything and disconnect the USB, wait a moment, connect and start the software again.
  2. If you use different boards, you have to select the COM-port.

Museum: Link to previous version, noForth 1208