cycling in the Netherlands

discover the Netherlands with other mensa-members

by bike

all these bikepictures are collected by Jan Boonstra, he has more!

information: [not in 2002 but probably another try in 2003!!!!]

cycles can be rent

when do we start?

At saturday, somewhere in june/july 2003, everyone tries to be at the Amstelstation in Amsterdam at

Next days we will cycle about 40-50 km a day, there will be several cycle-ferry's in it, and a visit on the National Park: Schiermonnikoog. There we have a day rest.

At sunday, june/july 2003, everyone deliveres the bike at the cycle-shop, and take care of their own luggage again. The travel back to Amsterdam is by train.



who is going with us?

We expect 10 - 20 participants, from all over Europe and elsewhere. This tour is special for not-dutch mensa-members, because we want to show foreigners how it is to cycle in the Netherlands.

Do not expect that you get a very fast bike (it has only three gears) and that you have to go fast. The trip of about 40-50 km a day can be taken the whole day. Stops can be made, and we do not need to cycle in the group all the time: every one gets a map where to go, and can have her or his own sightseeing in the surroundings..

The Netherlands does not have hills to climb, but necessary good rainwear clothes is usefull.

You are not an experienced cyclist? ------Then you can be in!


how do we sleep?

1. camping: on little campingplaces

You can take with you your own personal tent, it is also possible to reservate a place in a tent. Two persons per tent.

2. 'kampeerboerderij' on the island of Schiermonnikoog

This is a kind of farmyard campsite, no tents are used, we sleep in the farm itself .



where do we go?





map :




what does this all cost?

we will see..... come again later


what do we have to take with us?

The usual things you need for a holiday.

Special for this cycle tour: