New York, traces of John Lennon

New York: traces of John Lennon

This is the Dakota Building, where John Lennon lived until he died in 1980. It is situated in Upper West Side, on the corner of Central Park West and 72nd. It looks out over Central Park. The appartments of John and Yoko were in the upper part of the building.
This is the entrance to the Dakota Building. You can hang around, take pictures as much as you like just as long as you don't sit down. Then the porter immediately runs at you. So, unfortunately, this is the place where John Lennon was shot on the 8th of December in 1980. Do you remember where you were and what you did when you heard? I do.
Across the Dakota Building, so it seems, John Lennon regularly entered the park with his son Sean. After he died Yoko adopted this part of the park and called it Strawberry Fields. There are plants from all over the world, to depict their thoughts about world peace. On more places the rich have adopted parts of the park, from benches to larger parts, in commemoration of loved ones.
In Strawberry Fields you also find this mosaic with the word 'Imagine' in the middle.

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