Webport@l for DIS/DMS and workflow sites

DIS/DMS/EDM/Imaging products
80-20 Software Document Management Extensions for Exchange
Accusoft Corp. imaging technologies
Axis Scanserver
BancTec Doc. management, Imaging
Blueridge Optrix (Doc. Management System)
Cardiff Software Automatic Data Entry (since March 2004 Verity, Inc.)
CE-AG Company Document Management
Cimmentry Systems Inc AutoVue (view & mark-up)
Cornerstone Imaging GmbH
Diamond Head Software Image Basic (since 2 March 2000 Hummingbird) (since 2006 OpenText)
DIAS Digital Information and Archiving System
Documentum (CA, USA)
DocuPoint DocMan, DocLAN en DocLink
DocuWare and DocuWare (NL)
Eastman Software Eastman Imaging
Easy Software A.G. Easy Archive
Edo Limited Automatic Data Entry (formely Cardiff Software)
Excalibur Techn. or Excalibur (NL) RetrievalWare
Expansion (NL) Xtendis DIS
Filenet Watermark, Panagon suite (since 2006 IBM)
Gauss Interprise (formely Magellan Software) DIS, Cold and Workflow for AS/400
Hotdocs (NL) document management
IBM Electronic Doc. Management suite
Image Integration Systems EDM integration with JD Edwards
IMR Gold or IMR Gold (NL) Alchemy
Information Dimensions BASIS (since 1999 Open Text)
Insight Technologies Insight DMS
Intertech Information Management Inc. DocuPact
Kodak productive imaging
Kofax Image products; division of Dicom Group
LuraTech GmbH image and doc. compression software
Lotus Notes Domino.doc
Metasoft Systems Inc.Imager SDK Graphics Engine API
NovaSoft NovaWeb
Open Text Corp. Livelink
Pagis Xerox scanworks and viewer
PC Docs Docs Open/CyberDocs (since 1999 Hummingbird) (since 2006 OpenText)
SiDoc Arcis (doc. imaging and archive)
Spicer Imagenation (view, mark-up, scan, cleanup software)
SunRise Imaging microfilm and imaging
Unisys DIS and WfM implementations
Verity Search (document retrieval)
Win!DMS GmbH Saperion (document management)
Xerox DocuShare (document management)
Xerox Professional Document Services
Xionics Document Technologies Inc.
Zylab Europe BV

DIS/DMS/EDM/Imaging dealers in the Netherlands
Acal Auriema
Acanthis DocBase
Aecis (Computerij/Borsu)
Anacomp Doc. management
Arco Information scan- and imaging products; scanservices
Avas Systemen Optical Media and scanning products
Axoft Group BV Scan & Data Services (formely KCI Datasystems)
BancTec Doc. management, Imaging, Retrieval
BCT BV Enterprise Information Management
B en H Microdata Systems Optical media and scanners
van Buuren Document-scanning and production
CapGemini DIS, WfM
CCG Europe archiving solutions
C-Content (CD-Europe) CD-ROM design and production
Centric ODAS (Optical Disk Arch. Systeem)
Copymaster International Scanners and optical media
Circle Software Group BV
Cyco Consultancy Service BV Docs Open
Component Source
Cornes Document Solutions
Danka or Danka Services Int. Document-scanning and production
Data Space Digitaal Document scanning & storage
Databalk DB-DIS en DB-KIS
Simac Document Solutions (Datacollect) TeleForm - OMR, OCR/ICR
Datad TM fusion
Decos Software Enginering Decos Post
Delt Informatie Systemen DIS
Dicom Benelux Scanner, jukebox and imaging products
DMP Dataservices
Doclogic Decos
Document Image Processing DocuWare
Document Solution Company DocuWare and Ultimus
DocuPoint DocMan, DocLAN en DocLink; Keyfile
Docx Office Solutions DIS
EasyData Doc. Management Systems and conversion
ELO digital Doc. Management & CMS
eNetricity DISinet (Document Imaging & Storage Solution, based on MS-Exchange/Outlook)
Enjoy and Deploy conversion paper to digital
ERD Europe CD-ROM and CD-Recording products
Expansion Xtendis DIS
Farrington 'Invoermatica' (since Dec. 1999 Swets Farrington)
Grabowsky Polytechnics Lotus, Open Text, SiDoc en IIS
Groenendijk Microfilm Service Microfilm en scan service, imaging software (f.i. Rasterex) en hardware
Harbour Scanning and jukebox products
Indigo Document Management DIS and storage (Legato)
Infordoc Conversion/DIS
IntraData IntraOffice Doc. Management
IT Accent CuadraSTAR
Iva scanning and data-entry services (=PTT post)
Karmac Document-scanning and production
KN Scanner products
MultiScan Document-scanning, storage, data-entry
Multi Stream storage solutions (CD/DVD)
NovaDoc Panagon DIS
Olsy (Olivetti Solutions) Filenet, Watermark, Saros
OpusFlow BV Docs Open, Keyflow
Origin IT (since 2000 Atos Origin)
QS Graphics Document-scanning and production
Regma NL Bell & Howell scanners
Retsoft Scan & Sorteer
Simac Document Solutions (Datacollect) Teleform, DOKuStar, ELO, Contempus.Invoice and Contempus.Archive
Scan-in scanservice
Soweco Document-scanning and production
Square Document Management Systems
StorageMinds Data and Text management systems
Swets DIS, COLD, CD-ROM (since Dec. 1999 Swets Farrington)
Techxx Scanners and optical media
Tower Technology Tower IDM
Unisys DocsOpen, Staffware
VDA Informatiebeheersing DAS doc. management
VDD IQware
Vector Eyes technical schedule scanning/archiving service
WNO Documentconversie Document-scanning and production

DIS/EDM/Imaging dealers in other countries
Acanthis Information Systems
Anaxa (CH) also WFM
EASY Software AG archiving, doc. management and scanning software

Invoice handling
· Products:
Basware Invoice
Contempus Invoice since 2008 Basware
PaletteInvoice 100% webbased solution

· Dealers:
Simac Document Solutions (Datacollect) PaletteInvoice

Optical storage
Cygnet Storage Solutions Inc.
ERD Europe CD-Recording products
iXOS Jukeman
Maxoptix Europe Ltd
NSM Jukebox Ltd or NSM Storage (NL)
Optical Technology Group (NL)
Pegasus Disk Technologies Inc.
Pioneer Europe
Plasmon Data Ltd.
Smart Storage Inc.
Sony Computer Peripherals & Components UK
U.S. Design

Retrieval products
Abbyy Software House FineReader OCR
AFP Technology Ltd. Formscape
Caere Calera/OmniPage OCR
Data ID OCR scanners
Dataware technologies
Excalibur Techn. Ltd. or Excalibur (NL) Search and retrieval software
Fulcrum technologies (=PCDocs)
Inform GmbH Sifnature verification
Image Recognition Integrated Systems OCR
Mitek Systems Inc OCR, ICR
Parascript recognition software
Prime recognition OCR
Printrak Int. fingerprint digitization
Quickmark 2D & 1D barcode formats
Recognita Corp.
Scan Soft Scan utilities/OCR
TIS (Top Image Systems) OCR, ICR
Xerox Textbridge OCR
Visionshape Barcode, Mark Sens
· Forms processing:
Simac Document Solutions (Datacollect) DOKuStar (free form) and Teleform
FormWare Corporation
JetForm Corp. FormFlow
Kofax Ascent (OMR, OCR, ICR and barcode)
Microsystems Technology Inc. OCR, forms
Neurascript Ltd. ICR, OCR, intelli-form
ReadSoft Eyes & Hands for Forms
Scansoft OmniForm
Verity Inc. Teleform (OMR, OCR, ICR and barcode)

Bell Howell
Image machines raster-edit/internetsoftware
Mekel big format scanners
Mekel microfilm and microfiche scanners
NCS OpScan OMR scanner
Pixel translations ISIS scanner drivers
Scantron Scanmark OMR scanner
Wicks and Wilson Ltd. microfilm scanners
Xerox scanners

Big monitors Cornerstone's site about specials for big monitors
Cornerstone Imaging GmbH

Links to other sites
Archief startpunt sites about archives, documentation and libraries
Documentwereld (NL) portal
Lotus Notes/Domino portal

Eastman Software WFX, DMX
Groupware Yellow Pages
Netscape Suitespot
Novell Groupwise
Open Text Livelink Intranet
TMfusion (based on MS Exchange)

Delphi Consulting Group
Gartner Group
Giga Information Group IDC (International Data Corp.)
Middleware online papers and reports of workflow/BPR
Ovum Ltd.
W&GS (Workflow & Groupware Strategies)
· Consultants/Analysts in The Netherlands:
Anaxagoras Procesarchitecten
Annalise SVP
CELT Consultancy
Simac Document Solutions (Datacollect)
Digital display
Enjoy and Deploy
Grabowsky Polytechnics
Ibas Consultancy
Kopter Consultancy
K+V Van Alphen
Pheidis Consultants

General Information
Applied Techn. Group Tech. Guide; Objective Technology Guides
Barcode Explanation, links and software
Document Imaging and Workflow Systems
Document management
Document management Forum
Image, Workflow and Document Management Consulting
The Insead Calt Encyclopedia workflow information
Process Interchange Format (PIF)
Rheinner Group Objective Technology Guides
Workflow management Explanation
Workflow and process automation Collection of papers

AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management)
IFPI (Intl. Federation of the Phonographic Industry)
IIM (Institute for Information Management Ltd.)
IMC (Information Management Congress)
ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
Magneto Optical Association
OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association)
VOI (Verband Optische Informationssysteme) German assiociation for suppliers of EDM systems
WFMC (Workflow Management Coalition)
WARIA (Workflow and Reengineering International Association)

Standards (DIS and Workflow)
Directory Interoperability Forum
Group 5 Fax Messaging Forum
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, based on X.500

Tools for BPR and simulation
ARIS Toolset
CA BPwin (formely from Logicworks)
Clear Process
Cosmo IDEF Modeling Software
Delphi Consulting Group (Workflow Factory)
Gensym's ReThink
Metasoftware Workflow analyzer toolset
Optima! and Optima! Express
Process Charter
Protos (Pallas Athena)
ProcessWise Workbench (TeamWare)

Magazines and articles
Business Process magazine (NL)
Business Processes Resource Centre newsmagazine
e-doc Magazine
KMWorld Knowledge Management World
KM (NL) Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management
The evolution and future of Workflow
VIP (NL) or VIP (NL) Document management
Workflow magazine (NL)
Workgroup magazine (NL)

Lotus Notes
Cadenz (NL)
e-Office (NL)
Intranet 123 solution (NL)
Jacobs Software/Consultants (NL)
Lotus Notes
Mint (NL) Media Integration
The European Lotus Notes homepage links to Notes-oriented sites
Prozessware Workflow-tool, writen in Lotusscript.
SNUG Stichting Notes User Group (NL)
We-commerce (NL) Consulting, design and development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
ERP Super Site

· Products:
Compiere Open Source ERP/CRM
Fisterra open source
Intentia Intl.
JBA Intl.
J.D. Edwards since 2003 Peoplesoft
Navision (NL) since 2002 Microsoft
Scala Business Solutions
SSA Global Techn. before 2003: Baan

· Dealers:
Valar Groep (NL)

Workflow/WfM products
Workflow research patterns of 12 WfM products

· Products:
Action Technologies Action
Compaq Work Expeditor (Exchange based)
Computron Workflow
Corsa workflow BCT BV
CE-AG Company
DigiDoc Web enabled and WAP based workflow
DocMan e-mail based workflow
Eastman Software Open/Workflow for Win-NT
Filenet Panagon (since 2006 IBM)
FloWare (BancTec-Plexus)
Fujitsu Software i-Flow (Java based)
Gauss Interprise (formely Magellan Software) DIS, Cold and Workflow for AS/400
GFI Fax & Voice Emailflow for Exchange/SMTP
Hewlett Packard Changengine
JetForm Server
Keyfile Keyflow (based on MS-Exchange/Outlook)
KI Shell (UES) Workflow Process Manager
Linkworks (Compaq)
Lexign Keyfile
Liquid Office
Mapics XA Workflow
Metastorm eWork
MQSeries workflow (IBM)
Oasys (Kaman Sciences Corporation)
Office IQ
Open Text Livelink Intranet
Open Workflow (Wang)
Oracle Workflow Interoffice
Pallas Athena Flower workflow
Software-Ley BV (COSA Solutions BV)
Saros, Panagon suite (since 2006 IBM)
Singularity or Singularity ActiveWorkflow
Staffware since May 2004 part of Tibco
Workflow Template
WorkParty (SNI)
WorkVision (IA Corporation)

Workflow/WfM dealers in the Netherlands
Atos Origin
BCT BV Enterprise Information Management
Brunel-IT Staffware and Teamware
CapGemini DIS, WfM
Dialog Benelux Prozessware
Document Image Processing Ultimus
DocuPoint Keyfile and Flowman
Docx Office Solutions WfM
Essentium (formely Document Access)
InfoRhei Action techn. (metro)
ISIS Benelux WfM
K+V Van Alphen Donau workflow
Olsy (Olivetti Solutions) Filenet, Watermark, Saros
Origin IT COSA en Staffware (since 2000 Pallas Athena Flower workflow
Raet Systems & Services
Reason Ultimus
Simac Document Solutions (Datacollect) Liquid Office
Software connections Keyflow
Solvision Staffware, FLOWer en Corsa
Techxx Keyflow
Unisys DIS, WfM
Work Management Europe Action
Workflow on Web (Two Software) Internet/intranet

Workflow/WfM dealers in other European countries
Anaxa (CH) also DIS ans scanning

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