These pages are drafted in memory off my uncle.

F.H. Rienstra

Announcement July 2, 1940 in London :

"Hr.Ms. submarine O13 is overtime for such a long time, that her loss has to be accepted as beyond doubt. When the submarine was called back to Dundee on 19 June, she didn't confirm the messages anymore.".

Why this site

This site is made in memory of my uncle whom I am named after. He was a sailer third class on the Dutch submarine Hr.Ms. O13, which was lost with all hands at the first months of World War II in June 1940. My uncle was 18 years old and only a month and a half on board the O13.

Sailer Sailer boy

This site contains information about the submarine O13. Besides my own private information, since 1996 I found much of the information on the internet. In addition, this site offers relatives of the lost crew a podium to tell their story. A number of them have used this in the early years. All information gathered from the internet has been recorded in the link tabels of the startpage.