Family name derived from the name of their castle "Wettin". The first member of the family was Dedo I (d. 1009). He was Count in the Hassegouw. His son Dietrich (d. 1034) was Markgraf in the lower Lausitz. Dietrichs second son Timo (d. 1091) was the first Count of Wettin. Timo's son Conrad the Great (d. 1157) was Markgraf of Meissen an Count of Wettin and Brena. The following two generations were Markgraf of Meissen. Next five generations were Landgraves of Thüringen. After Thüringen, the family aquired the title Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg and Elector of Saxe. Two generations later the family divided itself into the Ernestinian line to which the present Belgian and Brittish Royal families belong and the Albertinian line to which the Kings of Saxe belong and who were the Electors of Saxe.