TNO Building and Construction research.

TNO Building and Construction Research is part of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, as one of the 14 knowledge institutes.
Within the world of construction, TNO Building and Construction Research occupies a special place because of its independent position.
The organization sets great store by the reliability and quality of the research and the development of new knowledge. Providing customized work for the customers is the prime objective. See for more information.
In the area of maintenance techniques for (underground) infrastructure the following products and services of our institute can be highlighted:

As far as the transfer of technology is concerned several models are applicable, depending upon the service rendered. Research projects and consultancy services are generally carried out under the general conditions of TNO for contract research. Some of the technologies mentioned above are ready-to-use products (e.g. software). Depending on the product they are made available against a fixed price or under the terms of a license agreement.

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DIANApipe allows the engineer to study the effect of ground settlements and horizontal ground movements, dead loading due to soil overburden loading, live loading due to vehicles, temperature variations, internal pressure and construction. The main fields of application are:

Buried pipelines in settlement areas
Pipeline road crossings
Pipeline river crossings

Buried pipelines in seismic areas
Effects of differential displacements

Offshore pipelines
Free spans in uneven sea beds or sand wave areas
Upheaval buckling
Fishing gear pipeline interaction
Pipelines in deep water

Other applications
Piping systems in e.g. chemical plants
District heating systems