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This page is dedicated to MYSELF; This in order to give YOU an impression of my whereabouts.


Date of Birth:

10-th September 1959




2 Brothers, 3 years older resp. 6 years younger.

Place of Birth:



Willem lodewijk Gymnasium, Groningen


State University Groningen, Technical Physics ('79-'87)

Job (First):

Specialist Non Destructive Testing, Akzo Nobel Centre for Materials & Corrosion Engineering.

Job (2-nd):

Groupleader Maintenance Engineering, Akzo Nobel Service Unit, Botlek Site (Rotterdam)

Job (3-d):

Maintenance Consultant Akzo Nobel Engineering, Arnhem.

Guide to Akzo Nobel Engineering

Job (4-th):

Senior Project Leader TNO-Bouw Delft.

Guide to TNO Bouw, Delft.

Job (5th):

Senior Integrity Consultant Stork Industry Services

Oil and Gas, Velsen Noord..

Civil State:

Please keep your hands to yourself! 

Married (aug. 1998) to Annette Jacqueline Tenkink ('62)

"Walking like this she crossed my road".

Son ('03): Gerko Nathan.

City of habit:

The Hague, that's where (my) life takes place! 

The Hague (Left centred side of map).

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Main professional achievements: (chronological)

  • essay about conduction mechanism in polycrystalline silicon
  • reliability assessments of measurement techniques / recognition of award by KINT
  • implementation of risk based maintenance concept for industrial plant (6 manyear work)
  • implementation of maintenance engineering as a discipline


Non professional highlights: (chronological with highlights from my perception at that time)

  • complete upgrade and overhaul of Ford Taunus 1.3 to Ford Taunus 1.6 ('81)
  • achievement of 2-nd DAN Jiu Jitsu ('85)
  • 3 month's solo trip throughout Brazil ('88); a discovery tour of culture, openness and tough circumstances.
  • Kennedy mars (80 km walking tour), Haaksbergen ('94); a highlight due to unfamiliar people giving mutual assistance on this challenge to endurance.
  • Vierdaagse tour (4 * 50 km tour), Nijmegen ('98); a highlight because of the atmosphere!
  • First STAR diving certificate ('03); Diving club Submarine Stars.
  • Varia (nonchronological): trips to Indonesia, Thailand, China, Kenia, US (North-East side), Turkey (West side unwards to Malatya), Greece (Athens, Tinos, Kos, Crete), Egypt (Round trip), Sri Lanka and Maldives- Wedding round trip and - of course- the wedding itself. As well: trips with friends to France (around) and Yugoslavia (Plitivice, Paclenica, Murter), but also the Dutch isles (you don't need to go far to enjoy yourself). 5 times Running tour "Lauwersloop".


My overview of genealogy is currently limited to my fathers line. If you like you can view it by clicking the info-button.

If we appear to be relatives and you have more details, please send me a mail.


Currently only few friends represent themselves on the internet. You can visit them if you like by following the links.

Friends & (ex-)colleagues present on the internet:

Site's main focus & link:

Steven Picken (known from '75 as "moped enthousiast").

Curriculum Vitae and Motorcycling

Peter Geul (known from '88 as my neighbour in Hengelo, Ov.)

Travel experience in Romania

Fred Rienstra (known from '99 as a dedicated colleague within Akzo Nobel Engineering, Arnheim)

HTML experience on behalf of Akzo Nobel Engineering

Arnold Koopman (known from '01 as a colleague within TNO Dynamics dept., Rijswijk)

Hobbies and experiments based on Macintosh technology

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