M29 & M29C

Anti-Aircraft Equipment.

On this page a small selection of German anti aircraft guns and equipment by various manufacturers.

Search light and generator
This is the 150cm Flak scheinwerfer in 1/72 made by FCM.
Here also shown is the generator set which goes with it. The generator comes as a separate kit. Included with both kits is the SdAnh 201 trailer.
Both kits are made in resin the "glass"of the searchlight is made of clear resin.
Announced for the future is a Kommandogerät and a Ringtrichterhör gerät to complete the equipment.

Würzburg FuSe 62 WW2 mobile radar station.
The Würzburg radar set was developed in 1939.
It was mainly used to aim the searchlights, when the target was lit optical range finders were used to aim the anti-aircraft guns. It range was 20-30km.
The model is made by Extra-tech and is a mix of resin and photo-etched parts, also included are some figures but these are not shown here.

128mm Flak 40.
Another spectacular model from Extra-tech is this 128mm Flak 40 Heavy anti-aircraft gun.
In most cases these guns were fitted on trains.On Flakbunkers which protected only the most important cities twin mounts of these guns were fitted.

Like the other Extra-tech models this one is also a mix of resin and photo-etched parts, no figures are included.

37mm Flak guns by MGM.
Much smaller are these models by MGM. They are the 3,7cm Flak M42 and the U-Boot Flak 37. Although these guns were designed to be used on board of ships they were sometimes used in shore installations.
Both models are made in white-metal, they come with an instruction sheet but some extra documentation may be handy when you want to assemble them in the correct way.

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