Giesbers Models(2)

Resin from Holand.

Marmon Herrington Mk3

These are the first of a new series of 1/76 scale models by Giesbers Models available from MGM. The models are clean cast in resin, no air bubbles. I had a small problem fitting the top and lower halves of the hull, it seemed they had a different width, However after heating up the top half with a hairdryer I could bend it outwards and made the two halves fit.I also fitted new shafts to increase the distance between wheels and mudguards a little bit.

Marmon Herrington Mk3A

The Mk3A has a different radiator and rear end compared with the Mk3 version. These Armoured cars were made in South Africa during WWII and used in large numbers not only in the desert war but also in the Far East. Captured vehicles were used by the Germans as well as the Japanese.With these two models as a basis a large number of conversions can be made. For example the Germans used a turretless captured vehicle and the allies one with the turret removed and replaced by a 2pdr AT gun.

Carrier S.P. 4x4 40mm A.A.(Bofors)

This is a model of the 40 mm Bofors on the Morris-Commercial C9/B. The kit consist of a large number of cleanly cast parts in orange coloured resin. I do not know I this colour has anything to do with our national soccer team or our queens birthday but I found it very useful when I had to find some small parts which had dropped on the floor.
An instruction sheet will be included but it was not ready when I received my kit, however working from a scale plan of G.W.Futter it was soon clear where all the parts had to go. The vehicle can be made in travelling or in firing position with the stabilising jacks out.

C.M.P. Ford Canada 40mm Bofors S.P.

This model shows the 40mm Bofors gun fitted on the Ford F60B chassis. The kit follows the same lines as the model above. All parts were cleanly cast. Be careful when removing the excess resin, some parts are easily damaged.

For more information about the actual vehicle goto:
Canadian Tracks

CMP/Ford with triple Oerlikon

The latest model in this range is the triple Oerlikon on CMP/Ford chassis.
I wanted to show the model in firing position so I added the ammunition drums to the guns.
As a simple conversion you can fit the triple gun mount on the chassis of the British Crusader tank, only a few of these were made.

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