Pz III, IV and Cromwell

Review of the latest Revell model kits.

PanzerIII Ausf M

This model was done earlier by Esci in 1/72 and Nitto in 1/76.
Both kits are hard to find nowadays. The new Revell model is made with the latest technology and information ant this shows.
It goes together very well. I had a problem fitting the roadwheel halves till I discovered the small locating pins and holes on the parts to be glued together.
I have already purchased a second model to make the BergePz III conversion.

PanzerIV Ausf H/J

The Pz IV is done by Revell in two versions.
Compared to the new Hasegawa kit the Revell models are the better ones. But by combining Hasegawa and Revell kits you can make an excelent Pz IV series. The only strange thing I han was when fitting the exhausts of the J model. When I fitted them as per instructions they were almost in horizontal position instead of going straight up. I must have done something wrong here.

Cromwell tank

Unlike the other models this one has not been done before as a plastic kit in 1/72-76.;BR: Cromwell and Extra-tech both make resin models but after building this Revell model I do not excpect that they will be sold much.
Also this model went together without problems. Possible conversions are Centaur/Cromwell ARV and the dozer tank, there was also an AA variant.

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