T-26 Light tanks

A new series by Skif.

Skif announced a new series of T-26 light tank versions. I bought the T-26-1 version made in 1939.
Its running gear is very useful for scratch builders. Not only was it used on the Russian T-26 series but also the Polish 7TP tank series, C7p tractors and the British Vickers 6 ton tank. (It was originally a Vickers design).
Even some early US tanks were fitted with this kind of tracks.

1/72 scale T-26-1,1939 version by Skif.
The kit is a mixture of plastic and etchings and rubber tracks. According to the information it has 140 parts.
I did not count them but there are sure quite a lot.
Most parts are used for the running gear, take your time for this job or everything will end in a disaster.
The tracks are somewhat simple, a round rubber band with few details but the end result is very nice as there is no seam.
Included with the kit is a set of etchings. I liked the way the etchings are used to represent the thinner parts of the model. (Hatches, mudguards and brackets.) I had no luck fitting the brass radio antenna around the turret so I left it off.

Future releases based on same vehicle.

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