V-1 with launching ramp

Review Cromwell Germany Model.

The 1/76 scale V-1 on its launching ramp.

Cromwell 1/76 model.

A surprise for me was this 1/76 scale kit made by Cromwell Germany.
There have been a number of small scale models but as far as I know this is the first kit to include not only the launching ramp but also the starting apparatus and the steamgenerator used to launch the missile.

View of the missile connected to the starting apperatus,the steam generator is the trolley connected to the rear of the ramp.
Include is a note how to assemble the kit
Although it looks more like a quick sketch made by someone of the resistance when he reported what he saw going on in the woods it is a great help.
The V-1 itself is easy to assemble, I had a small problem fitting the wings straight but after I made a jig everything fitted well.

In reality the launching site was not in an open area but hidden in a forest or orchard.
Like the real thing the ramp comes in 6 pieces, take care to align these pieces properly when you glue them together or you will end up with a bend ramp. As the original ramp was 36 meter long you will end up with a 47 cm long piece of resin. When the supports are fitted it is all easily damaged so I glued it all on a 10x50 cm ground piece.

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