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At this time the following additional features have been implemented in the beta version of version 3.0 of biklog5:

  1. import and export function
  2. diary function
  3. forecasting of number of rides and total distance on given date
  4. four additional real datafields and one logical datafield, optional and customizable by the user
  5. alternative record view in TABLE mode
  6. optional starttime added
  7. sorting on date and starttime
  8. additional statistic: average speed per month and bicycle type
  9. full use of screen of Series 7 and Netbook models
  10. leading zero to time and date added

Release of Version 3.0 is expected to be in autumn of 2002.
Please email me for comments and suggestions!

Screen Shots of Beta version 3.0b of BIKLOG5:

additional menu options: import and export
new menu options

additional menu options: forecasting and diary
extra menu options
an example of the diary file:
diary file

Four additional real datafields + one logical datafield available to be defined in the preference mode
preferences additional real fields

alternative list of fields of a record in the Table mode:

additional statistical view :

and on the Series 7 and netbook:

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