The Riddle of the Real City or the Dark Knowledge of Urbanism, 2017


Wim Nijenhuis,

The Riddle of the Real City, or the Dark Knowledge of Urbanism,

Amsterdam: 1001 Publishers, 2017


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The Riddle of the Real City, or the Dark Knowledge of Urbanism  ( EPUB and print)

A multi-layered, richtly documented and illustrated triptych with a treatise on urban history, a bundle essays about the condition of the city in our media age, a set of meditations about epistemological problems, composed as a cloud essay that serves to enrich reader’s theoretical understanding of urban interventions.

A beautifully designed EPUB- (open access to download on different devices) and a printed version (412 pages, paperback, f.c. and b/w illustrated).

“… het boek ziet er prachtig uit, en daarmee voldoet het ook aan het gestelde doel: het koppelen van bestaanesthetiek aan het ontwerp van de stad. Of het nu de oude Griekse polis betreft, de middeleeuwse vestingstad of de moderne agglomeratie, het vormgeven van die stad kan nooit worden losgezien van hoe mensen hun eigen leven vormgeven.” (Lars Spuybroek)

"... the book looks beautiful, and thereby it also meets the stated goal: linking aesthetics of existence to the design of the city. Whether it's the old Greek polis, the medieval fortified city or the modern agglomeration, shaping that city can never be detached from how people shape their lives. "(Lars Spuybroek)


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Does our knowledge about city and urban planning have solid ground? Can historical research promote creative thinking? How can we theorise about urban design and architecture in our age of the media?
These questions have guided the creation of this multi-layered, richly documented and illustrated triptych, in which the Dutch architectural theorist Wim Nijenhuis pursues a creative goal: to stimulate new ways of thinking in architectural culture.

WIM NIJENHUIS is Associate Professor Emeritus theory in art and independent writer. He studied urbanism at the Delft University of Technology and has a PhD in Architectural Theory and History. Among his many publications, he is the (co-)author of Eating Brazil (1999) and The Diabolical Highway (2007).

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The Riddle of the Real City, or the Dark Knowledge of Urbanism
Genealogy, Prophecy and Epistemology
Wim Nijenhuis



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