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Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a powerful technique to measure biomolecular interactions in real-time in a label free environment. While one of the interactants is immobilized to the sensor surface, the other are free in solution and passed over the surface. Association and dissociation is measured in arbitrary units and displayed in a graph called the sensorgram.

The Biomolecular Interaction Analysis is not limited to proteins. Interactions between DNA - DNA, DNA - protein, lipid - protein and hybrid systems of biomolecules and non-biological surfaces can be investigated.

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis can be used in a variation of ways. First, to see if two or more interactants bind to each other. Second, how strong the interactions are and third to measure the actual association and dissociation rates. In addition, the binding of two interactants can be used to measure the concentration of one of the interactants after making a calibration curve.