New Damask Network Exhibition.

It is already a couple of years since we organised our last exhibition in the Waalre Museum. We have not yet planned an exhibition in the near future.

We keep you informed when plans are more definitive.

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Old, still interesting.

Translated website.

Since GOOGLE is improving its translation app quite often we must say it is a good tool for those not familiar with the English language Of course you sometimes see some funny translations, notably when it concerns specific technical weaving terms butthe translation is fairly well readable (and of course better than nothing for those of you who are not familiar with English). That specific weaving words are not always well translated is not a real problem, as many weavers know the English terms and can read them.

How to do this? Well open the GOOGLE home page (it normally opens directly in your local language). Then clicking the upper right side on the small icon with the nine dots, and then in the next popup on Translate (in your language of course)

In the translation box you then see a line in which you can enter a web address. Type: and the translated website opns. good luck!.

If you have trouble in working with it you can always send us a mail to Laura



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