Drawings and paintings of Menno the Artist from Amsterdam

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These are the artworks of Menno The Artist from Amsterdam The Netherlands. The most of it are drawings and paintings but there are some objects too. The works of art don’t contain black in it, the darkest color will be dark blue, brown or anthracite, because bright and happy colors are preferred by Menno. The pieces are meant to be nice to decorate the environment and got to be attractive and also give a good feeling when you look at it. There are different kinds of drawings and paintings so there will be something between it for different kind of people to like it. There is different material used to create the works. Some are made with oil paint, some with felt-tip and some have metallic 3D paint and jelly or a combination with one of these materials. The most drawings are made on A4 size 21x29,5cm 160g/m2 100% recycled paper of excellent quality. The most paintings are made on cotton and have the size of 30x30cm.

Drawings on paper

Paper is the most commonly used surface to draw on. Prehistoric people drew on clay or on the stone walls of caves. Artists in the Middle Ages drew on parchment, made from the skin of sheep. Today, most drawing papers are manufactured from wood pulp and are available in an assortment of colors, weights, and sizes. Drawing papers vary in absorbency and texture. The paper will affect the way the sketch or drawing will look. Smooth papers highlight fine detail and delicate shading. Coarse papers are used when more texture is desired.

Felt Tip Markers

The felt tip marker has become a popular drawing medium. The medium is favored by commercial artists and illustrators because the color is very strong. Felt tip pens are often used when quick sketches are needed. They are also useful to artists drawing outdoor landscapes, groups of people, or buildings. The student who carries a small pad, ready for the unexpected subject, can work quickly with a felt tip pen. Felt tip pens are best for bold, strong qualities of color and line. Tones are more difficult to create. The felt tip pen is often used with other mediums.