Anthrax are dark Bee-flies of warm habitats. Antrax anthrax is a nest parasite of solitary bees of the genus Osmia that nest in walls and holes in wood. As these bees are common in the urban environment, A. anthrax can also be found in the urban environment, even in large cities.


1.a Wing darkened for over twothirds of its surface, discal cell entirely darkened; abdomen black, with whitish hair patches in the hind corners. 7-13mm. -> Anthrax anthrax (Schrank, 1781)

1.b Wing darkened fot less than half its surface, discal cell partly hyaline -> 2

Wing darkened for twothirds, left/above; wing darkened for less than half, right/below.

2.a Wing: cross vein mm darkened and therefore three dark spots present beyond the darkened front border. 4-11mm. -> Anthrax varius (Fabricius, 1794)

2.b Wing: cross vein mm not darkened and at most two spots present beyond the darkened front border (the two spots may not be present at all). 6-11mm. -> Anthrax trifasciatus Meigen, 1804.

Wing with cross vein mm darkened, left/above; wing with cross vein mm clear, right/below.

Anthrax anthrax

Antrax varius

Anthrax trifasciatus

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