Small, greyish to yellowish Bombyliidae.


1.a Head completely whitish haired. Female: sternite 1 and 2 yellow; scutellum with a yellow spot in the form of a heart -> Phthiria canescens Loew, 1846

1.b Head partly or completely black haired. Female: all sternites black; scuttelum almost completely yellow or with round yellow spot -> 2

2.a Head completely black haired. Female: scutellum dorsally almost completely yellow. 4-4.6mm. -> Phthiria minuta Fabricius, 1805

2.b Head black haired on upper part, white haired on lower part. Female: scutellum black with rounded yellow spot. 4-4.5mm. -> Phthiria pulicaria Mikan 1796

Phthiria pulicaria

P. pulicaria male
Male (ITZ, Amsterdam)
In the Netherlands predominantlly in the coastal dunes on yellow flowers.

Last updated 22.1.2008