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Old town

The entrance of the old town shows already whow magnificient this city is. It is famous all over the world.

Old town

The main square of the old town is the place where people meet. Nowadays these people ar mainly tourists. But imagine yourself how it was in those days....

Greek art

On Rhodos the local people are famous for their craftmanship. Her is a good example.


Also the pottery is a local product. In this bakery I saw the boss at work. Don't mess around with him! (joke!)


The greek taverna's are a good place to be. Even for children it is nice

Old town

In the old town many artist are busy to sell their products to te tourists. Mainly paintings and hair art are sold.

The Grandmaster Castle

The castle of the Grandmasters is the main atrraction of the old town. By the entrance you can't miss these huge cannon balls.


Away from the crowd you will find in Kalithea this litte quiet beach. Thsi is also the place where you can have a awsome scubadive.


Well in Lindos you have to go and see the Acropolis. This is one of the biggest in Greece.


Another view on the Acropolis from Lindos.

Greek Art

If you look close to this greek craftsman you still can't do it. It is very difficult


An incredible north view from the acropolis

Old town

A nice Belgian girl made a picture of us.


With these two donkeys we climbed the hill to the acropolis.


The steep road to the old town gives you a good mood. It leeds you to the Grandmasters Palace.

Tower Old Town

The tower is good visible in the old town.


The local store in Trianta were we buyed our food.


Another incredible view from the acropolis on Lindos.

Old town

Walking on the wall you can see the sea.


The fortress of Monolithos.

Rhodos Old town

View on the walls of the old town, here the gate of Koskinou.

Rhodos Town

View on Mandraki Harbour.

Grandmasters Castle

Map of Grandmasters Castle Old Town, Rhodos-town.


Map of ancient Kamiros


Sideview on the Acropolis of Lindos.