My Collection of Mathematics Books for Sale

The books in the list below are for sale. They stem from my Mathematics Study at the University of Amsterdam in the 1980's and later. As they have been used only by me, they are in good shape.

You are interested in some book(s)?

Then email the book details and your questions or (reasonable) price offer for each book to: r.hoksbergen (at)
I will get in touch with you as soon as possible, usually within 2 days.

I currently live near Utrecht (Netherlands) and prefer to handover the book(s) in person, either at my home or at a major Dutch railway station.

Book list

author title publisher year remark
Abrahams, P.W.
& Berry, K.
& Hargraves, K.A.
TeX for the impatient Addison-Wesley 1990
Agarwal, R.P
& Grace, S.R.
& O'Regan D.
Oscillation theory for difference and functional difference equations Kluwer 2000
Agarwal, R.P.
& Wong, P.J.Y.
Error inequalities in polynomial interpolation and their applications Kluwer 1993 MIA 262
Ahlbrandt, C.D.
& Peterson A.C.
Discrete Hamiltonian Systems KAP 1996 KTMS 16
Ahlfors, L.V. Complex analysis McGraw-Hill 1979 3rd ed.
Ahlfors, L.V. Lectures on quasiconformal mappings v.Nostrand 1966 Math.Stud. 10
Ahlfors, L.V.
& Sario, L.
Riemann Surfaces Princeton UP 1974 Math.Ser. 29
Aizenberg, L. Carleman's formulas in complex analysis KAP 1993 MIAA 244
Aleksandrov, I.A.
& Sobolev, V.V.
Analytic functions of a complex variable Vyscha Skola Moscow 1984 in Russian
Aleksandrov, P.S. General homology theory Nauka 1979 in Russian
Alexandrov. A.D.
& Reshetnyak, Yu.G.
General theory of irregular curves KAP 1989 MASS 29
Alladi, K. et al. (eds) Analytic and elementary number theory: A tribute to mathematical legend Paul Erdoes Kluwer 1998
Amayo, R.K.
& Stewart, I.
Inifinite-dimensional Lie algebras Noordhoff 1974
Ameling, W. Laplace-Transformation Vieweg 1979 Studien Buecher Nat.u.Technik 7
Amidror, I. The theory of the Moire phenomenon Kluwer 2000 CIVI 15
Andreotti, A. Nine lectures on complex analysis
1972 Math.Inst.Syllabus
Andrianov, I.V.
& Manevitch L.I.
Asymptotology: ideas, methods and applications Kluwer 2002 MAIA 551
Apanasov, B.N. Discrete groups in space and uniformization problems KAP 1991 MIAS 40
Arakelian, N.
& Gauthier, P.M.
Approximation, complex analysis, and potential theory Kluwer 2001 NATO II – 37
Arkhipov, G.I.
& Karatsuba, A.A.
& Chubarikov, V.N.
Theory of multiple trigonometric sums Nauka 1987 in Russian
Arnol'd, V.I. Ordinary differential equations Nauka 1984 in Russian
Arnold, V.I. Singularities of caustics and wave fronts KAP 1990 MIAS 62
Baayen, P.C. From universal morphisms to megabytes: A Baayen space odyssey CWI 1994
Baayen, P.C. Wiskundige taal H.J.Paris 1967 Inauguratie-rede
Bahturin, Yu. Basic structures of modern algebra KAP 1993 MIA 265
Bainov, D.
& Simeonov, P.
Integral inequalities and applications KAP 1992 MIAE 57
Bak. J.
& Newman, D.J.
Complex analysis Springer 1982 Undergraduate Texts Math.
Bakhvalov, N.
& Panasenko, G.
Homogenisation: Averaging process in periodic motion KAP 1989 MIAS 36
Bakushinsky, A.
& Goncharsky, A.
Ill-posed problems: theory and applications KAP 1994 MIA 301
Balaban, M. (ed.) Scientific information transfer: the editor's role Reidel 1978
Barnsley, M.F. Fractals everywhere Acad.Press 1993
Baues, H.-J.
& Quintero, A.
Infinite homotopy theory Kluwer 2001 KMON 6
Beattie, R.
& Butzmann, H.-P.
Convergence structures and applications to functional analysis KAP 2002
Beer, G. Topologies on closed and closed convex sets KAP 1993 MIA 268
Behnke, H.
& Sommer, F.
Theorie der analytische Funktionen einer komplexer Veraenderlichen Springer 1976 3rd ed.
Behnke, H.
& Thullen, P.
Theorie der Funktionen mehrerer komplexer Veraenderlichen Springer 1970 2nd ed.
Bejancu, A. Geometry of CR-manifolds reidel 1986 MIA
Berezin, F.A. Introduction to superanalysis Reidel 1987
Berezin, F.A.
& Shubin, M.A.
The Schroedinger equation KAP 1991 MIAS 66
Berger, M.S. Mathematical structures of nonlinear science KAP 1990 Nonlinear topics math.Sci. 1
Beth, T.
& Jungnickel, D.
& Lenz, H.
Design theory Cambridge UP 1990 Vol. I & II
Bishop, R.L.
& Goldberg, S.I.
Tensor analysis on manifolds Dover 1980
Bisztriczky, T.
& McMullen, P.
& Schneider R.
& Weiss, A.I.
Polytopes: abstract, convex, and computational KAP 1994 NATO C440
Bjoerk, J.E. Analytic D-modules and applications KAP 1993 MIAA 247
Blackwell, D.
& Girshick, M.A.
Theory of games and statistical decisions Dover 1979
Bochner, S. Vorlesungen ueber Fouriersche Integrale Chelsea 1948 Reprint
Bohr, H. Almost periodic functions Chelsea 1947 Translated reprint
Bojanov, B.D.
& Hakopian, H.A.
& Sahakian, A.A.
Spline functions and multivariate interpolations Kluwer 1993 MAIA 248
Bookman, L.A. Trajectories through knowledge space KAP 1994 SECS 286
Bret, M. Image synthesis Kluwer 1992
Broer, H. Meetkunde en physica Epsilon 2000 44
Brooks, D.W. Et al (eds) Web-Teaching Kluwer 2001 2nd ed.
Bruijn, N.G. De Asymptotic methods in analysis Dover 1981 Reprint
& et al.
Publiceren met LaTeX CWI 1989 Syllabus 19
Buck, R.C. Advanced calculus McGraw-Hill 1965
Buening, H.K.
& Lettman, Th.
Propositional logic: deduction and algorithms Cambridge UP 1999 Tracts 48
Burton, L.
& Jaworski, B. (eds)
Technology in mathematics teaching Chartwell-Bratt 1995
Buschman, R.G. integral transformations, operational calculus, and generalzied functions Kluwer 1996 MAIA 377
Caldwell, J.
& Ram, Y.M.
Mathematical modelling: concepts and case studies Kluwer 1999 MMTA 6
Calugareanu, G.
& Hamburg, P.
Exercises in basic ring theory KAP 1998 KTMS 20
Campbell, J.E. Introductory treatise on Lie's theory of finite continuous transformation groups Chelsea 1966 Reprint
Cantor, G. Contributions to the founding of the theory of transfinite numbers Chelsea 1955 Reprint
Caratheodory, C. Theory of functions of a complex variable Chelsea 1978 Vol. 1, reprint 2nd ed.
Caratheodory, C. Theory of functions of a complex variable Chelsea 1981 Vol. 2, reprint 2nd ed.
Caratheodory, C. Vorlesungen ueber reelle Funktionen Chelsea 1968 Reprint 3rd ed.
Carslaw, H.S. An introduction to the theory of Fourier's series and integrals Dover 1950 Reprint 3rd ed.
Cartan, H. Differential forms Kershaw 1983 Translated
Cartan, H. Elementare Theorien der analytischen Funktionen einer oder mehrerer komplexen Veraenderlichen B.I. Mannheim 1966 Hochschultaschenbuecher 112
Cazacu, C. Andreian Theorie der Funktionen mehrerer komplexer Veraenderlichen Birkhaeuser 1975 Math.Reihe 51
Cheney, E.W. Introduction to approximation theory Chelsea 1982 2nd ed.
Cheng, M. et al. (eds) Harmonic analysis in China KAP 1995 MAIA 327
Chern, S.-s. Complex manifolds without potential theory Springer 1979 Universitext
Chribrikova, L.I. Fundamental boundary problems for analytic functions Kazan 1977 in Russion
Churchill, R.V.
& Brown & J.W.
& Verhey, R.F.
Complex variables and applications McGraw-Hill 1974 3rd ed.
Cieslik, D. Steiner minimal trees Kluwer 1998 NOIA 23
Cioranescu, I. Geometry of Banach spaces, duality mappings and nonlinear problems KAP 1990 MIA 62
Cohn. H. Conformal mapping on Riemann surfaces Dover 1980 Reprint
Cohn. P.M. Universal algebra Reidel 1981
Conway, J.B. Functions of one complex variable Springer 1978 GTM 11
Courant, R. Vorlesungen ueber Differential- und Integralrechnung Springer 1971 Vol. I
Courant, R. Vorlesungen ueber Differential- und Integralrechnung Springer 1972 Vol. II
Coxeter, H.S.M. Projective geometry Univ. Toronto Press 1974 2nd ed.
Crumeyrolle, A. Ortogonal and symplectic Clifford algebras KAP 1990 MIAA 57
Cuvelier, C.
& Segal, A.
& Steenhoven, A.A. Van
Finite element methods and Navier-Stokes equations Reidel 1986 MIA
Dalecky, Yu.L.
& Fomin, S.V.
Measures and differential equations in infinite-dimensional space KAP 1991 MIAS 76
Davis, Ph.J. Interpolation and approximation Dover 1975 Reprint
Dedekind, R. Essays on the theory of numbers – continuity and irrational numbers; nature and meaning of numbers Dover 1963 Reprint
DeRose, S.J. The SGML FAQ book KAP 1997
DeRose, S.J.
& Durand, D.G.
Making hypermedia work – a user's guide to HyTime KAP 1994
Devaney, R.L. An introduction to chaotic dynamical systems Addison-Wesley 1989
Diederich, K.
& Remmert, R.
Funktionentheorie I Springer 1972 Heidelberger Taschenbuecher 103
Diestel, J.
& Uhl, J.J. jr.
Vector measures Amer.Math.Soc. 1977 Surveys 15
Dieudonne, J. Infinitesimal calculus Houghton-Mifflin 1971 translated
Dimovski, I.H. Convolutional calculus Bulgarian Acad.Sci. 1982
Dinghas, A. Einfuehrung in die Cauchy-Weierstrass'sche Funktionentheorie B.I. Mannheim 1968 Hochschultaschenbuecher 48
Ditzian, Z.
& Totik, V.
Moduli of smoothness Springer 1987 Ser. Comp. Math. 9
Dodson, C.T.J.
& Parker, Ph.E.
A user's guide to algebraic topology KAP 1997 MAIA 387
Doetsch, G. Anleitung zum praktischen Gebrauch de Laplace-Transformation unde der z-Transformation Oldenbourg 1967
Dominich, S. Mathematical foundations of information retrieval KAP 2001 Math.Modelling 12
Dougherty, E.R. Mathematical morphology in image processing M.Dekker 1993
Dubinskii, J.A. Analytic pseudo-differential operators and their applications KAP 1991 MAIS 68
Dugundji, J. Topology Allyn & Bacon 1978 Ser. Adv.Math.
Dulst, D. van Reflexive and superreflexive Banach spaces Math. Centre Amsterdam 1978 Tracts 102
Duplij, S.
& Siegel, W.
& Bagger, J.
Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry KAP 2004
Duren, P.L. Univalent functions Springer 1983 Grundlehren 259
Dvurecenskij, A. Gleason's theorem and its applications KAP 1993 MIAE 60
Dym, H.
& McKean, H.P.
Fourierseries and integrals Acad.Press 1972 Probab. Math. Stat. 14
Edmunds, D.E.
& Kokilashvili, V.
& Meskhi, A.
Bounded and compact integral operators KAP 2002
Edwards, H.M. Riemann's zeta function Acad.Press 1974
Egorov, A.I. Et al. Konstantin Ivanovich Lisitsyn Nauka 1982 in Russian
Engelbrecht, J. Nonlinear wave dynamics KAP 1997 KTMS 17
Erdelyi, A. Asymptotic expansions Dover 1956 Reprint
Eriksson, K.
& Estep, D.
& Hansbo, P.
& Johnson, C.
Computational differential equations Cambridge UP 1996
Esposito, G. Complex general relativity Kluwer 1995 FTPH 69
EuroTeX EuroTeX – Proceedings 9th European TeX Conference

Evgrafov, M.A. Analytic functions Dover 1978 Reprint
Fabrikant, V.I. Application of potential theory in mechanics KAP 1989 MIA 51
Falconer, K. Fractal geometry Wiley 1990
Farkas, H.M.
& Kra, I.
Riemann Surfaces Springer 1980 GTMS 71
Fedoryuk, M.V. Asymptotics of integrals and series Nauka 1987 in Russian
Feller, W. An introduction to probability theory and its applications Wiley 1968 Vol. I
Field, M. Several complex variables and complex manifolds Cambridge UP 1982 Vol. I. LMS Lecture Notes 65
Field, M. Several complex variables and complex manifolds Cambridge UP 1982 Vol. II. LMS Lecture Notes 66
Floudas, C.M.
& Pardalos, P.M.
Encyclopedia of Optimization, Vol 1-6 KAP 2001 hardbound
Flyn, P. Understanding SGML & XML tools KAP 1998
Fokas, A. et al. (eds) Mathematical physics 2000 Imperial College Press 2000
Folland, G.B. Introduction to partial differential equations Princeton UP 1976 Math.Notes 17
Folland, G.B.
& Stein, E.M.
Hardy spaces on homogeneous groups Princeton UP 1982 Math.Notes 18
Fomenko, A.T. Empirico-statistical analysis of narrative material and its applications to historical dating Kluwer 1994 Vol.2
Fomenko, A.T. Variational principles in topology KAP 1990 MIAS 42
Ford, L.R. Automorphic functions Chelsea 1972 Reprint 2nd ed.
Fornaess, J.E. (ed) Recent developments in several complex variables Princeton UP 1981 Ann.Math.Stud 100
Forster, O. Riemannsche Flaechen Springer 1977 heidelberger Taschenbuecher 184
Fulton, W. Algebraic curves Benjamin/Cummings 1981 Math.Lect.Note.Ser.
Fushchich, W.I.
& Shtelen, W.M.
& Serov, N.I.
Symmetry analysis of exact solutions of equations of nonlinear mathematical physics KAP
MIAA 246
Gaier, D. Vorlesungen ueber Approximation im Komplexen Birkhaeuser 1980
Garnett, B. Bounded analytic functions Acad.Press 1981
Gass, S.I.
& Harris, C.M.
Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science KAP 1996
Gauthier, P.M. (ed) Complex potential theory KAP 1994 Nato C439
Gavroglu, K.
& Goudaroulis, Y.
& Nicolacopoulos, P.
Imre Lakatos and theories of scientific change Kluwer 1989 BSPS 111
Geddes, K.O.
& Czapor, S.R.
& Labahn, G.
Algorithms for computer algebra KAP 1993
Gilbert, R.P. Et al. (eds) Recent developments in complex analysis and computer algebra Kluwer 1999 ISAA 4
Gillman, L. Writing mathematics well MAA 1987
Giuli, E. Categorical topology – proceedings l'Aquilla conference'94 KAP 1996
Gol'dshtein, V.M.
& Reshetnyak, Yu.G.
Quasiconformal mappings and Sobolev spaces KAP 1990 MIAS 54
Goldberg, V.V. Theory of multicodimensional (n+1)-webs KAP 1988 MIA
Goldstein, A.A. Constructive real analysis Harper & Row 1967
Golterman, H.L. The chemistry of phosphate and nitrogen compounds in sediments Kluwer 2004
Golubov, B
& Efimov, A
& Skvotsov, V.
Walsh series and transforms KAP 1991 MIAS 64
Goppa, V.D. Geometry and codes KAP 1988 MIAS 24
Gorbachuk, V.I.
& Gorbachuk, M.L.
Boundary value problems for operrator differential equations KAP 1991 MASS 48
Gordeev, D.I. Andrei Dmitrievich Archangel'skii: 1879-1940 Akad. Nauk 1981 in Russian
Govorov, N.V. Riemann's boundary problem with infinite index Nauka 1986 in Russian
Grauert, H.
& Fritzsche, K.
Einfuerung in die Funktionentheorie mehrerer Veraenderlichen Springer 1974 Hochschultext
Grauert, H.
& Remmert, R.
Analytische Stellenalgebren Springer 1971 Grundlehren 176
Grauert, H.
& Remmert, R.
Theory of Stein spaces Springer 1979 Grundlehren 236
Greiner, P.C.
& Stein, E.M.
Estimates for the<delta>bar-Neumann problem Princeton UP 1977 Math.Notes 19
Griffiths, P.A. Entire holomorphic mappings in one and several complex variables Princeton UP 1976 Ann.Math.Stud 85
Guggenheimer, H.W. Differential geometry Dover 1977 Reprint
Gunning, R.C. Lectures on vector bundles over Riemann surfaces Princeton UP 1967
Gunning, R.C. On uniformization of complex manifolds: the role of connections Princeton UP 1978
Gunning, R.C. Vorlesungen ueber Riemannsche Flaechen B.I. Mannheim 1972 Hochschultaschebuecher 837
Gupta, A.K.
& Varga T.
An introduction to actuarial mathematics Kluwer 2002 MMTA 14
Haar Romeny, B. ter Front-end vision and multi-scale image analysis: multi-scale computer vision theory and applications, written in Mathematica Kluwer 2003 CIVI 27
Halanay, A.
& Samual, J.
Differential equations, discrete systems and control KAP 1997 MMTA 3
Halmos, P.R. Lectures on ergodic theory Chelsea 1956
Hardy, G.H. A course of pure mathematics Cambridge UP 1975 10th ed
Hartnett, W.E. (ed) Foundations of coding theory Reidel 1974 Episteme 1
Hazewinkel, M. (ed) Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, Vol 1-6 KAP 1995 softcover reprint of Vols 1-10
Hazewinkel, M. (ed) Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, Vol 1-9, Suppl. I-III KAP 1988-2001 hardbound
Hazewinkel, M.
& Gerstenhaber, M.
Deformation theory of algebras and structures and applications KAP 1988 NATO C247
Hazod, W. & Sievert E. Stable probability measures on Euclidean spaces and on locally compact groups Kluwer 2001 MAIA 531
Heesterman, A.R.G. Matrices and simplex algorithms Reidel 1983
Hellinger, E.
& Toeplitz, O.
Integralgleichungen und Gleichungen mit unendlich-vielen Unbekannten Chelsea 1953
Helms, L.L. Einfuehrung in die Potentialtheorie de Gruyter 1973
Henkin, G.M.
& Leiterer, J.
Theory of functions on complex manifolds Birkhaeuser 1984 Monographs in Math. 79
Hennessy, M. Algebraic theory of processes MIT 1988
Herwijnen, E. van Practical SGML KAP 1990
Hestenes, D.
& Sobczyk, G.
Clifford algebra to geometric calculus Reidel 1984 FTP 5
Hewitt, E.
& Stromberg, K.
Real and abstract analysis Springer 1965 GTM 25
Higham, N.J. Handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences SIAM 1993
Hill, R. A first course in coding theory Clarendon 1986
Hill, R.J.
& Keagy, T.A.
Elementary linear algebra with DERIVE Chartwell-Bratt 1995
Hille, E. Analytic function theory Chelsea 1976 Vol I-II, Reprint 2nd ed
Hirzebruch, F.
& Scharlau, W.
Einfuehrung in die Funktionalanalysis B.I. Mannheim 1971 Hochschultaschebuecher 296
Hoermander, L. An introduction to complex analysis in several variables North-Holland 1979 Math.Library 7
Hoermander, L. Linear partial differential operators Springer 1976 Grundlehren 116
Hoermander, L. The analysis of linear partial differential operators Springer 1983-1985 Vol I-IV. Grundlehren 267,257,274,275
Holland, A.S.B. Introduction to the theory of entire functions Acad.Press 1973
Horst, R.
& Pardalos, P.M. (eds)
Handbook of global optimization KAP 1995 NOIA 2
Howard, F.T. Applications of Fibonacci numbers KAP 1999 Vol. 8
Hu, Chuang-Gan
& Yang, Chung-Chun
Vector-valued functions and their applications KAP 1992 MIAC 3
Huijsmans, C.B.
& Kaashoek, M.A.
& Luxemburg, W.A.J.
& Vietsch, W.K.
From A to Z – proceedings symposium A.C. Zaanen Math. Centre Amsterdam 1982 Tracts 149
Huijsmans, C.B.
& Luxemburg, W.A.J. (eds)
Positive operators and semigroups on Banach lattices KAP 1992
Hurt, N.E. Phase retrieval and zero crossings KAP 1989 MIA
Hutter, K. Theoretical glaciology Reidel & Terra 1983 MAG
Ide, N.
& Veronis, J. (eds)
Text encoding initiative KAP 1995
Imai, I. Applied hyperfunction theory KAP 1992 MIAJ 8
Ince, E.L. Ordinary differential equations Dover 1956 Reprint
Iosifescu, M.
& Kraaikamp, C.
Metrical theory of continued fractions Kluwer 2002 MAIA 547
Istratescu, V.I. Inner product structures Reidel 1987 MIA
Jaenich, K. Einfuehrung in die Funktionentheorie Springer 1980 Hochschultext
Jardine, J.F.
& Snaith V. (eds)
Algebraic K-theory: connections with geometry and topology KAP 1989 NATO C279
Jerri, A.J. the Gibbs phenomenon in Fourier analysis, splines and wavelet approximation KAP 1998 MAIA 446
Joersboe, O.G.
& Mejlbro, L.
The Carleson-Hunt theorem on Fourier series Springer 1982 LNM 911
Johnson-Laird, P. De computer en de menselijke geest Spectrum 1997
Jones, W.B.
& Thron, W.J.
& Waadeland, H.
Analytic theory of continued fractions – proceedings Loen, Norway, 1981 Springer 1982 LNM 932
& Sarti, L. (eds)
Design and production of multimedia and simulation-based earning material KAP 1994
& Rooy, A.C.M. Van
Introduction to Riesz spaces Math. Centre Amsterdam 1981 Tracts 78
Kalashnikov, V.V. Mathematical methods in queueing theory KAP 1994 MIA 271
Kaneko, A. iIntroduction to hyperfunctions KAP 1988
Kanunov, N.F. Fedor Eduardovich Molin Nauka 1983
Kashin, B.S.
& Saakyan, A.A.
Orthogonal series Nauka 1984 in Russian
Katsnel'son, V.E. Methods of J-theory in continuous interpolation problems of analysis. Part I Sapporo 1985
Katznelson, J. An introduction to harmonic analysis Dover 1976 Reprint
Khaleelulla, S.M. Counterexamples in topological vector spaces Springer 1982 LNM 936
Khinchin, A.Ya. Continued fractions Nauka 1978 in Russian
Kiguradze, I.T.
& Chanturia, T.A.
asymptotic properties of solutions of nonautonomous ordinary differential equations KAP 1992 MIAS 89
Kim, Y.S.
& Noz, M.E.
Theory and applications of the Poincare group Reidel 1986 FTP 17
Kirk, W.A.
& Sims, B.
Handbook of metric fixed point theory KAP 2001
Klingenberg, W. Eine Vorlesung ueber Differentialgeometrie Springer 1973 Heidelberger Taschenbuecher 107
Knopp, K. Theorie und Anwendung der unendlichen Reihen Springer 1964 Grundlehren 2
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Knopp, K. Theory of functions, problem books Dover 1948-1957 Vol 1-2
Koblitz, N. p-adic analysis – a short course on recent work London Math.Soc. 1980 Lecture Notes 46
Koblitz, N. p-adic numbers, p-adic analysis and zeta functions Springer 1977 GTM 58
Kobzarev, I.Yu.
& Manin, Yu.I.
Elementary particles KAP 1989 FTP 34
Koch Torres Assis, A. Weber's electrodynamics Kluwer 1994 FTPH 66
Koch, H. Introduction to classical mathematics I KAP 1991 MIA 70
Kolmanovskii, V.
& Myshkis, A.
Applied theory of functional differential equations KAP 1992 MIAS 85
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& Kuranishi, M. (eds)
Analysis and geometry in several complex variables Birkhaeuser 1999
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Kornowski, S. General theory of singularities Taijgeta 1997
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& Kutateladze, S.S.
Nonstandard methods of analysis KAP 1994 MIA 291
Kusraev, A.G.
& Kutateladze, S.S.
Subdifferentials: Theory and applications Kluwer 1995 MAIA 323
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& Meulen, S.G. Van der
Informal introduction to Algol 68 North-Holland 1977
Liptser, R.Sh.
& Shiryayev, A.N.
Theory of martingales KAP 1989 MIAS 49
Lodder, J.J. Towards a symmetrical theory of generalised functions CWI 1991 Tract 79
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& Wolf, M. (eds)
Nonstandard analysis for the working mathematician KAP 2000
Lowen, R. Fuzzy set theory KAP 1996
MacLaren, J.M.
& Pendry, J.B. Et al.
Surface crystallographic information service Reidel 1987
Makhalev, A.V.
& Pilz, G.F.
The concise handbook of algebra KAP 2002
Mallios, A. Geometry of vector sheaves II KAP 1998 MIAA 439
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Maurin, K. The Riemann legacy KAP
MAIA 417
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& Sarvanaov, V.
& Tyshkevich, R. et al.
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& Pavel, P.
Differential and integral equations through practical problems and exercises KAP 1992 KTMS 7
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