Romar BackGammon

Backgammon features

Have Fun by playing matches against the computer.
Learn the game by playing against the computer on different levels.
Save and retrieve your games

Play against a friend at the other side of the world across the internet.

There is no central 'big brother' server involved in this game. All there is, is a direct connection between your computer and your friend's.

Backgammon is a board game with relatively simple rules, which has been one of the most favorite games, all over the world for centuries.

Play Romar BackGammon against the computer, or against a friend across the internet!

One of the players should start the program in listening mode (the third choice in the above dialog). The second player has to know the computer name or IP-address of the person he's playing with. You can obtain your IP-address by starting the program WINIPCFG. Romar Backgammon can also do this for you.
Tell your friend your IP-address (by mail or chat), and you're on.
Note that this address may change every time you connect to the internet. It depends which internet service provider you have whether that happens or not.

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Download the backgammon program packed in

You're free to try the unregistered version of the program. You can register by sending US $10 or EUR 10 (see the instructions in Help -> About).

After downloading:
- unpack the zipfile in a temporary directory
- run setup.exe

The program is suitable for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Firewalls do form a problem with the internet connection (port 1024 is used). The port should be cleared for use by BACKGAMM.EXE.

Version information
Some highlights of the published versions

version 3.1
- Update for Windows compatibility

version 3.0
- Internet enabled: play against a friend across the internet
- Doubling cube enabled when playing against a person
- chat function
- moves are exchanged by an open XML-protocol (to be published shortly)

version 2.1
- user can select black or white stones
- fixed a few bugs

version 2.0
- new playing level: extra strong
- saving a game also saves all the moves played in a file
- matchplay: play a match to a number of points

version 1.7
- some error-fixes
- a graphical display of the situation in the game
- dice statistics

version 1.6
- 32 bits version for Windows 95/NT

version 1.5
The 1995 X-mas edition (Windows 3.1)
- playing on two levels (stupid and basic)
- helpfile with the rules of play
- undo-facility for the last move
- save and retrieve games in a file

History of the game

Somewhere around autumn 1996 we got the idea to make a special Christmas Ďcardí. The word card doesnít really fit here because we didnít make a card but a Christmas diskette. At that time Ronald was busy making a backgammon program. By sending away a Christmas diskette to all our friends and family we could give them all a chance to try out the program. Well, it turned out to be quite a project.

First of all, the program had to be finished. A program thatís almost finished is not really ready to be sent to everyone. When the program was ready, some sort of Christmas greetings had to be designed to go with it, followed by an installation script, a help file, stickers for on the diskette, etc.

The next year and all the years following weíve sent our al loved ones ordinary Christmas cards which we bought at a store in town.
But well, because of all this the program did get finished, and itís still here.

In the summer of 2000, a very rainy summer indeed, Ronald started working on his program again. You can find the result of his work on this site.

(c) Ronald and Diane
Romar Works