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Welcome friends around the world.

We are students of:

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Cannelton Elementary School (Cannelton, Indiana USA) primary school De Wadden (Haarlem, The Netherlands) Elanora Heights Primary School (Sydney, Australia)

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This project is about the time our grandparents were as old as us (age 7-12)! We invited the grandparents into our classrooms and did several interviews. Comparing the reports with the three schools we discovered similarities and differences in the youth of our grandparents of the three nations! We researched the period 1930-1945 and we learned from each other and from our grandparents the period of the great depression and World War Two. But also what kind of games grandparents liked to play when they were a child, what they liked about their schools, and much more.

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Working together, using tools as email and video conferencing, we realized that when we study the past and present, we are learning for the future. "The Way We Were" teaches us that we experience our lives with many of the same hopes and dreams and challenges and fears... and yet we experience these in diverse ways at times... making this project a total learning experience for the young and old alike!

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