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Credits for this page:
Text: Rene de Vries
Typing: Ahmet
HTML by De Wadden: Ahmet and Achraf
(note for HTML whole website: the page designers also added shades to the published photos on that particular page; this message will not show up anymore on the next pages).
Cliparts/drawings: the photos for the panorama views were taken by:
De Wadden - Haarlem - Mr. Rene de Vries
Cannelton Elem. - Cannelton - Mrs. Joan Goble
Elanora Heights - Sydney - Mrs. Phyllis Parker and Mrs. Natalie Danko
The panorama pictures were put together by Mr. Rene and Frank (student of grade 6 of the second location of primary school De Wadden)
Note - important: The following lines will not show up on the next pages since it is valid for the whole website.
Checking spelling: students Cannelton
JAVA scripts and Frames for the whole website Mr. Rene de Vries
"The Way We Were":
The name of our project is the idea of the primary school Elanora Heights teacher Mrs. Natalie Danko. We all think it is a perfect title!
Idea of the fonts of the Logo by Mr. Rene, font chosen by students De Wadden and accepted by the other two schools
Template for all webpages: a combined effort from all the students of our team!
(c)2000 - Joan Goble, Natalie Danko and Rene de Vries