DSI II (Detailed Spectrum Investigation 29.7 960 MHz) from March 1995:


Carried out by ERO for CEPT/ERC (CEPT/ECC today

pg. 114 115 and 117 about 70MHz. The recommendation is to give at least 100kHz to the amateurs.



CEPT/ERC response to DSI II from December 1997:


 This is the answer to DSI II from the requester ERC (European Radiocommunication Committee) reflected in an ITU rapport.

ERC is positive about the DSI II recommendation concerning 70MHz, see point 37(c).



ECA (European Common Allocation table) started 2002, latest version 2004:


 This is the result of DSI I III and the consultations. The document is controlled by CEPT/ECC/WG FM.

On page 47 there is no mention of amateurs on 70MHz.


It would seem to be a good idea to make a proposal to WG FM to include a footnote in the ECA.


and voila!:

Proposal from Ireland to include a secondary allocation in the ECA, January 2008