The finished transverter

Status: Finished 19990808

Here's a couple of photos of the transverter during final assembly. Unfortunately the transfer relay do not provide sufficient isolation for the amplifier. But by fideling with the absorptive material in the lid of the amplifier, it is no mostly stable. The unfortunate thing is that I never know if there are any de-sensing of the receiver, due to weak oscillations.

On the other hand it seems to work well. PI7EHG is now up to 33db S/N @ 3 kHz since the transverter was mounted on the roof mast. On 19990822 I managed to increase my ODX to 37km by working PA0EZ in a nice 55 / 54 SSB QSO.

Anyway there is no work-around the transfer relay, since I have based the whole transverter on this NARDA 18 GHz relay, which came into my hands at no cost.

In order to prevent heat-up of the two-way amplifier, I only switch it on when needed.