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One of the Dutch leading dog magazines, named Dog Manners, paid a tribute to the French Bulldog as breed of the month in June 2006. Dog Manners is not just about dogs shows, but covers every aspect of dogs in our lives.
We are proud to announce that we where invited by Mr. L van der Veekens from Of Little Bombardier French Bulldogs, to provide the magazine with some high quality French Bulldogs, to shine in this article. Together with Mr. L van der Veekens & Mrs. Liesbeth Dijkshoorn, we have done a photo shoot with one of the professional photographers from Dog Manors. It took us half a day and with the great help of the photographer Ria van Middelaar the results are stunning.
Every picture on this page is taken by Ria van Middelaar.

Ulisse de la Renaissance du Phenix

Aderfia Alaya

Left Aderfia Alaya and in the midle Ulisse de la Renaissance du Phenix

Alice enjoying her self in the water

Ulisse & Maximus of Little Bombardier

This way we want to pay our gratitude's to Dog Manners for this wonderful opportunity to show the French Bulldog from a positive angle.
Running, playing and having lots of fun, just how a French Bulldog should be.
Our special gratitude's go out to Ria van Middelaar the photographer from Dog Manners.
Ria catches the perfect moment of a dog as you have witnessed on her pictures above and we are pleased that Ria her pictures are a big part of our web site.