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The  following survey starts with "the tree trunk",(Part 1) from its 15th century roots up to Jacobus (1788  - 1847). The tree is relatively limbless. The  exception  is Hendrik (1755-1810), son of Hendrick (1721  - 1778)  and  Christina de Bruijn. That branch also survives until today, probably only on the female side, according to information received from one of the descendants, Dirk Steenbergen Jr. in February 2003. Relevant data are apparently available through ‘FamilySearch’ of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon).


If  there are any other branches from before Jacobus that survive until today I have not discovered them yet. 


Therefore the present day ‘van Hell’s from Amsterdam’ owe their various branches (one of them in  South Africa!)  to Jacobus (1788 – 1847) and Kornelia den Helt (1800 – 1849). Their large family counted 16 children and  included five sons who each had sizeable families. Part 2 surveys Jacobus’ and Cornelia’s family. The families and offspring of the five sons are then identified and detailed in Part 3 as the branches of the tree.


This  survey includes a very plausible link with the VAN DER HELL family,  who  were of low nobility (knights).  The van Hells  are related to them as bastards,  having sprouted from liaisons  with servants. Such liaisons were, at that time, more or less accepted and  the offspring,  - although they could not be given the  name van  der  Hell, but instead were named van Hell -,  were remembered in wills and received  a  good education. (read de Vries, Ned. Leeuw, 1955).


Hell*.  An inventory list from the middle of the 12th century gives a clear indication that the present-day place name “Hell” (a hamlet located between Putten and Nijkerk, North Veluwe) was derived from the elements “hel” and “loo”. The list mentions a town or area named “Hello”.


The element “Hel” also occurs in names such as Elburg (=Helberg), Helbergen, Helvoorde and Helveld, and means ‘a depressed area or shallow valley’. It is a derivation of the Germanic ‘halja’. “Loo” means ‘woods, or a wooded area’, compare Aperloo.

     *(From “Het plaatsnamenboek van de Veluwe” by Dr D. Otten)


Johannes August (Hans) van Hell







1. The Trunk, from the roots up             

2. The Top of the Trunk                         

3. The Branches  (1 – 16

4. Background of Index to  spouses names                      






sibl. means siblings (brothers and sisters)


dom.  means domicile


div.  means divorced


@  means  "ondertrouw".  Registration with church  of  intent  to marry.  Marriage  usually took place after 2 to 3 weeks,  after  bans had been called.


% means from Mormon files


(Date of) "Poorter"ship means the date on which the person became a registered citizen (of Amsterdam).  It is my understanding that to  become  a poorter one had to have a profession or  occupation and a position of relative importance in the city.


The numbering: I deviced my own system and introduced it when I first set up the family tree. The present tree has outgrown that numbering but I have not yet taken the numbering out since major layout changes might result.





Reference material


W. de Vries, “Van der Hell, (Verhel(l)),Van Hell, Hellius, Ab Hell”, magazine ‘De Nederlandse Leeuw’, 1955.


A.  Vos, “Familie-boek van de fam. van Hell”, November 1984.


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