forth32 : a 32 bit MSDOS excerpt of fig-Forth

One of the Forths that may be generated from fig86.gnr is a 32-bit fig-Forth for MSDOS called In fig tradition it is based on an assembler in only one file. This is the last version 2.148 transformed from a generic version to a ready to run version. It also contains a 16 bit figforth that as per 2017 still runs in a dosbox on a 64 bit Linux, with a full screen block edit and all. It comes with an .info file, the standard linux documentation format.

This archive is based on the generic figforth ``fig86.gnr''. See www page below. Copyright as per those pages apply. You may want to download the archive, if only for the documentation. This archive is a service for those unable to generate the sources themselves. It contains only the 32 bit protected mode msdos version with modern i/o. For version numbers see the source and the boot message. It is assembled at address 7c00 that must be available, i.e. not occupied by DOS or some resident program. So your config.sys looks like the one supplied, and you must run a DOS that supports HIMEM.SYS. The generic forth is made to run on MSDOS 3.3 also, but this requires loading at a higher address, and doesnot work yet.

If you want to modify and rebuilt it, you need the excellent nasm assembler , I myself used version .98 . This assembler is available for Linux and MSDOS.

Content :
forth32.asm     nasm source     binary
msdos9.cfg      configuration file 1)
BLOCKS.BLK      blocks
config.sys      use this on e.g. msdos 6.22 and it will work.
1) "make fig86.msdos9.bin" generates the above source and binary under Linux. "nasm forth32.asm" generates the binary from the above source under MSDOS.

Bugs in version 2.148 (old but still there probably)

1. The editor works only as long as you do not
delete/undelete lines and words.

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