DEFECTS in lina 5.2 :

  • Still according to the program objdump its format is not fully correct.
  • Suppression of redefinition messages (:I) is not reliable for already redefined words.
  • DEFECTS in lina 5.2 :
  • The executable for 64 bits couldn't compile.

    DEFECTS in lina 5.1 :

  • Environment strings (as fetched using GET-ENV from the library), are not printable by TYPE, giving a "bad address" error. The 32 bits system calls used can't handle addresses above the 4G limit.

    Work around is to copy the string to PAD before typing.

  • The -c option to generate an ELF-executable works inasfar that the resulting program executes all right.
  • DEFECTS in lina 4.0.7 :

    No known bugs in the kernel. The ENV is still present.

    DEFECTS in lina 4.0.6 :

    No known bugs in the kernel. Some @ do not print properly in the manual.

    Bugs in the standard libary, with 4.0.6.

    The word ENV returns a wrong value after SHIFT-ARGS .
    Remedy: switch to version 5.1 or steal its library code.
    For machines faster than ca. 2 Ghz TICKS-PER-SECONDS becomes negative and the TICKS break down.
    Remedy: switch to a 64 bit system.

    The problems of the generic system apply.

    DEFECTS in lina release 5.0:

    No known bugs in the kernel, but it is early to tell.

    The problems of the generic system apply.

    For reference old defects are kept too.

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