ciforth for 6809

ci6809 : a 6809 Forth

The Forth for the Motorola 6809 is based on the 4.0.0 release of lina Forth for Intel Linux It is intended for a single board computer, and so it is only a source distribution, with sample configurations for ROM and RAM versions. In fig/eForth tradition it is based on an assembler in only one file. This standalone version require you to think about ROM and RAM, and provide your own serial routines. If you have found a way to provide mass storage you can configure the block words in, that have not been removed. This is not a binary download, but a generic system. If you configure the system to meet your needs, a push on the button generates fitting documentation ready to be viewed or printed. This release 1.0 is based on version 4.0.0 of lina, later releases will retrofit some improvements.

It is a stable release. The version represented by ram.cfg and rom.cfg have been built and have been tested on a Brutech 6809 board (B.E.M. SBC3X), using the built in regression test and the John Hopkins test suite, which revealed no defects.

Features, present in the archive:

There is a chapter about the Forth 6809 assembler in the manual of lina. The whole documentation of this assembler (including 32-bits Intel) is present in the 6809 documentation. The 6809 assembler is part of the assembler package, a generic assembler with plug ins. So it can be run on other ciforth's.

There is no list of current defects. See also the list of defects of the ciforth in general. . Be warned that some of these defects do not apply to a stand alone version. This release undoubtedly contains defects of its own. This Forth is marginally usable interactively, because looking up words in the dictionary is slow.

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