The result:


I tried to stay as close to the plans as I could. The only deviation from Jacques’ design I allowed myself was using a triple layer breasthook at the front and a double layer in the back (you know why by now).

The seat, rubrails and breasthooks add a lot of stiffness to the canoe, so I wouldn’t let them out.

I have seen several pictures from other builders and with all respect I think some guys really f*cked up the design but that’s just my opinion. I’m am very happy with sticking to the original plans.


The canoe paddles great. In fact it isn’t really a (canadian) canoe nor is it a kayak. Perhaps you should call it a ‘Kanak’. With one person it can easily be paddled with a double paddle, but together with my son we use single paddles. This makes it very versatile. I haven’t tried it yet, but I guess it will carry two adults as well. One little disadvantage I found is that water from the double paddle drips into the boat. It has to do with the lack of a deck, and the large beam of the canoe. Anti-dripping rings on the paddle do not really help.


I’m quite happy with the result of my first boat building project. Have a look at the pictures and hit the Contact button below to let me know what you think of it.

Wanna build your own canoe? Click here to find the plans!


isn’t it a beauty?

“it’s great, dad!”




bald eagle

a little promotion won’t hurt..



rens and a schoolfriend…

…using single paddles