Charles L. Citroen

Charles Citroen (born 1939) studied organic chemistry at Amsterdam University where he obtained an MSc (doctorandus) degree. He obtains obtain his PhD in May 2009.

He was senior advisor for information management at the Library of the Delft University of Technology from 1994 to 2003. The Delft Library is the National Technical Library in The Netherlands and as such provides services to the University faculty and students, but to a large extent also to government and industry. His main function was offering consultancy for projects in information management and library facilities aimed at improving information services in research organisations and technical industries.

Before that he was head of the Centre for Information and Documentation at TNO, the Netherlands’ research organisation and from 1973 to 2009 he was the secretary of the Netherlands Association of Information Managers (NIC), an independent group of  managers of major industrial and technological and university information departments.

He is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Information Scientists, (Now CILIP), Member of the Advisory Council of the journal Informatie Professional’ and member of the Werkgemeenschap Informatiewetenschap.


After his retirement in 2003 he has started work on a PhD research project at Twente University. The subject of this research is ‘Strategic decision-making processes: The role of information’ The target group for the project are executives in the chemical and food processing industry in The Netherlands and Germany.

The pdf file of the dissertation (April 2009) is found here.


Charles is married to Elly, also known as Elisabeth. They have a daughter, Mieke who lives in Boston (and a granddaughter, Karin), and a son, Paul. .

In his spare time Charles is a member of Probus and the IJsselweide Golf Club. Together they cycle all over the countryside, play bridge, read a lot, care for the garden and travel all over the world as shown on these photographs from Yangzhou (China) and Cairo.