Starting with pattern #12
'First I'll keep my inner space in order'


Again the inner space

In former numbers of ZIGZAGZINE we have discussed two patterns of beginning which had to do with inner space. This time we'll discuss inner space for the third and last time. Now that we have dealt with space-making and space-claiming, we shall now proceed with space-arranging. This beginning with keeping in order or regulating takes place when we start with the application of the 12th colouring or filter, when we begin in the Pisces manner. We take the initiative of beginning with something by adapting our inner space, therefore in the background, inside ourselves! People using this pattern of beginning want their initiative to contribute to bringing order in their inner context. That has to be sure from the start.


'First I'll keep my inner space in order'

The twelfth sign Pisces acts in an integrating manner, works on gaining inner unity, on letting go and freedom. Just as in the last phase all preceding phases are known and are processed, so the last sign has knowledge of all preceding signs. Pisces' way is inwardly directed, active in the background, in the shadows, ordering experiences, integrating. From integration can develop inner freedom. In the field (the phase) where Pisces is active, the person has the possibility to gain inner freedom. If that is in the first phase of the pattern of beginning, the case we are going to dicuss, then this person is elusive, you can't lay hands on that person, he doesn't have to prove anything. Pisces is available and makes things available.
The starting point of the Pisces pattern of beginning can be described as:
'In chaos I can find the thread with which we can find order. I am present, but rather from the background, hesitatingly, not quite visible. But I continue, if I do, in a resolute way. One could say: "in order to be able to continue resolutely like Aries", or "if Aries is possible". At the start I can let things take their course, let things fall into place, in order to take the initiative myself in a practical way.'

Let us imagine asking Johann Sebastian Bach (you know who) what passed through him when he started something new. He could have said: 'I try to feel the situation, sense the atmosphere and then I want to see if I can be of any practical use'.

Ringo Starr (drummer of 'The Beatles'): 'I keep quiet until I get a chance to add or contribute something useful and supportive to the group. I am available on demand'.

Wilhelmina of Orange (Queen of the Netherlands from 1890-1948): 'I am in the first place aware of a unity with many different people' (the title of her autobiography is "Lonely, but not alone"), and perhaps: 'I serve and want to be served'.

The goal of every person who uses the Pisces pattern of beginning is: via social acceptance, equivalence and uniqueness (phase 12, starting in the sign of Aquarius) to finally find a solution (continuing with the sign of Pisces). One of their conditions (phase 2) will always be: Is this also a practical (Aries) initiative?
For more details, read the outline of this pattern of beginning.


three individual variations within the pattern

Johann Seb. Bach, 1685 - 1750.
Eisenach, 21 March 1685, 05:45h. [ source ].
As soon as he started something new he shifted his attention to the 12th phase, and from there subsequently towards the 2nd, the 9th, the 4th and then back to the 12th phase. This movement could be repeated continually.
Johann Seb. Bach, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. He began and took initiatives with the purpose of putting his inner context in better order;

    Important initiatives were always supported by his will to express himself resolutely;
  2. He directed his initiatives, via his limitless capacity to empathize, towards his excellent memory of experiences;

    He had two capacities for communication in the background at his disposal which, if they would use words at all, would have a musical expression added to them;

  3. Next he brought his unique experience, via his capacity of quiet insight into his own needs, in relation with the present initiative and determined its practical value for himself;
  4. Then again he transformed the perspective. From the practical interest and with the use of his energy - of which he had plenty - to fit in data directly, he shifts focus toward the point of view of his concise and practical beliefs;
    This energy is linked, on the one side to his very personal and minutely structuring manner of working, on the other side to his three capacities to express himself in music which were his goal, by which this energy also links both sides;
  5. Then, via his capacity to express himself automatically in music, he moved towards his basis (security, family origin) of different emotions where he fused everything [in text and music] subjectively;
    The professional is working at home, with great skill and expertise, working to order as well as doing quality work, in a home where young pupils were performing routine jobs like, for example, copying music scores;
  6. He brought this complex of experience, value, story and emotion back again, via his ability to communicate, to the perspective of his experience and to his overall perspective;
  7. This movement within the process is repeated and if necessary he followed again the same series of perspectives: from making new music, to his practical frame of reference, via his intense believe and ideals, to communicating about feelings, and back again to the music.
  1. Starting from the ASCENDANT in the sign (12th colouring or filter) of PISCES;
    the SUN is situated in phase 1, in the sign of ARIES, not in conjunction with the Ascendant;
  2. From phase 1, via NEPTUNE in Pisces, to the 12th phase in AQUARIUS;
    MERCURY (secondary) and VENUS (secondary), are situated both in Pisces, conjunct with Neptune in the 12th phase in Aquarius;
  3. From phase 12 in Aquarius, via URANUS in TAURUS, towards phase 2 in Aries;
  4. From phase 2 in Aries, via MARS in SAGITTARIUS, towards the 9th phase in SCORPIO;

    Mars square SATURN in VIRGO in the 6th phase in LEO, and square the cluster of three functions in the 12th phase in Pisces;
  5. From phase 9 in Scorpio, via PLUTO in CANCER, towards phase 4 in GEMINI;

    Pluto trine the ASCENDANT and square JUPITER in the 8th phase  in LIBRA;
  6. From phase 4 in Gemini, via MERCURY (secondary) in PISCES, back to the 12th phase in AQUARIUS;
  7. Repeating the movement via 12th phase, 2nd, 9th, 4th phase, back to phase 12.
All other phases formed feeder-lines for the above described movement between phases:
  1. Bach brought his social position and (in)securities, in which he wanted to shape his beliefs and ideals, via his capacity for persuasion to compellingly bring together, to the confrontation of his balanced choices with other people's values;

    He added that, via his capacity to interact musically, to his collection of renovative experiences;
  2. In essence his behaviour was emotional, looking for security and support. He brought that, via his capacity to share emotions harmoniously, to the perspective of cooperation or sought after experiences which should be detailed;
    He also added that, via his capacity to communicate musically, to the collection of renovative experiences;
  3. He brought his social environment, which he considered to be reserved and authoritarian, via his capacity to structure into minute detail, to relate upon his controlling way of working and achieving;
    Subsequently he related that, via his capacity to express himself decidedly, to expressing himself in an intuitive manner. He decidedly wanted to put it into practice and to express himself this way;
  4. Managing knowledge and information in his attentive way, he related this, via his capacity to interact musically, with his collection of renovative experiences;

He added this also to the above-described movement which started in the 12th phase: it had to serve his unique and musical goal.

Four feeder-lines:
  1. Matters which concern a strategy start from phase 10 in the sign (9th colouring or filter) of SAGITTARIUS and go, via JUPITER, towards phase 8 in LIBRA;
    Which he added, via VENUS (secondary) in PISCES, to the 12th phase in AQUARIUS;
  2. Starting from phase 5 in CANCER, via the MOON in LIBRA, towards phase 7 in VIRGO;

    Which he added, via MERCURY (secondary) in Pisces, to phase 12 in Aquarius;
  3. Matters which start from social intercourse, from phase 11 in CAPRICORN, go via SATURN in Virgo, towards phase 6 in LEO;
    And reach, via the SUN in ARIES, the 1st phase in Pisces;
  4. His knowledge from phase 3 in TAURUS, via VENUS (secondary) in PISCES, goes to the 12th phase in AQUARIUS.


Ringo Starr (1940- , real name Richard Starkey)
Liverpool, 7 July 1940, 00:01h. [ source ].
He directs his initiative (phase 1) to support the whole or the group, to the 6th phase, from there towards the 4th and then to the 5th phase. He stays there until something diverts his attention.
Ringo Starr, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. He begins and takes initiatives with the purpose of finding the clue to things;
  2. With this as a starting point he directs himself, via his capacity to intuitively handle details, towards work of which he likes to make a show;
  3. By working he shifts his perspective, via his will to give basic support and gain a bond, to trying to find something to hold on to in communication;
  4. This need for a communicative grip he brings, via his ability to communicate with a playful show, towards playing in an ensemble;
  5. Since his capacity to express his emotions playfully is located in the same phase, he does not shift his perspective;

    He just goes on playing, with his capacity to do things as a routine joined with his practical energy, which in turn form a strong focal point as they are combined with his capacity to express his emotions and his ability to communicate;

    Through this form of communication much energy emerges for both quiet flexibility and structuring out of his own resources;

All feeding from the other areas eventually reach the area of playing and showing.

  1. Starting from the ASCENDANT in the sign (12th colouring or filter) of PISCES;
  2. From the 1st phase, via NEPTUNE in VIRGO, towards the 6th phase in the sign of LEO;
  3. From the 6th phase, via the SUN in CANCER, towards phase 4 in GEMINI;
  4. From the 4th phase, via MERCURY (primary) in Leo, towards the 5th phase in Cancer;
  5. As the MOON itself is situated in the 5th phase in the sign of Cancer, there is no further shift of perspective;
    The 5th phase contains a stellium of four functions, apart from the Moon and Mercury (primary), also MARS and PLUTO, all situated in the sign of Leo;
    Mercury forms a square with JUPITER (conjunct SATURN) in TAURUS, in phase 2 in ARIES;

All remaining phases lead, some via one of the functions in the 2nd phase, towards the 4th or the 5th phase.

Queen Wilhelmina, (1880-1962),
The Hague, 31 August 1880, 18:30h. [ source ]

As soon as she started something new, she shifted her attention to the 3rd phase, and from there towards the 7th, the 6th phase and then back again to the 7th phase.
Queen Wilhelmina, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. She directed her initiatives to uniting, bringing together;
  2. From there she directs herself, via her tenacious and ordering intuition, toward thorough and reliable information. She already held the clue to everything, now she would thoroughly, self-willed and capably strike out her own course;
  3. From there, she shifted her perspective, via minutely sharing of experiences, towards the specific suppletion which she needed:

    'That is what I really want, but this partner of mine has to be modest';
  4. Next she shifted the help, via her capacity to have control by working with information, to the perspective of a leadership that works: 'Does it add to my overall view and does the partner work under my leadership?';
  5. From her work, via exactly this assistance, she shifted her perspective back again to the actual execution with the help of the partner;
  6. This part of the process continues to oscillate between her own controlled and controlling work and the pleasant messengers and honest helpers;

Wilhelmina could be very nice to people but also suddenly turn away from them in a sharp and critical way.

  1. Starting from the ASCENDANT in the sign (12th colouring or filter) of PISCES;
  2. From the 1st phase, via NEPTUNE towards phase 3 in the sign of TAURUS;
  3. From the 3rd phase, via VENUS (primary), towards phase 7 in VIRGO;
    the SUN is situated also in phase 7, in Virgo;
  4. From 7th phase, via MERCURY (secondary), towards the 6th phase in LEO;
  5. From phase 6, via the Sun, back to phase 7 in Virgo;
  6. Commuting between the Sun in the 7th phase in Virgo and Mercury in the 6th phase in Leo;

Apart from the Sun there are three more functions in the 7th phase: URANUS (in conjunction with the Sun), VENUS (primary) and MARS (in conjunction), all of them in VIRGO.


Other people: more illustrations

I have not elaborated on the drummer of 'The Beatles' Ringo Starr and Queen Wilhelmina as much as I did on Joh. S. Bach. As it turned out, Bach yielded so much interesting material which took so much space that it seemed better to leave it at that. Another fact was that there are relatively very few people with this pattern of beginning and I wanted that to be evident. People with this pattern of beginning are generally at the outset not very visible, rather stay in the background.

Examples of people who share(d) this pattern of beginning [ sources ] are listed on a separate page.
The number of people with this pattern of beginning lies, with an estimated size of circa 5.9 percent, well under the statistical average of 8.3 percent of the population of the world.

Links to
individual space-time thanks to a unique system of co-ordinates - structure #9/3,
events oriented and connected in space and time - structure #13/4.


Shifts of perspective

In the course of the process we transfer our attention, depending on the phase of the process we are dealing with. The transference of attention is like a shift of perspective: we view the activity from a different standpoint and in the manner which, for the person involved, matches that standpoint. In the discussion of the examples in former numbers of ZIGZAGZINE about patterns, I have already given global descriptions of these shifts of attention. Albert Einstein transferred his attention from phase 1 to 6, Sigmund Freud shifted his perspective from phase 1 to 6, and Ringo Starr does the same: from 1 to 6. They do so (go directly to the 6th phase) for quite different reasons. Einstein, who began in the Cancer way, transferred his attention to phase 6 because the Moon, which is closely connected with Cancer, was positioned in that phase; Freud, who began in the Scorpio manner, shifted to phase 6 because Pluto was situated there; Ringo Starr, beginning in the Pisces manner, did so because Neptune was located in the 6th phase in Virgo. Johann Sebastian Bach however, who also began in the Pisces manner, transferred his attention to phase 12, because in the period from 1685 till c. 1697 Neptune was situated in Pisces. All people who were born in that period with Pisces Ascendant would have had Neptune in the 12th or in the 1st phase of the process and as a consequence would go directly from phase 1 to the perspective of phase 12 or stay in phase 1 for some time.
The transference of attention and thereby the shift of perspective is a form of moving within the process. Here lies a relation with the philosophy of A. N. Whitehead [ note ], who states that life is a process of constant movement and becoming.


- outline - of the the-inner-space-arranging pattern of beginning


  1. PISCES In chaos I can find the little thread that helps to find order. I am present, but in the background, tentative, not very visible;
    But I continue in a decisive manner. You could say: in order to be able to continue decidedly like ARIES; or: on condition that ARIES is possible. At the start I can let things drift a little, in order to (ARIES) take the practical initiative myself.
  2. ARIES I handle my properties in a practical manner. I take many initiatives with regard to my assets, but I need speedy results, or I would have other things at hand instead. I put a lot of energy in the formation of my frame of reference;
    Ultimately it has to yield results, in the end I do carry on until it is finished.
  3. TAURUS At first I'll wait for someone to take the initiative, but once decided I'll charge ahead. Once I have set one step on my route I'll keep going till the end. My knowledge is focused on productivity;
    Ultimately there has to be, GEMINI, some form of transaction.
  4. GEMINI I like to talk about emotional security. My concern is communication. My business is in exchange, I am in trading, I transport from more to less;
    This should eventually lead to emotional bonding, otherwise I would not feel secure enough.
  5. CANCER Deep inside I am an emotional being. My inner self needs emotional bonds, support, tangible things. I am a collector of things;
    Ultimately I need to have the overall picture. I must also be able to remain loyal to myself.
  6. LEO I work in an independent, loyal, directive manner, I need to have supervision of the whole. I have surveyor work;
    I also demand that my work serves my purposes, that it is pure. Finally I want analytical work, work on details, little work.
  7. VIRGO I want to cooperate in a VIRGO manner: pure, critical, be serviceable. I want to be complemented by somebody who is analytical, who can put things in order;
    And finally, LIBRA, leaves the initiative with me. I, having started with PISCES, find a piece of the puzzle, VIRGO analyzes and is finally docile. By analyzing I shall reach inner harmony, on condition that I am docile.
  8. LIBRA I relish harmony, balance, give & take, art. During shifts I prefer to leave a second possibility open. I transform by being compliant, by postponing decisions;
    Finally however, if that has become a routine, I shall reach really essential and practical transformations. I'll develop new routines.
  9. SCORPIO If I might form an ideal, it should be concise and practical. With such ideals one can do something (an ideal is a dream that can become real but does not necessarily have to). SCORPIO wants ideals which can come true. Tangible goals;
    In order that, SAGITTARIUS, I can continue to believe in them, I can stay optimistic. If I don't like the other person's course, then I'll deny or ignore it.
  10. SAGITTARIUS I am self-confident in a determined and optimistic way. I believe in the ventures of others. I believe in an ideal society. I am naive with regard to the social structure. I believe in law and order structures;
    In order that, CAPRICORN, I can reach my goal.
  11. What kind of friends does a person with PISCES on the ASCENDANT want? Independent tradespeople, people who go their own way, who stay, who stick to their goal (not people who claim me: CANCER);
    In order to, AQUARIUS, have friends who are my equals; in order to keep things equivalent = free of stress.
  12. AQUARIUS I finish my affairs in a unique manner. I can let go without tension. I look for solutions without stress. When I bring things to a conclusion I cross borders, I comply with other people's wishes, in order to reach solutions;
    But ultimately I want to be serviceable to the whole and I want borders to dissolve.