Pattern of beginning #1: First I start in a practical way,
I make my environment


Start at the beginning

The three patterns of beginning we have already discussed had to do with our physical inner space. This Zine is the first in which beginning with the physical approach of the outside space will be discussed.

In the last phase of the preceding process we have finished and unleashed everything. Unleashing what has been is the preparation for a practical start; in order to be able to start a new initiative I shall have to let the preceding things be. Letting go of the past (phase 12, in the 12th sign, filter or colouring of Pisces), in order to offer the new initiative (phase 1, in the 1st sign of Aries) the necessary space. Being free to start a new process.
Beginning, in practice, is beginning with nothing but your energy. Start everything (in every situation and in every function) with a clean slate. The Aries pattern is the unadulterated example of making your experiences yourself.
After the actual start, time is needed to (phase 2, in Taurus) consult our own frame of reference. To take a moment to consider the case and give myself a chance to look at what I am engaged in: 'Does this initiative differ from the information in my frame of reference?'.
Possibly relevant differences will be considered in the following phase (phase 3, in Gemini). For more details, read the outline of this pattern of beginning.

The normal sequence of the process may get disrupted. The attention may, in other than physical processes, be distracted to a phase other than the second phase of the process (and if not here then certainly in other phases). I assume that every person has his individual sequence available for moving between phases in the process. The person in question, by nature, may be more interested in practical work on cooperative action (as can be seen in the example of Louis Armstrong), or in practical surveying of her own subjective femininity (Bette Midler), or in his limited security, caused in practice by circumstances in his community (Ariel Sharon), than in quiet inwardly focussed attention. Indeed, we make our own experiences and our own environment. This 'creative roundabout way' may end up in problems if it does not lead towards the desired goal. It seems that individuality has to be really fought for sometimes.


'First I'll make my environment'

In this pattern, the Aries pattern of beginning, similar colourings and phases coincide. In the pattern of beginning dealt with last time, the Pisces pattern, this was already the case for the second part of all phases. There the last part of the first phase coincided with the Aries sign, didn't it.
In the Aries pattern the process of beginning coincides with the natural form of the process. This is what makes the Aries pattern so unequivocal and straightforward.

This starting point can be described as: 'I start the process by opening myself to the environment, I know nothing and just let things happen. I see and hear and smell and sense the environment physically all around me. I am open for impressions, I am physically entirely present. I start from nothing, primitive and natural like an animal. Before this beginning I have done my preparation and my goal was present already. But I have unleashed all of that, it has disappeared into the background. I start energetically with a clean slate. I plunge in head first. Questions like whether things will get finished and if there is any risk involved are not important now'.

Let us imagine that we would have asked Louis Armstrong (Jazz musician) what goes through him whenever he starts with some new beginning. He could have answered: 'I do need a practical cause to get me going, I can do without a boss but a leader might be useful. Important to me is feeling connected with my basis, with my roots. If all that is OK I'll start. In fact I begin totally blank, totally new and fresh. I need to improvise'.

Bette Midler (film actress and singer) could say: 'To start I make the space around me. I build my situation, the set, practically from scratch. I begin to make my environment by starting from my feelings, from my basis. I deal with the situation impulsively, I'll let one thing develop from the other; just like that'.

Ariel (Arik) Sharon (Israeli military man and right-wing politician) could say something like: 'I start making space around me. Room for action. I begin impulsively, always on the alert to ensure safety for me and my cause. Safety is my baseline. Any resistance incites me into action. One action originates from the other and I like to leave what I started for others to finish'.


individual variations within the ARIES pattern

(Daniel) Louis Armstrong, 1901-'71.
New Orleans LA, 4th August 1901, 22:00h. [ source ].
"Satchmo" moves around within his Aries pattern of beginning in his own way, preferring, like everybody else, not to follow the usual sequence. As soon as he starts something new he shifts to the 6th phase, and from there subsequently towards the 4th, the 12th, the 3rd and then back to the 4th phase.
fig.1: Louis Armstrong, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. The practical way of beginning of Armstrong is often highly personal and subjective;
    As he can switch on his ability to express his emotions, with or without words, at will;
  2. After the first beginning, he directs his need to be impulsive towards his own work, he is going to give a consciously co- operative performance; a harmonious improvisation is realized;
    This is replenished with an urgent need to structurize in a flexible and professional way and with a playful tendency to test harmonies minutely;
  3. He connects the performance with communication about the basic emotions of his race;
    It is really important to him to show these feelings in his creations;
  4. From communicating his feelings he moves towards music and singing, improvization in artistic expression;
    His capacity to express himself emotionally is replenished in various ways by 7 other instruments;
  5. From expressing himself in music he tries in his own intuitive way to relate and transfer these deeprooted emotions;
    This is accompanied by a doubt as to whether he can possibly render the ideal form;
  6. Communication is then connected again with expressing the deeprooted emotions of his race.

This movement within the process repeats itself. He passes again along the perspectives until something else breaks through. All phases, except two, join in and end in this movement.

  1. The ASCENDANT is in the sign (1st colouring or filter) of ARIES;
    The MOON in Aries in de 12th phase in the 12th sign PISCES is in conjunction with the Ascendant;
  2. From phase 1, via MARS in LIBRA, to phase 6 in VIRGO;
    Mars forms a square with SATURN in CAPRICORN in the 9th phase in SAGITTARIUS and a semi-sextile with VENUS (primary) in Virgo in the 5th phase in LEO;
  3. From phase 6, via MERCURY (secondary), towards phase 4 in CANCER;
    With the SUN in phase 4 in Leo: he really wants what is going on here in this phase;
  4. From the 4th phase, via the MOON in ARIES, to the 12th phase in PISCES;
    Extra important and broad owing to aspects with all factors, except Jupiter and Neptune;
  5. From the 12th phase, via NEPTUNE in Cancer, towards phase 3 in GEMINI;
    To this is added an opposition with JUPITER in CAPRICORN in the 9th phase in SAGITTARIUS;
  6. From the 3rd phase, via Mercury (secondary), back to phase 4 in Cancer.

The repetitive movement can be entered only at phase 3 or at phase 4.

The other movement between phases originates in the 10th phase of one's social situation:
  • In professional matters he maintains high standards and at the end he wants to cross borders, innovate;
  • His professional activities lead him to a thorough structurization of his ideal story;
    He is occupied with this all the time;

There this line in the process gets stuck, until something else diverts him.


In the 9th phase we find also JUPITER in Capricorn, and this stops the movement.


Bette Midler, 1945- .
Honolulu HI, 1 December 1945, 14:50h. [ source ].
She also moves around within her Aries pattern of beginning in her own way, preferring, like Armstrong and everybody else, not to follow the usual sequence. As soon as she has started something new, she shifts to the 4th phase, and from there subsequently towards the 7th, the 8th, and then back again to the 4th phase.
fig.2: Bette Midler, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. Bette makes an opening and goes to work on making her environment immediately;
    She is able to use a varying range of possibilities;
  2. Right after the start she jumps with all her energy into her show;
    She takes matters in her hands routinely and systematically and with great care she forms her emotional base;
  3. From that base up, she excites reactions with outragious and spicy expressive means;
    In a show with fast, supple, provocative, surprising and harmonious elements and texts;
  4. From challenging reactions she moves on to the application of the charms and vulnerability of her sex;
    She really wants to enjoy life, really experience what happens when she brutalizes ideals and topples people's holy cows;
  5. After this provocative phase she tries to get an overview of the power of her feelings and she returns to the emotional base;

Sooner or later all remaining phases turn up in this movement.

  1. The ASCENDANT is in the sign (colouring or filter) of ARIES;
    There are quite a number of aspects with the Ascendant;
  2. From the 1st phase she goes, via MARS in LEO, towards phase 4 in CANCER;
    With PLUTO in Leo and SATURN in Cancer, both in the 4th phase in Cancer;
  3. From the 4th phase, via the MOON in SCORPIO, towards phase 7 in LIBRA;
    With JUPITER in the 7th phase in Libra, connected with the opposition between URANUS and MERCURY (primary);
  4. From the 7th phase, via VENUS (secondary), towards 8th phase in Scorpio;
    The SUN in SAGITTARIUS in phase 8 in Scorpio;
  5. Phase 8 leads, via PLUTO in LEO, to the 4th phase in the sign of CANCER;

Entrance can occur via phase 8, via phase 7, or via 4.

Ariel Sharon, 1928- .
Kafr Malal (Palestine), February 27, 1928, 07:30h. [ source ].
He prefers not to follow the usual sequence within his Aries pattern of beginning but, like everybody else, use his own way. As soon as he begins something new he goes to the 10th phase, and from there to the 9th and then back to the 1st phase.
fig 3: Ariel Sharon, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. Sharon begins and directs his initiatives with the sole purpose of making an opening;
    He combines that with an effective and supple body;

    And with surprising plans;
  2. He directs his thundering initiatives towards structured and perfectly planned terrorist action directed towards someone else's safety in order to secure security;
    Thinking himself very wise;
    Having sly plans for action;
  3. From that strategy he directs himself towards the secure and trusted support of the dogmatic story of the old people; 'I am afraid to lose the support of my approved traditionalists';
    Pressure is felt from the power of the people to which he belongs;
  4. The dogmatic old story is brought to actions;
    trying to prove himself with overzealous enthusiasm, a tendency to overestimate;
    And also a desire for renewal by inventive, creative or intuitive actions,
    or by impulsive extremist or underground actions;
  5. The extremist actions lead again to planned terrorist actions and that keeps turning around in the same three phases of the process.

There is no feeding from any of the other phases.
All in all this is the picture of a driven activist, determined by insecurity and by ideals or beliefs. A positive and constructive story can be told as soon as he, when his time has come, can overcome his fears and develop mental courage.

  1. The ASCENDANT is in the sign of ARIES;
    With JUPITER in Aries in conjunction with the Ascendant in the 1st phase in Aries;
    And with URANUS in Aries in conjunction with the Ascendant in phase 12 in Aries;
  2. From the 1st phase, via MARS, towards phase 10 in CAPRI- CORN;
    An inconjunct aspect with NEP- TUNE in the 5th phase in LEO;
    And a sextile aspect with Uranus;
  3. From phase 10, via SATURN, to- wards phase 9 in SAGITTARIUS;

    Saturn is inconjunct connected with Pluto in the 4th phase in CANCER; the two are not connected with the other tools by way of aspects;
  4. From phase 9, via JUPITER, to phase 1 in ARIES;

    Jupiter in conjunction with the Ascendant in Aries;
    And in conjunction with Uranus in Aries in phase 12 in PISCES;
  5. Aries leads again, via Mars, to phase 10 in Capricorn;

His time in 10th phase, his fears are indicated by Saturn in the 9th phase.


All other parts of the process direct themselves toward one part of another repeating movement:
  1. Repetition starts most of the time from phase 11: with a great, impressionable, intuitive communicator with a strong group spirit;
    Or with the extremely social and amiable man;
  2. From communication or interaction with the group to the surprising underground action;
  3. From the underground action towards the concealed (-ing) or confused (-ing) self-image;
  4. From that unclear imago he returns to the background with the real will not to have any borders at all;

The process gets stuck in one of the described movements until another initiative interrupts it.

  1. Via MERCURY (secondary) in the sign of PISCES in the 11th phase in AQUARIUS;
    Or via VENUS (secondary) in phase 11 in Aquarius;
  2. From the 11th phase, via URANUS in ARIES, towards the 12th phase in Pisces;
  3. From the 12th phase, via NEPTUNE, to the 5th phase in LEO;
  4. From the 5th phase, via the SUN, back to the 12th phase in Pisces;



More illustrations

The Aries pattern of beginning should yield relatively few examples. This idea is based on our statistical way of thinking and the preconception that the birthtime of people observes that rule; the distribution is assumed to be arbitrary. According to this theory on average as many people should be born with an Aries as with the Pisces pattern (5.9%). In my sources of famous people I found a surprisingly large number of people with the Aries pattern. This of course might as well be related to the fact that these people by nature assert themselves more easily than people with a Pisces pattern. I do not know of any study on this subject [ note ].
I list a few names [ sources ], in sequence of the phase and the sign in which MARS, being analog to the sign of Aries, is located:

  1. in ARIES: Girolamo Savonarola, Franz Léhar;
    in TAURUS: Andrew Jackson, Louis Ch. Bréguet.
  2. in TAURUS: Douglas MacArthur;
    in GEMINI: -.
  3. in GEMINI: Rabindranath Tagore, princess Margret Rose;
    in CANCER: Johannes Brahms, Isadora Duncan.
  4. in CANCER: Michael Nostradamus, Rudolph Valentino, Willy Brandt;
    in LEO: Bette Midler, Horatio H. Kitchener.
  5. in LEO: king George V;
    in VIRGO: Marcel Dupré.
  6. in VIRGO: Clara Barton;
    in LIBRA: John D Rockefeller, Louis Armstrong, Marcel Proust, John Lennon.
  7. in LIBRA: Joseph McCarthy;
    in SCORPIO: Eamon de Valera, Henry Miller.
  8. in SCORPIO: Barbara Hutton, Sammy Davis Jr.;
    in SAGITTARIUS: André Malraux, Billy Graham, Saddam Hoessein.
  9. in SAGITTARIUS: Benjamin Franklin, king Leopold III, Bento de Spinoza;
    in CAPRICORN: -.
  10. in CAPRICORN: Ariel Sharon;
    in AQUARIUS: -.
  11. in AQUARIUS: Franz Grillparzer;
    in PISCES: Johnny Cash.
  12. in PISCES: -;
    in ARIES: Oliver Cromwell, queen Beatrix.

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individual space-time thanks to a unique system of co-ordinates - structure #9/3,
events oriented and connected in space and time - structure #13/4.


- outline - of the making-the-environment-space pattern of beginning

  1. ARIES (There is no internal conflict in the expression of its natural abilities. Everything fits together exactly, the inner always matches the expression) I have a lot of initiative. I like to get to work quickly, I am present in order to do something. I like to put my energy to practical use immediately. Since I know what the intention is I am able to start immediately;
    Through which I finally TAURUS: can wait and be productive, because
  2. TAURUS I wait quietly and in the meantime I absorb into my frame of reference. I am thrifty, I hoard. I see in everything the certainties of the final product;
    By which GEMINI: there is plenty of it, there is trade in it, because
  3. GEMINI I like casual contacts, I like to communicate, need exchange;
    Through which CANCER: I gain experience, tangible bonds can develop with my acquintances. Because
  4. CANCER I take care of my emotional security. At home I can let go of my emotions, I can let off steam easily. I succeed in undertaking;
    Finally toward LEO: I undertake myself, by which
  5. LEO my inner self can express itself, I get to know myself, I can be true to myself;
    Finally I test, I try out, VIRGO: in a serviceable manner, analysing, because
  6. VIRGO  I love to work, I like to analyse. My work has to be clear;
    And finally I need LIBRA: a second road, because
  7. LIBRA I take so many initiatives already, in such a practical way, that my completion, my partner, is someone who is more irresolute, more waiting; 1) because he perhaps goes along with me, but 2) because he also stabilizes. Properly speaking is ARIES not in great need of completion, can cope alone, has started already anyway. But if I am to be completed, than please by someone (a follower) who knows of another route, who can introduce that practically, who contributes things I would not have thought of, who has alternatives. LIBRA, who has a hard time getting started, might well be enthusiastic about things ARIES has already done. Adds something, in a diplomatic way, by which the process gets more harmonious. LIBRA looks further ahead;
    In the end collaboration must be to the point and practical SCORPIO, or it must be someone who can relish extremely well, because
  8. SCORPIO I get the essence from what the other brings in, I change what the other is involved in. I reject what I do not need and select what seems practical to me;
    So, finally, I SAGITTARIUS: believe in it, select a goal because
  9. SAGITTARIUS I can bring out my own ideal idealistically, there is little inner conflict. There is no contradiction between presentation and my natural ability. I believe in my goal that is ideal;
    On condition that CAPRICORN: it's the top, that it is attainable, that I can do it by myself. Because
  10. CAPRICORN I like the house of the person I visit to have a distinct atmosphere so I need not bring it there. I can shape my goals, I can follow my own way to the top;
    On condition AQUARIUS: that the road is without stress. I feel self-assured on the basis of equivalence, because
  11. AQUARIUS I need to go about in my social surroundings in a relaxed way. The other is of as much value and as exceptional as I am;
    In my social environment I will eventually have PISCES: no dividing lines, because
  12. PISCES the work which I do not want to do (any longer) is the work my completion, my partner, is happy to do. I can unleash my work. My hands are empty;
    The solution is ARIES: practical. A new initiative is coming up.