Pattern of beginning #9, First I explore
that ideal experience in the environment space


Enthusiasm without commitment: between too much and too little

The Sagittarian way of beginning is the third of the three patterns of beginning which direct themselves towards the environment, with emphasis on the space aspect thereof, the physical approach to the world. People with this pattern of beginning manifest themselves with a need of experiencing without obligations. SAGITTARIUS, the colouring which is related with the 9th phase and with the planet Jupiter, is an enthusiastic sign. Here we find growth, youth, suppleness, and the impulse to extend oneself. As quickly as possible. One explores the world not yet knowing the restrictions of borders. Growth and excess, interpretation and exploration, enthusiasm and suppleness, ideals and belief, resilience and recovery, getting involved, being complicated and developing, all those requisites of life and of becoming.

We need to discriminate between stepping across borders, boundlessness and, as is the case here, not knowing your own limitations yet. In the process this works as follows:

  1. the idealising filter (or colouring: the conditions of functions and phases), the interpret function and phase 9, are directed at the surrounding space, know of no limits, explore without obligation;
  2. the structuring filter, the consistency function and phase 10, are directed at the inner time, objectify the personal goal and state one's limits;
  3. the social filter, the renew function and phase 11, are directed at the surrounding time, cross borders, renew relations;
  4. the (dis)solving filter, the integrate function and phase 12, are directed at the inner space, need no borders, know the whole.

The ideal, that which is being explored, investigated and interpreted, needs to connect to a frame of reference. In order to be able to believe in oneself one needs to be a self. It goes without saying that as a child we form a set of reference points on the basis of the rules and ideas and standards which we copy from parents, relatives, friends, educators and teachers in our direct surroundings. We follow them obediently or not and get gradually involved in their framework. These reference points will be translated, during puberty or whenever it fits the plan, in a developed guideline, no longer non-committal because there are personal obligations involved.
In the environment's space we look for the for us ideal experiences and people with a Sagittarius Ascendant are specialists in just that. We collect experiences in our inner space and determine in our inner time which we will use. In our inner space and time we determine the elbow room we allow ourselves: if the inner freedom of movement is too small then, for example, rigidity, prejudice, indoctrination, curtailment can come into being; if the inner freedom of movement is too large then proliferation, excess, aimlessness, in short a void can develop. In the first case one will, out of fear, prefer and advocate the certainties of restriction; in the last case the void starts sucking as a vacuum does and could even be hard to satisfy.

Here are some examples of possible ways in which inner elbow room can express itself:

  • The unboundedness, in the emotional sense, can come out physically as a type of bulimia or, just the opposite, as an anorexia.
  • The unboundedness, in the emotional sense, can come out intellectually. People can lose themselves and react passively when confronted with disappointment and problems in relationships. Such people are vulnerable and sensitive to advertised solutions offering security, protection and support.
  • Not knowing the restrictions of borders, in a moral sense, can come out physically as not being able to stop, as is the case with addictions. In this respect addictions also have their basis in this universal human capacity of growing.
  • A drive for expansion which seems to be founded on the idea that everything has to be possible, that nothing or nobody may stand in our way, that life should be pleasant and convenient, that we must take advantage to a maximum because the world is ours, a drive which also has a spiritual or moral basis, can come out intellectually. We recognise this urge in witchhunts and hoaxes, in advertising and worldwide campaigns which, for example, promote consumption for its own sake.

These are a few examples of individual manifestations of the human character, its capacity for growth and sensitivity in its relation with the environment. The general tendency since the middle of the twentieth century has been strong and incessantly directed to experiencing in the extreme and the making of a beautiful world. The spirit of the present time, the character, quality and mentality of the environment which exists now, can be characterized as an extreme, limitless and border crossing urge for experience, directed towards expansion without commitment or shame [ note ]. I am of course describing here a general tendency, without paying attention to signals which could just point at reactions to this trend.
A strong urge for expansion as well as passivity and regulation can be stepping stones in the search for a personal philosophy of life.


The structural affinity of the three patterns which are directed to the physical world

Within every process the beginning in the 1st phase is replenished in a self-evident manner by the 5th and the 9th phase which form a triangle with the first and which are both directed at the environment as well, notably the space aspect of the world. Besides, the signs on the three phases concerned are also mutually related. Thus the person with a Sagittarian Ascendant is in essence a practical, energetic and resolute person. Always prepared to make an opening, to create a need. For the affined sign of Aries colours phase 5 of need for recognition and self-assertion. The ideal of the person who starts in the Sagittarian way is to happily develop his own space himself. Whether he actually does so is questionable, because phase 9 is just as noncommittal as Sagittarius. On the 9th phase we find the sign of Leo.
The three patterns of beginning which are directed towards the environment - with emphasis on the space aspect of it, in a physical or material manner - correspond strongly but, as you can see, not only for this reason. The signs which colour these phases of the process - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - are just like the phases 1, 5 en 9 - directed towards the environment in a materialistic manner. Their forms of action are their only difference. This is the ground of a self-evident coherence of these three patterns of beginning. I do not mean to give a judgement: I do mean that this kind of self-evidence can lead to convenient one-sidedness and thus to passiveness or taking advantage. As always, whichever interpretation a person gives of his experiences, and how enthusiasm and need for recognition are put in practice, depends in the first place on the internal proportionate strengths. The joint capacities of that person determine these proportions with their place in the phase, with their colouring and with their mutual relations.
This subject, together with the characteristics of the environment, both the historical as the actual and the expected, come up for discussion more extensively in the structure-line. Here, in the pattern-line, the accent lies each time on the illustration of a different form of action with the environment and the personal potential to alter one's perspective, related with that form of action.


Pattern of beginning SAGITTARIUS:
'First I explore that ideal experience in the environment space'

The way of finding a solution which suits every person using the Sagittarius pattern of beginning is: looking for the essence (the sign of Scorpio colours phase 12). The starting point itself can be described as: 'First I see if I can remain free and go my own way when exploring my environment. I set myself an ideal that must be realised now because it is so ideal, I am in a hurry, I cannot wait. I believe in my initiatives. I have many initiatives, ambitious initiatives.
Subsequently my second condition demands that it be CAPRICORN: be feasible, that I can reach the top, whether it fits in the frame of my objective that I plan to form'
(the colouring of the initial phase passes from the sign of SAGITTARIUS to the sign of Capricorn).
Inwardly, right after the beginning, the motion directs itself from the sign of Sagittarius towards the function Jupiter and the attention is drawn towards the affairs of the phase of the process in which this function is located. Jupiter symbolises the conditions of the extrovert process of interpreting (without obligation) experiences in the frame of the (tentative) objective. For further details of this pattern of beginning I refer to the outline on this page.

Let's imagine that we could have asked the famous French queen of haute-couture Coco Chanel what goes through her whenever she begins something new. If she was speaking from the Sagittarian Ascendant she could have answered: 'First I see whether there is room to quickly present my exclusive and luxurious creations publicly. However, immediately after that I occupy myself with the feasibility of my goals' (but I honestly doubt whether this applies. Chanel seems to me first and foremost to be a rather reserved, formal and reticent person, as we see in her pure concentration on stylish, elegant and utilitarian designs. This would be in contrast with the character of the Sagittarian Ascendant. According to the birth time my source gives she would, however, start exactly in this manner. I'll come back to this later).

If we would ask the criminal Peter Sutcliffe what drives him when he takes an initiative he could say a thing like: 'I need space and freedom. I seek contact and interaction with others who need to listen to me. I have the power to decide about good and evil: women who are not as perfect as my mother or my wife do not deserve to be alive'.

Asking Oprah Winfrey the same question she might answer: 'I start by trying to let others tell their story, I discover the misery and the values of people. I explore all possibilities, those of my voice, my body, my life in its environment. I believe in myself and in the guests in my show'.


the SAGITTARIUS pattern applied individually

Gabrielle Bonheur 'Coco' Chanel, 1883 - 1971.
Saumur Fr., 19 August 1883, 16:00h  [ source ].
French couturier, designer of accessories and developer of a famous perfume. Her sense of quality and perfection were well-known. In her creations high priority was given to freedom for the wearer; clothes should be comfortable in addition to being elegant.
As I said before I really have doubts as to whether Coco Chanel's given birthtime is accurate. Her style of behaviour and her appearance as well as her work fit someone with a Capricorn Ascendant better. That would be the case if she had been born and had begun breathing independently, more than eleven minutes later. In spite of that I shall discuss this birth chart now and the one at 16:18h with Capricorn at the Ascendant next time (ZZZ #22). This way you can ascertain the effect of that difference for yourself.
As soon as this person (or animal, object or event) started, a shift of perspective took place towards the 7th phase, and from there subsequently to the 9th, the 8th, the 3rd and back again towards the 9th phase.
fig.1: Coco Chanel, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. When someone with this pattern of beginning decides to persevere, this is only the case if there is sufficient room for an enthusiastic activity in or with the environment;
  2. If so, this person will start using the interpretation function from a subjective, security seeking position,
  3. acting extrovertly from a need of varied interaction and beauty;
  4. From there he/she thinks in detail and minutely,
  5. of how to express his/her own ideals;
  6. He/she wants a distinguished show,
  7. based on a different view of fashion: how women themselves want to look;
  8. His/her intuitive (and mainly introvert) need of certainty is reflected,
  9. in the way in which this person lays down the new trend in fashion;
  10. Looking for new limits of perfection in details,
  11. that personal ideal is brought out.

This person (or animal, object or event) should already be recognisable from the first three steps of the described behaviour.

  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) of SAGITTARIUS;
  2. From phase 1, via JUPITER in CANCER,
  3. towards the 7th phase in GEMINI;
  4. Subsequently, via MERCURY (primary) in VIRGO,
  5. towards the 9th phase in LEO;
  6. And then, via the SUN in Leo,
  7. towards the 8th phase in CANCER;
  8. Proceeds, via the MOON in PISCES,
  9. towards the 3rd phase in AQUARIUS;
  10. And back, via URANUS in VIRGO,
  11. towards the 9th phase in Leo.

The movement from 9, via 8th and 3rd phase, back to 9, is repeated as long as it takes.

Peter Sutcliffe, 1946 - .
Bingley, 2 June 1946, 20:30h. [ source ]
Convicted 22-5-1981 for 13 murders and 7 attempted murders on women which he committed between 1975 and 1980. He had been a gravedigger and later worked as a lorry driver. He was married on 10-08-1974. Most of his victims were prostitutes. He is known as 'The Yorkshire Ripper'.
Peter moves, like anybody else, in his own manner through the extrovert Sagittarius pattern of beginning. As soon as he starts something new he goes to the 11th phase, and from there towards the 7th phase, where the movement stops.
fig.2: Peter Sutcliffe, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. Always when Peter Sutcliffe begins, time and again, he does so in an interpreting, idealising, expanding manner;
  2. After that first beginning he will start using his interpretation function quickly and enthusiastically trying to discover,
  3. how far the willingness of others to be complementary goes; he can cross the limits in this area. His social life is rose-coloured where he does not enter into border incidents; he can have his doubts about friendships;
  4. Then he comfortably uses his outwardly directed introvert (Cancer) security seeking charms,
  5. to seek contact and hang around together;
  6. His easy way of thinking somewhat runs away with him.


Almost anything leads Sutcliffe to the potentially explosive combination of outwardly directed energies in an outwardly directed phase where all of them use the extrovert Gemini pattern: the combination of the self government-, transfer- and renewal functions, the combination of extreme thinking together with a border crossing craving for interaction and a need to be central in that interaction. He absolutely must find alternative experiences.

Deep inside the following is going on:


  1. 'My mother/ wife is cold-hearted and rigid'. Sutcliffe experiences two inwardly directed energies, the emotional basis function and the consistency function, as a unity.
  2. 'I must love her in spite of all and I want to be with her'. Both functions use the likewise introvert Cancer pattern,
  3. in the also inwardly directed 8th phase: 'Mother, as an authority, rejects me'.
  4. There we find the removal function which uses the extrovert Leo pattern: 'I must show what power is'.
  5. His capacity to stand up for himself and enter into emotional relationships is laden with anguish and resentment and can be inflated out of scale with great energy.

Remark: The adaptation function (Venus preceding the Sun) which looks for alternatives and wants to restore balance by settling accounts, would be more extreme in the 8th phase and veer towards revenge.

  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) of SAGITTARIUS;
  2. From phase 1, via JUPITER,
  3. towards the 11th phase in LIBRA;
  4. Subsequently, via VENUS (primary) in CANCER,
  5. towards the 7th phase in GEMINI;
  6. Gemini refers to Mercury. Because this function is located in the same phase this movement comes to an end here.

Except for three, all functions lead towards the 7th phase with the conjunction of SUN, MERCURY (primary) and URANUS in Gemini.


Three of the four introvert functions which are available to him: the Moon, Saturn and Pluto, deserve some extra attention.

  1. The MOON is in conjunction with SATURN
  2. in CANCER,
  3. in the 8th phase in the sign of CANCER.
  4. together with PLUTO in LEO,
  5. Both Moon and Saturn are in a square relation with JUPITER in LIBRA in the 11th phase.

Note: It is quite possible that the birthtime at registration has been rounded off. At a time between 20:14 and 20:19 the function VENUS (primary) would be located in the 8th instead of in the 7th phase.

Oprah Winfrey, 1954 - .
Kosciusko MS, 29-1-1954, 04:30h (10:30h GMT)  [ source ].
American TV talk show hostess, actress and business executive. Born illegitimate and virtually abandoned in the Deep South, she is a living symbol of the self-made person in spite of all odds.
Oprah applies the Sagittarius pattern of beginning in her own way. As soon as she starts something new she moves towards the 6th phase, and from there subsequently to the 2nd and the 11th phase, to then start going back and forth between the 11th and the 2nd phase.
fig.3: Oprah Winfrey, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. If Oprah Winfrey begins, that is actually directed at the environment, often at discovering the other's standpoint and statements about certain matters;
  2. After the first opening she goes, via the extrovert interpretation function which acts in a communicative manner,
  3. stubbornly and with persistence to work with people's personal truths;
  4. That leads her, via the introvert attention function, in an equivalence seeking manner,
  5. to that which is of value for herself and which she treats in an exacting and orderly manner;
  6. In order to move, via her introvert consistency function also in an introvert, concise and practical manner,
  7. towards the extrovert phase of equals and friends with whom she starts communication;
  8. And returns again, via the introvert attention function which looks for equivalence and in consequence should be extrovert,
  9. to her own inner timekeeping in which she carefully sorts out the values;

In this way she keeps going back and forth from social interaction to remembering and recognizing her own experiences.

In the meantime in the background there is a fundamental, emotionally charged shuttle-movement going on:

  1. The introvert emotional basis function with a need for extroversion, or 'extended or empty' feelings,
  2. introvert, intense and sensually present in the background: 'Mother is not here';
  3. takes, via the introvert removal function which tends to express itself in an extrovert way,
  4. an introvert standpoint of in-depth subjective transformation;
  5. while returning time and again to the emotional basis function.
  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) of SAGITTARIUS;
  2. From phase 1, via JUPITER in GEMINI,
  3. towards the 6th phase in TAURUS;
  4. Subsequently, via VENUS (secondary) in AQUARIUS,
  5. towards the 2nd phase in CAPRICORN;
  6. And then, via SATURN in SCORPIO,
  7. towards the 11th phase in LIBRA;
  8. And then back again, via Venus (secondary) in Aquarius,
  9. towards the 2nd phase in Capricorn;

The movement then shuttles between the 10th and 2nd phase as long as it takes.

Apart from this there is a back and forth movement between the Moon and Pluto:

  1. Seen from the MOON in SAGITTARIUS,
  2. in the 12th phase in SCORPIO;
  3. this goes via PLUTO in LEO,
  4. towards the 8th phase in the sign of CANCER;
  5. and back again to the Moon.

More illustrations

In everyday life we meet many journalists with either the Sun in Sagittarius or with a Sagittarian Ascendant. As I have done before I'll mention a few names of well-known people who share the Sagittarius pattern of beginning [ sources ], in order of succession of the phase and the sign (colouring) in which JUPITER is located.

  1. in SAGITTARIUS: Nicoló Paganini, Sven Hedin, Herman Hesse, Marlon Brando;
    in CAPRICORN: Emanuel Swedenborg, Aletta Jacobs, Martin Heidegger, Emperor Hirohito of Japan, Gérard Depardieu.
  2. in CAPRICORN: Charles Lindbergh;
    in AQUARIUS: Heinz Rühmann.
  3. in AQUARIUS: King Gustaf II Adolf of Sweden, Gustave Doré, Lewis Caroll, Eugen Jochum, David Cassidy;
    in PISCES: Leonardo da Vinci, King Victor Emanuel II of Italy.
  4. in PISCES: Wilhelm Wundt, Henri Philipe Pétain, John Galsworthy, Balthasar Johannes Vorster;
    in ARIES: Neville Chamberlain.
  5. in ARIES: Mary Baker Eddy, Toon Hermans, Shirley Temple;
    in TAURUS: Ko van Dijk Jr.
  6. in TAURUS: César Franck, Bob Dylan, Jean-Paul Sartre;
    in GEMINI: Djamal Abdal Nasser, Oprah Winfrey.
  7. in GEMINI: Maria Montessori;
    in CANCER: (Coco Chanel ?), Ian Smith, Ross Perot.
  8. in CANCER: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, James Dean, Jimi Hendrix;
    in LEO: Enrico Caruso, Ernest Ansermet, Bette Davis, Mauricio Kagel.
  9. in LEO: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, Adrianus Johannes Simonis, Elizabeth Taylor;
    in VIRGO: Samuel Hahnemann, Kim Novak, Betty Friedan,
  10. in VIRGO: Fridtjof Nansen, Marinus van der Lubbe, Timothy Leary;
    in LIBRA: Franz Joseph Haydn, Gracie Fields, Berthold Brecht, Erich Maria Remarque, Pat Boone.
  11. in LIBRA: George Gershwin, Toots Tielemans, Brigitte Bardot, Peter Sutcliffe, Caroline Kennedy;
    in SCORPIO: Claudius Nero, Fred Astaire.
  12. in SCORPIO: Emile Zola, Conrad Nicholson Hilton;
    in SAGITTARIUS: Hans Christian Andersen, Henry Morton Stanley, King Eduard VII of England, Cecil John Rhodes, Telly Savalas, Maria Callas.

The number of people who use this pattern of beginning would, with a theoretical size estimated to be about 9.51 percent, lies well above the statistical average of 8.3 percent of the population of the world.

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individual space-time thanks to a unique system of co-ordinates - structure #9/3,
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- outline - of the exploring-the-environment-space pattern of beginning

  1. First I see if I can remain free and go my own way when exploring my environment. I set myself an ideal that must be realised now because it is so ideal, I am in a hurry, I cannot wait. I believe in my initiatives. I have many initiatives, ambitious initiatives.
    Subsequently my second condition demands that it be CAPRICORN: be feasible, that I can reach the top, whether it fits in the frame of my objective that I plan to form.
  2. I am well prepared to administer my own valuables according to the rules, I can easily distill values from experience and order them perfectly. My frame of reference is well-structured.
    Finally it has to be AQUARIUS: exceptional.
  3. My circle of acquaintances is unique. My knowledge is exceptional. My casual contacts are relaxed, opening up new horizons.
    Eventually I have to let go of the contacts, knowledge seems to have no limits.
  4. My undertaking deals with solutions. My enterprise is solving. At home there is chaos. My projects are unfathomable and oceanic. I take care of my safety in a boundless manner. Actually, I feel safe and secure in the universal sense.
    Finally my enterprise should ARIES: be practical.
  5. For I am a resolute, an energetic person essentially. Although I start in an idealistic way, that is certainly specific, that has a practical basis. I am really decisive.
    On the condition that I can finally be the stayer and that I can guarantee delivery of my product.
  6. In my work at the outset I wait and see and am rather docile, but once I decide to take it on I cannot be stopped and the end result must be gained.
    At the end my work is GEMINI: I teach, the other shares in it, runs away with it.
  7. I work together with someone who makes things light, takes one serious and puts things in perspective, therefore one who has knowledge of me. Begun as SAGITTARIUS, I want to get knowledge from the other;
    and must be able to finish the CANCER way: emotionally involved.
  8. I achieve transformation if I can sense things, in an emotional way, I am ready to share in the emotional phase.
    But don't talk me into something: at the end I want to decide all by myself, LEO: independent. This is my inner wish. If I really do so is not so sure.
  9. The other goes his own way, is independent. The knowledge of the other gives a total survey. I test my ideals independently, I build up my own belief
    In the end these ideals have to be VIRGO: menial, be pure. However small my goal may be.
  10. I want to shape my objective in a pure way. My profession is to be of service, critical, purify. I am critical toward society. I am self-assured when I can analyse. The other's enterprise is small.
    The second condition in this phase is that my goals achieve a balanced form.
  11. LIBRA: The other is compliant. My friends are harmonious at heart. The other leaves another route open. I look for a second circle of friends. I accept my pliability, my irresolution.
    Provided, SCORPIO: the circle of friends is practical and essential. Not all friends are friends, one friend is not like the other.
  12. I have not even a dim view of essential and practical affairs. I would rather not do essential and practical work, I do not hold on to things, I leave that to the other.
    Finally I must be able to believe in letting things go, my solutions are SAGITTARIUS: well-directed and ideal.