Starting with pattern #10, 'First I carefully
look ahead to ascertain if this ideal is feasible and I can plan and
shape my purpose in an acceptable way'


Pattern of beginning CAPRICORN: 'First I assess the feasibility of this ideal'

In this ZZZine I shall discuss the pattern of people who, if they start with something new, first ascertain step by step whether this ideal is feasible and if it contributes to the realisation of their own purpose. People who use the Capricorn pattern of beginning must, from the very start, learn to handle uncertainties, fears, limits and borders in a realistic way in order to be able to accomplish their ultimate purpose. They direct themselves pragmatically towards the accomplishment of their destination.
We describe this pattern of beginning as: 'I am cautious with new initiatives for I want to reach the viable maximum, I want the top. I start with no as I can, after all, still say yes at a later stage. At the start I am formal and reserved. From the outset I aim for security and start watching carefully to see whether it is within reach.
The second condition is that I can attain equivalence, the exceptional must be of real use, otherwise I don't go in for that'
The solution, because the ideal goal - with Sagittarius on phase 12, for the Capricorn often focussed on perfectionism is: being flexible and leaving ideals behind. He must focus pragmatically on the intended form. The best chance for his plan to succeed is that he pays attention to and takes into account the possibilities indicated by phase 2 in Aquarius and if he keeps in mind the social acceptability of his new behaviour. So their second condition is always: does my design fit in the present world or am I asking too much now?

The three signs Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are comparable to the three intellectual signs directed at the outer world, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, of which they are the inner, introspective or spiritual parallel. Capricorn is the first pattern of the three which are directed to the inner time, to the realisation of one's own inner coherence. It is not just idealising, dreaming or wishing, but taking the first steps of working towards the realisation of ideals, of dreams, of longings and ultimitely of one's personal goal. It is planning and realising one's own purpose in time.

Last time I discussed Coco Chanel who according to the official birth data should use the Sagittarius pattern of beginning. You can now compare the behaviour of that person with the situation if she had been born a few minutes later and had started in a Capricorn manner. If we would ask - now a Coco with the Capricorn Ascendant - how she starts new things, an attitude as described above could be evident from an answer like: 'I always prepare myself carefully. For instance, before I set up a new line I make sure that the public interest for my (ideal) creations is broad enough. The investment is huge and I cannot afford to lose my money.'

We can ask the philosopher, poet and critic George Santayana [ note ] to what he directs himself when starting something new. He once said: 'What I have yearned for all my life, is not so much cosmic unity - like Whitehead, but simply "completion". If I see a circle half-drawn, I yearn to complete it.' One of his students says: 'He desired above all that everything, be it a plant, or an animal or a human being, or a nation, should fulfil its inherent potentiality'. [ note ]

The multilateral artist Michelangelo Buonarroti could have said: 'I quietly feel for the shape and my reactions to it. From the start I communicate with things. I try out different perspectives and the image or statue is tangible in my mind before I start the real work. Every day is for me a discovery and my work is a constant pleasure.'

The outline at the bottom of this page gives more details of this pattern.


Four poles supporting the structure in unity

In order to surmount his initial insecurities and fears and be well balanced the responsible Capricorn, who must offer safety, needs the personal assurance of emotional security. He can develop this by means of the antipole of the introvert Capricorn-Ascendant, the also introvert Cancer-Other in the 7th phase. He encounters fertile Cancer-Others in the mirror of actual people as well as materials, animals and notions.

Since he has high demands for himself this person needs a strong and practical foundation to build on. He has the virile, resolute Aries-basis in the 4th phase at his disposal. The extrovert Aries-basis has no experience in the field of footing, safety and the security of emotional support. The Aries-basis is like a blank sheet of paper and must rely upon himself and his own strength to develop stability. The antipole of this basis is the extrovert Libra-shaping at the 10th phase. Upon this specific foundation this person can make a variety of beautiful and perfect compositions and work step by step towards his purpose.

The movement that starts from the introvert sign of Capricorn directs itself towards the likewise introvert function Saturn. With that the individual moves his perspective to another field in another phase in the process of beginning. Saturn symbolises the conditions of the consistency-process of objectification, direct oneself to the realisation of the individual purpose, substantiate the private aim in and with the help of the environment. He is indeed called the 'lord of time'. As said before, this must be understood as the inner time which ticks differently from the time in the outer world. This time is therefore not necessarily synchronised with the inner time of other people.

The question comes up of how a person becomes this cautious. Has there been a provocation preceding it? Has he experienced difficulties?
Let us picture for ourselves a baby about to be born. In the final phase of the preceding process he is, in the Sagittarius manner, grand and enthusiastic, in joyful anticipation wanting to rush to the life in the outer world. In this way he starts the birth procedure. It could then happen that the progress does not run in time with his mother's progress. Perhaps she is not ready to give birth at the same time as he, or another resistant factor turns up. It can happen that the baby starts breathing too early and experiences suffocation. This is how it could go. If this sign was on the horizon at time of birth, the experience of a more or less traumatic event could be expected and this manner of beginning could repeat itself, in comparable ways, during life (as might be necessary for this learning process). At the start of something new he will cautiously consider the feasibility and tend to say no to buy time. It suits such a person to examine the road for bears.


the CAPRICORN pattern applied individually

Gabrielle Bonheur 'Coco' Chanel, 1883-1971.
Saumur Fr., 19 August 1883, 16:18 (the official time of birth is 16:00).
If Coco Chanel had followed the Capricorn pattern of beginning, this would have led to a different changing of perspective and thus to a different behaviour. As soon as she started something new she would go - in this case - first to the 6th phase and from there to the 9th, where this movement stops.
In the introvert Capricorn pattern of beginning the other functions are, with the exception of one, found in the same phase as in the extrovert Sagittarius pattern of beginning. However they differ on account of the fact that the colouring and thus the operation of all phases is different.
fig.1: Coco Chanel
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Brief  description

Information from the birth chart

  1. If Coco Chanel does start in this manner, that is an introvert manner of proceeding cautiously all by herself;
  2. After the first survey she moves her perspective, not extrovert and supple towards cooperation but, via introvert consistent design,
  3. towards extrovert detailed elaboration and taking her business her own way;
  4. After which she is busy consulting, collecting information through her extrovert relate- and analyse function,
  5. and developing her introvert commercially orientated story again and again in the smallest analysable detail.
  1. The ASCENDANT is, in this case, located in the sign (filter or colouring) CAPRICORN;
  2. From phase 1, via SATURN,
  3. towards the 6th phase in GEMINI;
  4. Subsequently, via MERCURY (primary),
  5. towards the 9th phase in VIRGO where this movement comes to an end.

Different weights of capacities

Graphs of the Capricorn and of the Sagittarius Ascendant give an image of the differences in weight between these two ways of beginning in the case of Coco Chanel. You find them on a separate page.
George Santayana, 1863-1952.
Madrid, 16 december 1863, 09:01u. [ source ]
Philosopher, disciple of Henry James, taught at Harvard university before Whitehead was appointed there.
Naturally, Santayana moves within his Capricorn pattern of beginning not regularly towards the second phase, but, like anybody else, goes about it in his own characteristic manner. As soon as he starts something new he moves towards the 9th phase, from there he goes to the 12th to proceed towards the 10th phase and stay there.
fig.2: George Santayana
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Brief  description

Information from the birth chart

  1. If George Santayana begins, he does so in a cautious and responsible manner;
    he brings in his empathic capacity, creativity and love for nature, as he requires;
  2. From there he transfers with tact and taste, with the help of his introvert consistency function, his perspective towards
  3. the analysis of all details with which he explores people's thinking and;
  4. Then he starts, with the help of his extrovert relate- and analyse function, questioning to make his ideas precise,
  5. and digests and solves them freely in the background;
  6. in order to, via the extrovert at the essence directed expansion function, using supple language and insight,
  7. in a poetic way and cautiously continue to plan the realisation of his purpose.
  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) CAPRICORN;
    with NEPTUNE in the 1st phase in Capricorn;
  2. From phase 1, via SATURN in LIBRA,
  3. towards the 9th phase in VIRGO;
  4. Then, via MERCURY (primary) in Capricorn,
  5. towards the 12th phase in SAGITTARIUS;
  6. From there, via JUPITER in SCORPIO,
  7. towards the 10th phase in Libra, where the movement ends.
Michelangelo (actually Michelangelo Buonarroti), 1475-1564.
Caprese, 24-3-1474, 01:45u GMT. [ source ]
Italian sculptor, painter, master builder and poet.
Michelangelo moved his perspective within the Capricorn pattern of beginning not as a matter of course in the natural sequence but, like most people, followed his own way. As soon as he started something new he went to the 7th phase, and from there subsequently to the 6th and the 2nd phase, from where a cycle starts towards the 10th phase, the 4th, 3rd, 11th, 9th and back to the 2nd phase.
fig.3: Michelangelo Buonarroti
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Brief  description

Information from the birth chart

  1. Whenever Michelangelo started something new, it was not only with caution, but also with optimism because

    if required he could bring in his social coloured expansion function immediately at the beginning;
  2. After the first beginning he wanted, with the help of the introvert consistency function, with tact and responsibility
  3. to commit himself to an emotionally fertile relationship with the Other;
  4. His emotional receptiveness, the introvert emotional basis function,
  5. helped him in his work to render information like a mirror;
  6. With the help of his introvert relate- and analyse function he went into the backgrounds in depth and
  7. involved them in their social function;
  8. Invariably he used the extrovert support function to call on his dynamic and powerful friends to
  9. support his position as a professional artist and his mediating product;
  10. Looked, with the help of the adaptation function,
  11. at home for security in sensory and physical relaxation;
  12. From which he, with the help of his untiring extrovert activate- and initiate function,
  13. went his own intelligent way in the creatively expressing and translating of what he believed in;
  14. Then found, with his introvert integrate function,
  15. support and acceptance from powerful and honest friends;
  16. Experienced, with his introvert remove function, the strength of
  17. his own sound and well-considered belief;
  18. Dives again, via his introvert relate- and analyse function, in connecting
  19. the well-known motives with unique adjustment in his art;
  20. and was then engaged again as described in points 6 to 17 above.
  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) CAPRICORN,
    with JUPITER in the 1st phase in AQUARIUS;
  2. From phase 1, via SATURN
  3. towards the 7th phase in CANCER;
  4. From there, via the MOON in Cancer
  5. towards the 6th phase in GEMINI;
  6. Further via MERCURY (secundary) in PISCES
  7. towards the 2nd phase in Aquarius;
  8. Here begins a circular course, via URANUS in SCORPIO,
  9. towards the 10th phase in LIBRA;
  10. Via VENUS (primary)
  11. towards the 4th phase in ARIES;
  12. Via MARS
  13. towards the 3rd phase in Pisces;
  14. Via NEPTUNE
  15. towards the 11th phase in Scorpio;
  16. Via PLUTO
  17. towards the 9th phase in VIRGO;
  18. Via Mercury (secundary)
  19. back to the 2nd phase in Aquarius;
  20. and so forth.
More examples

There are indeed more well-known people who use(d) the Capricorn pattern of beginning. [ sources ] I mention a number of names which I ordered in sequence of the phase and the sign in which Saturn, to which the sign Capricorn refers, is located:

  1. in Capricorn: Willem Mengelberg, Edward Kennedy, Jim Jones;
    in Aquarius: Max Reger, Harry Houdini, Habib Ben Ali Bourguiba.
  2. in Aquarius: William Somerset Maugham, Sophia Loren;
    in Pisces: Paul von Hindenburg, Kees van Dongen.
  3. in Pisces: Johan August Strindberg, Jane Seymour Fonda;
    in Aries: Ivar Kreuger, Claude François, Joseph Stalin.
  4. in Aries: Jules Mazarin, Erol Flynn;
    in Taurus: Paus Johannes XXIII.
  5. in Taurus: emperor Charles V, Joan Baez, Eva Braun;
    in Gemini: Henri Poincaré, Paul McCartney.
  6. in Gemini: Coco Chanel(?);
    in Cancer: Thor Heyerdahl.
  7. in Cancer: Emile Coué, Yehudi Menuhin, Michelangelo Buonarroti;
    in Leo: Susan Atkins.
  8. in Leo: Richard Evelyn Byrd, Raymond Poincaré, Giulio Andreotti, René Descartes, Herman van Rompuy;
    in Virgo: George Adamsky.
  9. in Virgo: Domenico Scarlatti;
    in Libra: William Turner, George Santayana.
  10. in Libra: Jean-Paul Getty, Paramahansa Yogananda;
    in Scorpio: Abraham Kuyper.
  11. in Scorpio: Queen Elisabeth II, Prince Claus, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Napoleon III, Arturo Toscanini, Karlfried Graf von Dürckheim, Paul Newman;
    in Sagittarius: Auguste Rodin.
  12. in Sagittarius: William Ewart Gladstone, Robert Schumann;
    in Capricorn: Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, king Boudewijn, Sean Connery.

The sign of Capricorn does not need a particularly long or short time to cross the horizon each day. We may asume that the statistical average is valid here and 8.3 percent of the world's population could possibly have a Capricorn Ascendant. It is amazing that I have found so many well-known people in my regular sources. It could be that my personal interest in Capricorn has inadvertently played a role, but we must establish that it is clearly possible for many of them to develop an outstanding life from a difficult beginning.

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individual space-time thanks to a unique system of co-ordinates - structure #9/3,
events oriented and connected in space and time - structure #13/4.


- outline - of the making-the-inner-world-time pattern of beginning

  1. I am cautious with new initiatives for I want to reach the viable maximum, I want the top. I start with no, I can always say yes at a later stage after all. At the start I am formal and reserved. I aim from the beginning for security and begin by looking to see whether that is within reach.
    After all, I begin in order to reach equivalence, the exceptional must be of real use, otherwise I do not start.
  2. My frame of references must be free of tension. My posessions are unique, I husband my properties in an exceptional manner. I am extremely fond of my posessions.
    At the end my values must PISCES: be boundless, my frame of references must offer solutions.
  3. I plan my route in a mysterious manner. My way is ready for sacrifice. I have the right to acquire knowledge in a chaotic manner because I am able to handle chaotic knowledge. I obtain knowledge in order to reach solutions.
    Second condition is that my knowledge is practical, that it works.
  4. My enterprise is practical, I am an energetic business person. I put practical energy in my house. Emotional security gives me practical energy.
    Ultimately my business is product orientated. I will never let go of my home.
  5. Initially I am a slow starter and cautious person, but also a headstrong stayer. I would like to deliver a product, in essence I want to make a good performance. (The maximum had to be in reach from the start, you remember?)
    On condition that I can do business, on condition my product is negotiable, is marketable.
  6. I do my job in a rational manner. I have an intellectual job. I am in business. My work is communicating, is moderating. I analyse in a moderating way.
    Second condition is that emotional involvement is possible at the end. I need certainty in my work. Ultimately I want to work in a caring way.
  7. I may start by myself, but from my partner I expect that he /she provides security. When I have found out if something is feasible, my partner can offer me stability. My complement has steady work. In the meantime I can go about my own work. I reach inner harmony in an emotional way.
    Second condition is that at the end I must have the total overview, I must be in control. The cooperation is after all based on loyalty.
  8. I change by myself. I want to have a survey of the whole of the frame of references of the Other and subsequently determine all by myself if it is prudent of me to change. I handle the Other's posessions/values loyally, but when I want to enjoy myself I determine that for myself.
    In the end it must be VIRGO: serving, discriminating, pure. In the end I want pure changes, or: I want unadulterated enjoyment.
  9. My complement's knowledge is limited but pure. The Other knows the details. My ideal is integrity. I am discriminative with regard to my goals. Little things are my ideal. I believe in small things.
    Final condition is that my ideal is LIBRA: balanced. My ideal is also harmony.
  10. The Other has more than one undertaking. The Other stabilises at home. I look in the Other's undertaking for the second way, I look for the nuances. I realise my ideals in a harmonious way. For my want of security I always need an extra assurance. In political matters I am amenable. I realise my ideal in an alternative manner.
    Final condition is that it can be SCORPIO: concise and practical. In realising my want of security I go through thick and thin, by the shortest route.
  11. The Other is in essence to the point and practical. Only if I have got to the essence of the Other do I know if somebody is my friend. I enjoy my friends. I accept myself undisguised.
    In the end my circle of friends is optimistic and I believe in friendship.
  12. The Other's work is ideal, he believes in his work. My solutions are flexible and well-directed. Letting go is ideal but ...
    CAPRICORN: top quality must be in reach. The Other finally provides work of top class so that I can let go of it.