Starting with pattern #7, 'First I make time to attract interaction'.


Pattern of beginning Libra: 'First I make time to attract interaction'

The LIBRA pattern of beginning is the first of the three patterns of thinking, the people who first of all address themselves to the mental (time) aspect of the outside world, this contrary to the other three patterns which address themselves first to the physical (spatial) aspect of the 'masculine' environment. It has its frivolous character towards the environment in common with the two other members of this at the environment directed group of social interaction, the AQUARIUS- and the GEMINI pattern.

In this pattern the counterparts coincide: the working area of initiating, the first phase - which has by nature the physical ARIES-character, who tackles things himself and prefers working alone - is in this case connected with the rationalising LIBRA colouring which uses exactly the opposite manner, which wants to get help and wants to cooperate. This duality of work area and manner of work applies to every phase of this process. All working areas which are directed at the  environment are combined with manners of work which likewise are involved with the environment (the same holds in this structure for the inwardly directed parts). At the start there is this special and emphatic directedness towards the environment, in which the combination of acting and communicating determines the situation.

In a gentle manner and in full trust this pattern states itself in its environment, at first applying the hypothetic manner of work, is present in a charming way and opens up for all possibilities. The question forces itself upon us: wherupon can the person who uses this pattern build his own certainties and how does he keep or if necessary restore the balance? The antipoles which are tuned to the outside world of space and time, working alone or attracting help and cooperation, form a square with the two counterparts which are directed at the own inner world, taking care of the own stable basis upon which the autonomy can be built. The former, the |1|-|7| axis, supplies the moving material, the latter, the vertical |4|-|10| axis, represents the moved collector. The seventh phase - which by nature has the LIBRA-character, which actually tries to keep one's mental balance and by interaction tries to attract assistance - is coupled to the ARIES colouring which here also applies the exactly opposite manner of work, which really deals with one's physical balance and prefers rather not to talk but tackle things immediately and seeks action. This reversal of counterparts concerns, as I said, all phases. For the other hypothetic axis, the one of inner stability, the same holds true; she uses in the 4th phase - the physical emotional basis - the CAPRICORN colouring - the inner (un)certainty - and in the 10th phase - which needs to develop autonomy - the contrary and likewise inwardly directed - emotional - CANCER colouring.
How this balancing of an individual progresses is laid down in the distribution of the functions on the pattern of beginning; the purpose for which a peron needs this pattern of balancing will in time become knowable by the inner person in the experiences which he has attracted earlier and how these have been applied by his capabilities with the help of the environment.


Bonus and malus of starting in a charming way

People using the Libra pattern of beginning are keen on counterweight in the environment and look for the harmony in it, an attitude which - in this time - often is qualified as 'feminine' and therefore subjective. In the process with its nuancing sliding scales both viewpoints can not do without each other, the relation between those two aspects of the feminine or the masculine attitude always play their individually determined role. Depending on the scope of the process, individual or rather group or context, it is then a personal or a social 'problem'. Everyone observes in his contact with the environment that which is of interest to him, what he needs to reach his goal and complete his task; he draws from his environment that what suits his capabilities.

This person starts by giving time to interesting new things and experiences, at alternatives, will first actively seek social contact, takes his cue from company and wants cooperation in which sharp edges are faded in a diplomatically rose-coloured way and the position easily becomes a common point of view. One starts actively making contact and giving the other full play, eager, tempting and alluring, coquetting by being charming, nice, generous, amiable or if necessary pathetic, by seeking the beautiful and the fashionable, by pleasing the other in order to get help, to avoid conflict, to seek interaction as a compromise, as a provisional redress of an upset balance.

This manner of beginning which attracts alternative possibilities because one has a need for that assistance, who does not want to work alone, who starts with agreeing with The Other, is ready to take risks in the meantime, to stake self-interest for desirable things, certainties for properties, to collect many experiences and surprises for the growth of others but can get stuck himself in the course of time. One tries from the beginning via detours and by improvising to find out which help the outside world can offer, has a keen nose for attracting the help which offers the right sort of resistance that he/she needs at that moment, finds en-velopments and other chances for de-velopment on his/her way. One views the world through rose-coloured spectacles (and does not quickly show a fight), needs to collect many experiences but can thus upset one's own balance, can become irresolute and unsteady, can get stuck in a deadlock (for instance run into the pitfall of submission and vulnerability) for which sometimes a little help is needed to proceed to the next phase and the interaction can be given resolute purpose from the own inner needs.
This manner of attracting and entering into interaction is to a high degree mutually mirroring and confrontational. This attracting and attractive pattern is, on purpose or unintentional, often greatly effective on other people involved, on everybody's room for play and personal freedom.

The character of the LIBRA pattern can be summed up as: 'At the start I do not want to take a fixed standpoint, tie myself up but rather keep open a 2nd road. I have an alternative at hand. From the beginning I look for harmony, counterpoise and beauty, I am tactically compliant, I try to keep the peace.
The 2nd condition is that the experience should be substantial and practical: the initiative should be able to penetrate into the heart of the matter, as I subsequently want to intensely enjoy my own values'
In order to give an impression of the personal variations in this rather feminine pattern I present, as usual, three people, this time only males. I imagine the situation that they are willing now to look back at their lives and the time since then: I would like to know how they could keep their balance with this gatherer-of-experiences pattern.
  • Georges Bizet could say: 'Indeed, I have always looked first for byways, for new variations and more beautiful harmonies. Thanks to my stable home base in my youth and later with my spouse I could, in intense deliberation and hard work - regularly relieving it by doing sport intensely - keep my grip on my intricate plans and be sure in my choices'.
  • Adolf Hitler answers: 'For me reasonable interaction with individual people has always come in the first place. I like to be in the company of people, often they like me too. In the period around the Great War I developed the emotions and the will-power which I would never have applied in this way as a painter, namely those with which to mesmerise the masses, to let them think and do what I wanted that they wanted, to be their Great Leader, to designate culprits and enemies and in this way feed and direct our collective violence and thirst for revenge'. [ note ].
  • If I would ask Desiderius Erasmus how he could withstand the doubtlessly great pressure under which he lived he could say: 'My attention goes out, apart from to the good in a person, to everything around it. I have learned to focus on the facts and in that way on a person, on what he says, how he does that and all the rest of what concerns him, so that I get a picture of what moves that person, whence his views arise and what the purpose is that he in essence tries to achieve. But without my friends, my travels and my ironic exhaust-valve I never could have kept my balance'.

the LIBRA pattern applied individually

Georges Bizet, 1838-1875.
Paris (Auteuil), 25 October 1838, 5:00h LT [ source ].
Composer, famous chiefly through his operas, among which the romantic "Les pêcheurs de perles" from 1863, and the realistic "Carmen" from 1875, his last and very progressive work. 'Carmen Jones' is an American film version (by Preminger and Hammerstein II, 1954) of the subject. Many of his melodies have also been used by other composers, among other things in balets and suites.

The given birth time, at the whole hour, may well have been rounded at the official registration. I have insufficient information about Bizet's behaviour to have reasons for doubt and I leave it as it is.

Georges Bizet
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. Georges was an open observer who with his
  2. at his own purpose directed but surely antithetic playful attention function could be both well prepared and stay quietly alert.
  1. The ASCENDANT is located in the sign (filter or colouring) of LIBRA, in
  2. conjunction with VENUS secondary biding her time in the same sign.
By way of exception I describe also the following aspects figure because she supplies so much energy.
  • On condition that he now and then would let off steam, for instance by frequently swimming, he could involve the steadily pressing others - couterpart, coworker or confronting public - with the help of the remove function in his initiatives, while he at the same time,
  • working from the warm security of his at solidity and culture directed stability function,
  • remained conscious of his social task.
    This powerful combination of functions continuously goes on very openly and energetically; she strengthens herself.

  • The both in a musical manner and in his own social way active support function is for him of vital importance: she bridges the confronting opposition,

  • gives the synthetic expansion function which in the background is both experiencing and regulating active access to the environment - the Ascendant - and
  • gives at the same time extra inspiration to the both socially and structurally strong, as well as emotionally and mentally versatile musical integrate function by supporting her involvement in this energetic whole of personal freedom around the presence and the attention functions.
Ascendant and Venus make important direct aspect connections:
Of the two feeder-lines one is short:
  1. his memory, very synthetic, has to offer extensive stimulating and well-considered detailed information which is combined with and directly from the start is available for
  2. the junction of content, of text, ideas and music in the writing of the synthesize function. He has under- standing and counterweight ready from the start;
The closed grand square is being fed
  1. from the 12th phase in VIRGO, by JUPITER in Libra,
  2. via MERCURIUS secondary to the 1st phase;
the other feeder-line is very extensive,
  1. stability, which the emotional basis function is looking for, is found in the axis of orientation with her solid social aim. In order to structurise that, she moves, together with the both at structure and at the society directed musical integrate function, towards
  2. the consistency function which handles that, in the area of working at the own autonomous values, responsibly. Then, searching for the core, this movement proceeds towards
  3. the remove function in the area of the available help, to investigate and clear away problems without detours and  till the bottom. The foundation is subsequently tested by
  4. the initiate function which asks the group of intimate friends immediately and resolutely for reactions. When everyone is satisfied, the case is  transferred towards
  5. the self-control function which, in the area of the effective execution, not only harmoniously and charmingly but also routinely and publicly supervises the performance.
and by the long line
  1. from the Moon in Capricorn, closely connected with the MC-IC axis and NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS both in the 4th phase in CAPRICORN,
  2. via SATURN towards the 2nd phase in SCORPIO,
  3. via PLUTO towards the 7th phase in ARIES,
  4. via MARS towards the 11th phase in LEO,
  5. via the SUN (in Scorpio) towards the 1st phase.


Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, 1467-1536.
Rotterdam 28-10-1467, 03:56.41 GMT [ source ].
Well-known as great humanist and author of 'Laus Stiltitiae' ('The Praise of Folly'), written in 1509 and published in 1511, in which he sharply criticised traditions of the church and the superstitiousness of his time in a clever satire.
I know of four different birth times and -data of this scholar. I just want to see what information this version has to offer (in this limited approach).

As soon as he opened up for something he would be the charming and mirroring person who has time for other people, who has to be between people, is fully present. That first urge receives supplies from six other functions out of their specific working areas.

Desiderius Erasmus, birth chart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. As soon as he started something or something at- tracted his attention Erasmus would
  2. give it his full attention: what it was that attracted him, not only keeping on quietly asking about it but also taking it in - incessantly - searchingly.
  1. With the ASCENDANT in the sign of LIBRA he moves towards
  2. VENUS secondary in the same sign, conjunct with MERCURY secondary and with NEPTUNE, the last in the sign of SCORPIO, and remains in the first phase.
The first line, double and indirect, works from the two terrains of
  1. the society, the essence of the other, where the remove function both gathers details and also wants to survey
  2. which feeds the self-control function with elementary values
  3. and, vice versa, from the working area of values returning with the personal interests as fodder for the remove function.
  4. Because of the close relationship of the self-control function with the stability function this is also a source of support for the latter and thus for her uncritical manner of beginning;
This minimal movement is being fed by four lines, the first:
  1. from PLUTO in VIRGO in the 11th phase in LEO, towards
  2. the SUN in the 2nd phase in Scorpio,
  3. back and forth towards Pluto.
  4. While the close Sun/Moon conjunction is located at two sides of the border of the first and the second phase;
from the area of synthesis
  1. where the consistency function and the activate- or initiate function both as well work uniting as - the first - in a vigourous manner,
  2. support the integrate function;
the second:
  1. from SATURN in the 6th phase in ARIES and MARS also in phase 6 in PISCES, towards
  2. NEPTUNE in the first phase in LIBRA;
from the working area of religious affairs
  1. where the expansion function, which occupies herself both with the care of the faith as well as with the liberty of conscience which the different ways of thought advocate,
  2. playfully feeds the synthesise function and supplies it with extensive information;
the third:
  1. from JUPITER in CANCER in the 9th phase in GEMINI, towards
  2. MERCURY secondary in the first phase in Libra;
from the area of anticipating and designing
  1. where the capacity to lay out the own line and to be subjective
  2. feeds the emotional basis function both with harmonising as well as with firm impulses;
the fourth:
  1. from the Midheaven in Cancer in the 10th phase, towards
  2. the MOON in the 1st phase in SCORPIO;
from the memories and the freedom of the whole
  1. where the social support function both with extensive experience in harmonious interaction, which herself already has a direct possibility for expression and attraction via the Ascendant,
  2. ironically feeds the synthesise function as well as supplies it with useful details.
the fifth supply line:
  1. form URANUS in Libra in the 12th phase in VIRGO, conjunct the Ascendant, towards
  2. Mercury secondary in the first phase.
Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945, original name Adolf Schicklgruber.
Braunau-am-Inn, 20 april 1889, 17:37.48h GMT [ source ].
Reichskanzler from 1933 till 1945, chosen leader of nazi-Germany from 1934. He led the NSDAP, the national socialistic German workers party.
He fought the 4 years of WW-I at the front line and developed, after a period of recovery, his plans to colonize the world in 'Mein Kampf'. With the support of the socialists who thought that it would pay bread and of the big industries that it would fill the strong-box he came into power, he managed to recover the economy and led the country into WW-II [ note ].

As soon as he started something new he transposed his attention to the Other, the opposite pole of the 1-7axis of contact with the environment.

Adolf Hitler, geboortekaart
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Brief description

Information from the birth chart

  1. When he opened up for somebody he would simply be the charming and mirroring person who would have time for another person, who came up to you, put you at ease, who needed to be amongst people.
  2. For the desired help and collaboration he would go to the primary interaction function which addressed herself both at an attentive and persevering, thus secondary, manner and offering, attracting (her own, indeterminate, working area) and also in an assertive manner at cooperation.
  3. Her solution is a readiness to fight, an at fighting directed relation with the activate- and initiate function which here, in a working area which is inhibiting to her both in a restraining manner and also according to her own character, acted and
  4. with that jointly stressed the importance of this pole of the axis of hypothetic contact with the environment, strengthened it and brought it off balance.
  1. The ASCENDANT is situated in the sign of LIBRA;

  2. from the 1st phase, via VENUS primary but retrogressive in the secondary TAURUS, to the other end of the |1|-|7| axis, her home in the 7th phase, in ARIES;
  3. in a very close and increasing conjunction with MARS,
  4. which want but cannot just like that express themselves there in their own way; they do not have a workable aspect connection with the Ascendant..
The supply line towards this axis begins in secrecy,
  1. from the background, where the social support function wanted to surprise the world both with beauty and also with the detaillistic work of others. The slowly developing need to express herself led via
  2. the synthesise function towards her own field, where she both decidedly and also in a grand manner worked at the new dream. That led further towards
  3. the integrate function, artistic inspiration which has to resign to power, the remove function. They worked together in the field of the values of others: decided both whether this belonged to our nature, or was entartet (and 'Who is not with me is against me'), and also how the guilty should be tackled. In order to propagate the absolute standpoints he moved towards
  4. the interaction function, entangled with the initiate function, in order to find like-minded people, like him driven by social and national resentment, in order to direct the collective thirst for power and revenge and attract the help of the masses in order to, with all possible means, fight for reparation.
This movement is being fed by one supply line:
  1. from URANUS in Libra in the 12th phase in VIRGO, towards
  2. MERCURY secondary in Aries in her own 6th phase in PISCES, towards
  3. NEPTUNE in GEMINI conjunct PLUTO, together in the 8th phase where Pluto is at home in TAURUS, towards

  4. VENUS primary conjunct with MARS in the 7th phase.

His two great incentives, his resentment - the process of the thirst for blind revenge grown out of a grudge about disappointments [ note ] - and his need to share responsibilities - for which he as leader used his power of conviction and will-power - have also developed out of another part of the network of functions. That can better be dealt with later, in a different context.
The four remaining functions form an isolated line. This line also has no possibility to express herself, as she has no aspect relation with the Ascendant.

More examples of the LIBRA pattern

There are many well-known and interesting people who used the Libra pattern of beginning and I had to make some choices [ sources ]. I give the names, ordered in sequence of the phase and the sign in which Venus, the function with which the sign of Libra shows resemblance and to which it refers, is located:

  1. in Libra: Georges Bizet, Desiderius Erasmus, Ulrike Meinhof,
    in Scorpio: Alfred Cortot, George VI (Great Britain),
  2. in Scorpio: Henri VI (France),
    in Sagittarius: Giacomo Puccini, Albert Schweitzer, Charles de Gaulle, Fritz Wunderlich,
  3. in Sagittarius: Winston Churchill, Jean-Francois Champollion, Jan Sluyters, Anton Webern, Simon Wiesenthal,
    in Capricorn: Louis Pasteur, Herman Gorter, Faroek Egypte, Mies Bouman,
  4. in Capricorn: August Bebel, André Gide, Ludwig Klages,
    in Aquarius: Alban Berg, Wim Kan,
  5. in Aquarius: Isaac Newton, Marie de Flavigny comtesse d'Agoult (Daniel Stern), Valérie Giscard d'Estain, Sergio Leone, Alfred North Whitehead,
    in Pisces: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Margaretha of Parma, Karl May, Auguste Piccard,
  6. in Pisces: Francis Galton, Albert I (Belgium), Sergej Sergevitsj Prokofjev, Sidney Poitier
    in Aries: Louis Ferdinand Céline, George Harrison (beatle),
  7. in Aries: Elizabeth Taylor, Bing Crosby,
    in Taurus: Adolf Hitler, Johannes Paulus II (pope), Frans Andriessen,
  8. in Taurus: Otto Klemperer,
    in Gemini: Henry VIII, Alfred Krupp, Arthur Sullivan, John F. Kennedy,
  9. in Gemini: Filips II (Spain), Van Cliburn,
    in Cancer: the state of Israël, Padre Pio, Napoleon I Bonaparte, Harry S. Truman,
  10. in Cancer: Joshua Reynolds, Franz Jozef I (Austria), Pearl S. Buck, Walter Ulbricht,
    in Leo: Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Maurice Maeterlinck, Charles Lindbergh jr.,
  11. in Leo: 'New York 11 Sept', Gré Brouwenstijn, Mathilde Willink, Jacques Delors,
    in Virgo: Günther Grass, John Boynton Priestley, John Lennon (beatle),
  12. in Virgo: François Mitterand, Willem Duys, Paul van Vliet,
    in Libra: Stephn Hawking, who moved on 25/26 December 1962 from the mentaly flexible Virgo to degree 0 of the physical and after effect straining Libra,
    Camille Saint-Saëns, Arthur Rimbaud.

In the northern hemisphere the sign of Libra daily takes a long time (at the 51st degree, the lattitude of Greenwich, circa 2h and 50 min) to cross the horizon. We may therefore expect that the statistical average is amply exceeded; theoretically and roughly estimated nearly 12 percent of the population of the world has a chance to be using the Libra pattern of beginning.

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individual space-time thanks to a unique system of co-ordinates - structure #9/3,
events oriented and connected in space and time - structure #13/4.

- outline - of the making-time-for-the-environment pattern of beginning
  1. LIBRA At the start I do not want to take a fixed standpoint, tie up myself but rather keep open a 2nd route. I have an alternative at hand. From the beginning I look for harmony, counterpoise and beauty, I am tactically compliant, I try to keep the peace.
    The 2nd condition is that the experience should be substantial and practical: the initiative should be able to penetrate into the heart of the matter, because
  2. SCORPIO I enjoy my own values intensely. I actually really love black and white. In my frame of reference I take in only the essential things. I administer my values in a direct and practical manner.
    The final condition is that it fits in my framework, that it comes up to my ideals. So
  3. SAGITTARIUS I make brief contacts in a good-humoured manner. In brief contacts I am optimistic, idealistic, purposeful. I have quite a large circle of acquaintances, I collect knowledge over a broad area. I believe in knowledge.
    At the end the knowledge should really answer my requirements of usefulness and feasibility, because
  4. CAPRICORN When taking care of my inner space I play for certainty, at home it must be safe and familiar. I want my own space, a solid and sound house. I am a solid, trustworthy and independent entrepreneur.
    The final condition is that the basis, equivalence, should be possible. I look for my unique own security in society, as
  5. AQUARIUS In essence I am a unique person, different from others but equivalent. From my innermost self I reach over borders and hindrances. My creativity expresses itself in a social manner. I want to be relaxed.
    My second essential condition is that it contributes to the solution of the problem, that I can let go.
  6. PISCES I can function in chaos and find the needle in the haystack. I like to solve riddles, I like research work. I see no problem in sacrificing myself for others.
    Finally I want my work to also be practically directed at my goal,
  7. ARIES I would like to work together with practical people. I myself keep open 2 routes from the start, I am compliant and expect that the other furnishes initiatives, brings in energetic alternatives, that we mirror each other. I reach inner harmony by working hard at collaboration, by admitting initiatives for cooperation.
    Finally I expect that the other sustains the collaboration and we finish what we have begun, that it leads to permanent cooperation,
  8. TAURUS after I see what way the cat jumps I make my choice so as to stick obstinately to my decision. I enjoy making things, delivering a final product.
    On condition that it, at the end, leads to better insight, more knowledge; finally I might moderate it. So,
  9. GEMINI I find my way through communication. Recognising, correlating and disseminating new information is my goal, my ideal. The other has the disposal of much knowledge. I make my choice of travel destination from the information of the other.
    In the end there must exist an emotional bonding, the ideal must be tangible, because
  10. CANCER I love society to be a welfare society, I am socially involved in an emotional manner. I am autonomous in a motherly, caring manner. I do not like to change my job. I work at social certainty in order to be able to give the security and safety of my family a palpable form. My complement wants a well-kept home.
    At last I want to be able to be loyal towards society, be proud of my function therein, for
  11. LEO I have challenging friends. I move in my circle of friends in a leading manner. I expect from my friends that they are loyal and by consequence accept my leadership. I in turn do also accept loyally the guidance of my friends.
    Ultimately I am serviceable to my friends, in the end my friends are of service to me. So,
  12. VIRGO I can let go of the details. I find the solution in little things, in details. I am critical of solutions and pay attention to their usefulness.
    The final condition is that the solution offers a good counterpoise, leads to harmony. In the end there must be an alternative, a (commonly acceptable) joint solution.