ZIGZAGZINE #39, structure #12: Universal cohesion


Dear Messrs Carlo Rovelli, Stephen Hawking, Sir Robert Penrose, Joseph Stiglitz, Fritjof Capra, Erik Verlinde, Ugo Mattei, Joris Luyendijk, church leaders, school leaders, philosophers, physicians, principals of Universities and journalists

After finishing the numbers 36 and 33 of my duodecimal project of inquiring into the structure of the universe (which is in development due to influences of environments upon situations, objects and living creatures), I am ready to finish with its general survey and conclusion, while I leave my personal experiences in the remaining 3 numbers of the themes line, the last 2 numbers of the pattern line and the final conclusions in page 41 for later times.
You are most welcome to express your comments upon my approach, which is from the universal structure, based on relativity, equivalence and interactive development. It has led me to the insight that the twelvefold is the natural ratio between people and of the universe and that the use of systems of ten parts in human relations must be considered undesirable.

PROCESSES, passive state or development in variable surroundings

Development is not a purely humane capacity. Up till now I have mainly thought and written in Zigzagzine from the viewpoint of human beings. But now there is the need to think and talk about the surroundings of all kinds of sorts, and to look at our world and the universe, at materials that are static and things or materials that can move and change offering another capacity or viewpoint.
In practice, now that I have discovered that astrology can be clarified by taking the twelve parts as its basis, we can look at our surroundings and changes, because that is what life and living are about. Processes can be different because the surroundings of a process are changing and can become anything, and we need to get a better insight into the happenings and the materials that are involved therein, in their character and the technical consequences.
Surroundings can be material or mental, water and snow, oil or air and dust, solid rock, a honeycomb, sand, blood, iron plates or knives, a child or a neighbour. Immaterial surroundings can be a prejudiced atmosphere, an irresponsible management, an unequal relationship or an addicted partner, an unexpected call, a sunny morning, a happily playing child, beautiful sounds and music, desiccation or poison. Some of our surroundings are fully developed, and indeed there are things about which we need to know and understand more, and get active.
The first subject that I want to question is development: 'what are the things that are developing, and is there a static condition of materials, and of living beings'?
Yes, there are these two groups within the twelve/12 level structure of reality and development. The difference is the distinction between (fully) developed but (sometimes) changing material objects and the living, thinking and developing interactive objects which need and use nature.
The metals, stones and other fully developed types of minerals and other materials are "box-shaped". The box shaped or cubic materials with their six/6 equal sides do not need environments, but there could be other inapropriate environments.
Water, liquids, layers of air, sounds however are, like trees and human or animal creatures, in development, and belong to the twelve-parts structure. They need environments and are continually in interaction with their appropriate environments or are environments of objects or (other) living beings or vulnerable materials. They exist, they develop, are in interaction, disappear in the air, or are inhaled. They also do use metal and stone things and materials which are not in development (wearing away is losing particles).
The twelve/12 parts of which they consist, are divided in six/6 levels for inner development, and six/6 levels for interaction with suitable or enforced environments.
Here, talking about processes, I am not talking about sorts, weights and their nature but about relations, influences or functions and proportions.
Objects which are no longer developing, for example metals, stones or dead bodies, can, in as far as they do not or very slowly change, be considered as not being in development as long as they are box-shaped. A single drop of water or bit of ice however has, when the environment is hot, mostly only a short time for development; before it evaporates. When it is inserted in a larger amount, it no longer is a drop and will change when a mass of water changes.
It seems that materials like iron, paper, rocks, poisons, gold, are static, not developing up to a 'higher' level or purpose, at least not at this period of time on this globe. These materials have developed over a very long time (excepting the paper, which has been manufactured, a sort of development surely), and they are solid and in a static condition; now. The smallest elements of these materials are now fully developed and in this state they all have the same nuclear shape: the shape of an equilateral little box; or of an equilateral cube.
If the temperature were to rise sufficiently however, rock, iron and gold would become fluid, and we would be long gone.
The conclusion of all this is that the six/6 sided or box-shaped elements are in a state of full development of their purpose.
The twelve/12 leveled elements however can include both types, the own nucleus of six/6 which is already greatly developed and needs only some maintenance, and those parts of six/6 which are still working at actively 'performing' that development. The first are either more or just less dependent on specific qualities of their environments.
Deep in the extremely hot inner part of our planet, box shaped solid elements with their six/6 sides are interacting with an extremely hot environment of presumably other materials. Landed in a variable environment they mix, adapt to a new twelve-leveled existence of development in which they will liquify, gradually combine, and in time end as a new material with a new function. They may get lighter, remain fluid, or turn solid.
In recapitulation this leads to the following general conditions for development on any planet:
  a  there is an object, a mass or any living creature: a process with given qualities, with
     a purpose
  b  environmental conditions: qua temperature, humidity, amount, acceptance of change,
  c  capacity for interactivity: becoming or already being a twelve/12 leveled object, as a
      living creature with material and physical along with emotional and mental forms of
  d  need for and openness for (further) development towards the purpose of this process,
  e  by providing information and insight from the masses of abstract packages which
      occupy roughly 95% of the expanding universe, by influencing via the quanta, a
     concrete action is carried out in a specific process,
  f  the process carries out its own function in an actual part of development towards
     the general purpose.
Development then is not just a thing of surroundings on this Earth's scale, but a matter of the universe as a whole. We have known for centuries, thanks to the knowledge of the Egyptian and Babylonian astrology, that the surroundings of our globe are involved in the purpose and development of every individual, and that our world is influencing this and other globes or planets.
The recently (Volkskrant, Wednesday November 9, 2016) published information by professor Erik Verlinde is clarifying and of great value.

The universal structure: stationary mater and processes in development

Processes are universal, by definition natural, in development, and are duodecimal. Animals and people, stones and raindrops are processes. Processes have one or more purposes and functions. I name a few: --- mark, goal, aim, object, design, destination, cause (intention), end; --- (to the) point, (achieve) object, one's end; --- with a view to..., intent to, be intended to; --- objective.
The real distinction in the basal forms lies in the state of the object or the substance: is it in development or not, is it a process or an element. The element of a solid material has, as we have seen earlier, six sides, in principle the form of a cube.
The process, the object or idea in development, consists of kernels with six sides and an outer layer of six parts. Here, in this six-piece kernel, the unique qualities in their individual need of development are located, whereas the interactive qualities or peculiarities which must be able to be in touch with 'suitable' influences in environments are located in the outer layer.
Naturally the groups of six are divided in physical and mental or sensorial parts.
Note: The left part of this picture is based on a photograph in 'De Volkskrant' p.V2 of Saturday, January 25 2014 by Aleksej Kljatov, called "Classical sixfold". This appellation is erroneous and confusing.
I  see in that photo (this is my fivefold or quintuple reproduction of Kljatov's photo) two groups: 1. one kernel of six hexagons, encircled by six hexagons, together the rendering of one process, 2. one duodecimal or twelvefold of hexagons (or two hexahedrons).

PROPORTIONS: the 12-piece structure and 10-piece systems compared

The result or the effect of the proportions between different processes are of utmost importance. Let's have a look at the differences between the natural (duodecimal / twelve parts) structure on the left-hand side and the effects in two examples of the decimal monetary system.
A. 1, 2,

Absolutely unique and equivalent

A.   Structural relationships/proportions:
 = 6 axes=12 conjunctions,
2 = 2 x 6 twofolds; 2 distinct groups.

Systematic hidden ambiguity, vague limits                  

A.   Schematic ambiguity:
 = 5 axes=10 conjunctions or tenfolds,
2 = 2x5 twofolds, mixed groups.

B. 3, 4,
     Clear distinction and equivalence
Schematic inequivalence, vague limits
     B. Structural relationships or proportions:
     3 = 3 distinct dynamic square relations,
     4 = 4 distinct dialectic triangle relations.
B.   Systematic exchangeable relation or proportion:
= 2 oblong/four-sided relations,
4 = 10 transformed triangles or inconjunts.
C. 5, 6.
Plain distinction and equivalence

C.  Structural relationships/proportions:
 = 24 inconjuncts, 12 open triangles,
6 = 6 oppositions.

Systematic inequivalent, vague limits

C.   Schematic relations or proportions:
5 = 1 real opposition + 4 'oppositions'.           


The twelvefold structure

The decimal systems

Clear distinction and equivalence

3 dynamic squares #4 are available,
4 dialectic triangles #5 are available.
Accessible interaction, deliberation.
Universal standard of equivalence.          

Systematically inexact in the core

The dynamic squares #4 are exaggerated,
the dialectic triangles #5 are absent.
Limited share of information & interaction
Structurally inequivalent


The development from tenfold systems towards the duodecimal structure

In order to get a better insight in the heart of and the motives behind the present financial world, I want to look at its prehistory, at the original commercial customs of diverse local and personal usage, how they changed to the decimal system and its secret second version, which is a more complicated and sensitive object for suspicion.
The method and its side-effects spread around the Mediterranean.
The special second version has been a long time (till the Great War) limited and kept secret.
1. Prehistory, the origin of Fibonacci's ten piece system
Around the year 1200 Leonardo of Pisa (also known as Fibonacci) published two books of different levels, based on the theoretical basis of Euclides' mathematics and the Hindu-Arabic decimal mathematics (including the 0): his "Liber Abbaci". With that he advanced the unity and the trade in the countries around the Mediterranian sea with their, up till then, different local financial methods.
In 1202 he would publish his second, specialised edition of "Liber Abbaci".

Manuscripts or handwritten books on practical mathematics were rare and expensive. The printing-press was discovered only around 1450, these expensive mathematic-books were in great demand.
Of the second more specialised work of Fibonacci's that was known only by few, there is still one specimen in the library of the Vatican, and of course also several at safe places with concerned financial parties. The Vatican protested against the use of the decimal system in political and other social matters like taxes, for example around 1640 in France and the Netherlands.

In his book "Finding Fibonacci" (2017) Keith Devlin explains that the Arab-speaking merchants and scholars in North Africa knew the decimal number-system and taught the Hindu mathematical methods to the local merchants. Leonardo of Pisa could have consulted Omar Kayyam and Abdallah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, and used their Persian ninth-century books for both of his publications.
Algorithm and algebra (al-Jabr) are terms of Arabic origin.

39Spinoza.gif (21948 bytes)
Baruch De Spinoza, a human being who sharply analysed human society,
who, within the decimal system, thought in an exeptionally specialised, broad & clear manner,
who, on the base of equivalence, defended an essential social notion:
national leadership should limit itself to developments of general interest and
refuse involvement of representatives of religious organisms.
The Aries/Libra 1/7-axis contains only the Asc/Des-axis of existence / cooperation;
the Cancer/Capricorn 4/10-axis contains only the IC/MC-axis of personal / social action;
the Leo/Aquarius 5/11-axis of personal interaction in community is empty.
Activity takes place only within the phases 2, 6, 8 and 9.
2. From Colbert's administration under Louis XIV towards the French revolution
In 1640 Jean-Baptiste Colbert (29/8/1619 - 6/9/1683) is nominated 'commissaire des guerres', as minister under the (younger) king Louis XIV of France (and the Netherlands), and in 1665 he became Controller-General of Finances. The king used enormous amounts of money instead of bringing it in and Colbert had difficulty scraping enough money together.
I presume that Colbert's social background was the commercial world. In his situation he had to establish for the state a financial system and the decimal one was the obvious solution. He introduced, I guess between 1641 and 1645, his personal reformation for the entire country with the decimal system as base and in the background Fibonacci's secret second handbook, and generalized the until then divers personal or local financial customs {partly info English Wikipedia, 5-12-2016}.
By that developed, next to the duodecimal astrology, astronomy; a vision of the world as a decimal system.

In 1774 the United States entered into alliance and adopted in the 'dollar' the decimal system, the demonstrated profitable and advantageous French monetary system that is not transparent for the common citizen.

In 1789 the Bastille in Paris is attacked by the French people in revolt. This was probably a consequence of the new unclear decimal system, and the general poverty of the common, uninformed citizen facing the exorbitant growing wealth of the royal family, the great traders and well-informed and privileged citizens.

1641-2017. The decimal system is in use in Europe for nearly 400 years - the scale of it has grown quickly and strongly in the last 80 years.

The decimal system is disproportionate to the structure of the universe. It is limited, concealed, regulative and corrupt, the proportions in the 10-part standard are unequal, the open proportions and honest steering of dynamic and/or dialectic interaction (12-part) have no place in there. Computerization of the system signifies growing limitation of the own responsibility knowledge of the individual person, it belittles, regulates and limits the development towards independence and honesty, it gives even more room for unclear and criminal activities.

After Colbert's time the secret part of the financial methods long remained limited to certain big companies and a few govermental officials. With both the world wars a systematic extensive shifting of the financial means started, and with the development of the computer-world this extends itself quickly to lower and other regions of the world. The aims and methods get more noticable and visible: the limit of the range or the explosion of the, still limited, means approaches and the concealment quickly disappears now. The clandestine money is now, of course for safety reasons, being invested in valuables; the expanding illegal financial domain that takes the money, moves it via diverse methods and forms of concealed (illicit) business, including drugtrafficking, to other countries.

3. The  universal twelvefold structure on the base of equal proportions
The twelve-partitioned structure of the universe is not a one-sided matter of choice. We interfere with the equivalence between people when we, instead of a general structure of relations, talk about a structure which is not based upon equivalence but precisely upon one-sided knowledge, and therefore upon advantage instead of humiliation.
Thinking that there is only one solution, not taking into account the contrary, is an attitude typical of the approach to a problem when one uses the decimal system. In a structure of twelve parts we have, in everything we do, the possibility to choose, there is an open counterpart, an equivalent alternative for both parties. A partner problem, a mariage problem, a problem of equality, a signal, we are not equal but exactly unique! We really are all equivalent and the variation of open differences and discrepancies are of essential importance, must be clear for every child and young person and be respected generally.
(Respectable resistance can be profitable and of value.)
Our planet exists thanks to two worlds:
A. the own world with plants and animals which are in interaction with and are dependent of
B. the general and allinclusive twelfpart quantumworld.
The natural structure embraces both the material and physical as well as the emotional and intellectual forms of relation within the universe; the universal structure is twelvefold, the universal structure is a society of people, functional and equivalent in its honest proportions.

A born critic who examines structure,
studies the equivalence in proportions, and tries
to clarify the actual world around us.
The  Schorpio/Taurus 8/2-axis contains the Asc/Des-axis of work / cooperation and Jupiter;
the Aquarius/Leo 11/5-axis contains the IC/MC-as with Mercury, Venus, Saturn in Aquarius;
the Cancer/Capricorn 4/10-axis contains The Sun in Capricorn vs. Moon and Pluto;
activity takes also place from the phases 1, 6 and 7, with Uranus, Neptune and Mars.
4. The social inequality and the financial profit of informed people
The world of living together which is around us knows (except the unequivalent decimal system) still another problem of great extent and great importance.
The knowledge of it shows an embarassing lacuna. I want here to call attention to alcoholism, a clear example of problematic human relations which are insufficiently noticed.
Alcoholism is a social problem, a form of interactive dependency or mutual influencing (co-dependency), in which children and partners or colleagues are present and by that are also involved. It is of great social importance that both parents/partners individually become responsible and respectfull partners, get to know themselves better and accept themselves.
Thus follows this little-known piece of factual information from my own experiences.
Alcohol use and alcoholism in four types:
  A     relations with (still?) no serious alcohol problems
      1. the stimulating relation between two really respectfull people;
      2. the everage, balanced humane relation and surroundings of sufficient respect.
  B     relations with serious alcohol problems
     1. the gentle alcoholic (m/f), who is situated in (has chosen for)
         environtment(s) of partner(s) or colleague(s) who started to
         deride, dominate, belittle him/her.
     2. the dominant alcoholic (predominantly male/masculine) who finds oneself in (has chosen for)
         environment(s) with coleague(s) or partner(s) who are unassuming and/or humble
         and/or gentle, but who treats them with contempt or disdain, misuses or
         parasites, and who is rarely noticed as an alcoholic.
Surroundings and even therapists seem to find a practical solution to consider the bog-standard alcoholic as the responsible person who needs therapy.
An alcoholic (both types) can go to the AA-group, and the partner or relation can
individually learn in the AlAnon-group to understand their own nature and to leave the nature of the other to him- or herself.
AA or Al-Anon, both groups for either the alcoholic or the partner, have been developed, as I understand, from Gregory Bateson's studies (see: Charles Hampden-Turner 'Maps of the Mind', 1981).
Alcoholism and drug abuse of (groups of) young people is, as I presume, of another nature and can be different in other countries. On the one side this is part of the natural development from child to adult in which plenty of experimenting is and must be possible. Perhaps it is also a by-product of or exactly a reaction to what Dutch society (and its belittle-mentality) or English society in some cases directly or indirectly is furthering, such as similarity, mass conduct of buying and joining in or of the choice to want or need to prove yourself: "this I can do better, this I dare to do alone, see, I am really somebody" against "can I fix this?, is that a must?, do I want that sort of life?".
The real question is then: in whose interest is that, is it useful?
= In the last 2 parts of the pattern line: #35 Aquarius and #38 Gemini, alcoholism will come up for discussion again.

  Stephen Hawking, a human being who initially,
with the MOON in VIRGO, was physically and mentally active,
studied human relationships and,
in his way, sought contact with people;
but now, since his MOON moved into LIBRA,
cannot speek or move himself and is dominering or angry.
The Virgo/Pisces 6/12-axis contains the Asc/Des-axis of work / cooperation and Neptune;
the Sagittarius/Twins 9/3-axis contains the IC/MC-axis of personal. / social action and Jupiter;
the phases 4 Cancer and 8 Scorpio of emotional personal contact are not active;
activities find also place in the phases 1, 2, 5, 7, 10 and 11.
The information which this event offers concirning the complexity of humans and animals, that is the lack of knowhow concerning the developments and the structural changes in the course of life, is enormous.
5. Living together in the present world of people on the way to equivalence
Baruch De Spinoza stated that, as starting point for a government, its area of work should be clear and as limited and general as possible. Above all things there should be no concealment, souch as religious groups which systematically support the disparaging of common people or unimportant industrial details which take a part in the governing body. There must separately be one general policy of financial matters and one of general country policy of prosperity and clarity wielded.
If the Dutch government continues working under the cloak of groups of religious people and other interests, and if the government restricts the intellectual and emotional development of the greater part of the population, then we can be sure that there still is a need in the Dutch financial world to hide their business methods from the civilian.
I would like to draw your attention to the furthering destructive coherence of mankind, to the origin and cause and the deliberate (or in despair) cultivation of the disintegration of community, and the cause of the subsequent gradual decay of society in structural inequivalence and mental vulnerability, in short of deliberate social degeneration.
In concreto:
There are people who, in former times, have profited from the advantages which Fibonacci's tenpart system has offered to some.
There are actualy very many people who make a lot of profit and who want to safeguard that, e.g. launder via drug traffickers, and convert in 'real estate'. The sources and the origins are different world-wide; they come from concerns and traders which make extra profit, with the purpose to secure more and ensure themselves or others of a super-rich future.
The future can, as it seems, be very various and uncertain.
I want to direct your attention towards the present decay of society in structural inequivalence and mental weakness / vulnerarbility; of social degeneration. The future of mankind on the base of equivalence can now be dealt with.
The consequences of too strong regulation or belittling in education, from disparagement in education, of limitation of suitable education with the purpose of distinguishing groups of the community as inferior or unimportant humans.
In the Netherlands the quality of education since 1960/70 has deteriorated strongly and limited, even partially; is the breadth of the information offered poorly and not equally adapted for every child of different capacity. The teacher is weighted down with nonsensical paperwork and all of this decreases the number of teachers available.
It is clear that a great part of the community [with the help of the religions] consciously is belittled, is systematically disparaged by the government.
The male/female problem is a hiatus in the Dutch government (and in other European contries?) in nearly all great organisations and concerns, spread also over smaller agencies and situations, and is arbitrarily noticeable on the streets.
Is it the fear for work, for rivalry or really a form of contempt of the stylish dressed male who in the streets looks over, ignores women, freezes them out?
The pressure = the force upon people = the belittlement = the increasing poor situation of lower- and secondary education which set in after World War II is getting worse. Sometimes, concealed of course, people talk about it and it is possibly gradually understood by a single person. The money-thinking and belittling of the citizen is dominant, increases noticeably in board activity and legislation, in the only for some elect available 'quality'-education. Quality is then called: 'financially ďnformed' but the Netherlands since a very long time knows clearly no equivalent open culture and no full-grown, that is also responsible, national governing body.
The concept "property" has no longer a meaning (if it ever had one), also "the owner" and "the proprietress" are notions which are inconceivable, have become absurd.
Also notions like "ruler", "boss", excite my critical twelvefold me.
Being involved with your neighbours is for ever more people an unfamiliar idea. Taking care for neighbours or 'friends' is more often a financial question: if you do not pay us when we bring you one or two streets further to the doctor or the hospital then we cannot do that, don't you think?
When I once happened to fall on the street I was taken care of by a group of young people until expert help took over.
Working together on common purposes: physically and mentally getting full-grown, being equivalent, is everybody's right [and nature].
Communication of formal questions and personal interest questions via the internet are for many people impossible or confusing. Taking care with such things is not only necessary with new and formal arrangements, but also in general the content is often inconceivable and all-embracing, and it comes across as clumsy or belittling and lecturing. There always will be also some people who prefer to pay more attention to other more important matters.
Yes/No choices do not work with every person positively.
The original structure of western music is based on the frequence of sound waves with the standard of Hertz (Hz) of 432 vibrations; the conversion of the standard by Joseph Goebbels into 440 Herz. with its negative influence on people however has still not been corrected (see: Zstructe.html).
Here I would like to thank the astrological community for their impressive source of information and their alert help; next to that I personally would advise astrologers to change astrological representation at one point: standardize please the base of the chart in order to make it easily comparable and understandable.
And that little astronomers joke in the north pole could well be taken out. {see: 36strBe.html#Anim6}.
'The horror of that moment', said the King, 'I shall
never forget in all my born days.'
'But you will', said the Queen, if you do not
record it somewhere'.
< Lewis Caroll: Through the Looking Glass >

Shall I leave the Earth for Mars, or continue and reassure people?

As I am only a structural, critically thinking, analysing, functional, unobtrusive person, concerned with children and the future of the world, in former times librarian, reviewer, and portraitist, I feel the need to invite astrologers to study and show how they would represent the basic circle of a Mars-, a Jupiter- or Pluto-horoscope, in which that planet would have to be replaced by the planet Earth which also should get a specific function and place in its proper relation with the 12 phases and the other factors in this part of our solar system and in the Universe.
It might also be interesting to study the position and function of the Earth's Moon from that viewpoint.
While I continue working on the planned zines, temporarily left in abeyance, I look forward to your reactions and extremely valued suggestions about the construction of an equivalent society, and remain,
Yours truly, Rini Sips.
List of reactions on the consequences of the use of the natural structure of the universe, versus the generally used tenfold systems:
  name area of work, date and (reference to) comment. 
C. Rovelli: quantum physicist certifies 12 parted universe at Dec. 2016:
S. Hawking: up to his change end 1962 an independent physicist:
E. Verlinde quantum physicist:
Sir R.Penrose: theoretical physicist:
F. Capra: theor. physicist, ecologist:
J. Stiglitz: economist:
U. Mattei: jurist:
J. Luyendijk: publicist:
B. Jongman: philosopher:
J. Derksen: psychologist:
Pope John: church leader:
B. Obama: president USA:
D. Trump: president (elect):
W. Bleeker: surgeon:
Midas Dekkers: biologist:
S. Beattie: headmaster:
S. de Groot: social worker (student):
? : astrologer:
UofC: representative:
Leiden Univ.: representative:
Clara (Be): journal(ist):
Volkskrant: journal(ist):
Groene A.: journal(ist):
?: .?. :

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zine 33/10: Complex network 3 in accordance with the actual approach of astrology;
zine 36/11: The universal organism 1, according to the new view on astrology;
zine 35/11: Aquarius and zine 38/12: Gemini, two patterns on society.
the survey of Basic elements and their relations,
the bibliography.
Aleksej Kljatov's work is to be found at the site "Flickr" which I could not enter.
Keith Devlin: "Finding Fibonacci" 2017.
Kees Schuyt: "Spinoza en de vreugde van het inzicht" 2017. Strikt analysis of all his works.
René Willemsen: "Ontspoord eigenbelang; essay over Spinoza en economische complexiteit" 2017.


She exists of four active individual factors;  2 fysical versus 2 mental groups of three parts:
 Physical environmental experiences [of this individual]: Mental/driving [influences on this individual]:
1. ARIES - triviality - without meaning/ a single impression
   = action + making
   = outwards, make space outside the singularity
5. LEO - disjunction - the ego / claim a distinct position
   = action + claiming
   = outwards, claim the environment space
9. SAGITTARIUS - joy (+ flux) - idealising
   = action (+ difference) + comparing
   = outwards,  deal with the outer space-time
 3. GEMINI - flux - difference / comparison / meaning
     = difference + comparing
     = outwards, deal with time outside the singularity
 7. LIBRA - good (+ triviality) - experience alternatives
     = difference (+ action) + making
     = outwards, make the outer space-time
11. AQUARIUS - necessity (+ disjunction) - acceptance
     = difference (+ action) + claiming
     = outwards, claim the environment's space-time
 Physical characteristics of the individual:  Mental/inner characteristics of the individual:
  4. CANCER - permanence - bonding / footing
     = emotion + making
     = inwards, making space inside the singularity
  8. SCORPIO - evil (+ greatness) - rejection / choice
     = emotion (+ value) + claiming
     = inwards, claim the inner space-time
12. PISCES - freedom (+ conjunction) - put away / let go
     = emotion (+ value) + comparing
     = inwards, deal with the inner space-time
10. CAPRICORN - sorrow (+ permanence) - limit anxiety
     = value (+ emotion) + making
     = inwards, making the inner space-time
 2. TAURUS - greatness - a magnitude / the known
     = value + claiming
     = inwards, taking time inside the singularity
 6. VIRGO - conjunction - summing up/potentialities/workable
     = value + comparing
     = inwards, deal with the inner time