My music or sound performance, comes from my heart.
I have to feel the music in my body and then I become the sound and the music which I perform.
It is just the FEELING !
For all kinds of circumstances for example :conference, meeting, events, gallery opening, festival etc.. ,you can expect a special and unique performance. 
I tour all over Europe, Caribbean , USA and China to share my sound stories with  


For my own performances I am always looking for musicians who are able to improvise in accordance of the atmosfere of that particular moment.
It's a moment  with the audience and your feelings.
One needs more than just playing notes, also one has to go in the sound. 
Joining into other groups/bands then I like to add a special flavour of my percussion sounds to their music.
A music shop is like a candystore for me.  After entering I can not resist to touch all kinds of instruments and play on them.
So, I found some great collectus items producing very strange and odd sounds for instance the trongos, waterphone, indian banjo, Horner guitarette,maxoline,termine, handdrums (pandrum from Swiss and ravdrum form Russia). 


Over the years I made several soundstories with viideo-images. Mostly it's a story connected to the narure. There you find beautifull sounds and inspiration. So i made : A day in tropical rainforst, The Wetlands, Ocean Dream, Universum, Water Music, Doodstil, Kalibasha and Oh ja "natuurlijk" !.
And I recorded some stories on CD or DVD.


Paradijs van Geluiden



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