The last day of Hr.Ms O13

While still unclear there is a lot of speculation about the way the O13 could have been lost on its last day .. Read more...

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Crew members

Submarine Hr. Ms. O13 had three British sailors on board when it vanished near the south west coast of Norway.. Read more...

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News Blog O13

Blog with information about search expeditions in the Northsea and other news related to Hr.Ms. O13 .. Read more...

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In 1940 the Dutch submarine Hr.Ms. O13 was already an elderly sub, build in 1928 / 1929. At the start of the war in Holland she was attacked several times by German planes off the Dutch coast. The commander "Lt.Cdr. E.H. Vorster" decided not to surrender the Germans and sailed to England where the sub was placed under British operational control. After some missions south of England she was attached to the international 9th submarine Flotilla in Dundee Scotland.

On 12 June the O13 departed for its first patrol near the entrance of the Skagerrak between Norway and Denmark. When on 19 June the sub was called back to Dundee she did not notify the message. At 2 July a formel announcement of the Royal Dutch Navy in London confirmed the loss of Hr.Ms. O13, she was declared overdue as she failed to return to base. It is not known what happened, most likely she stroke a German mine and sunk with all (34) hands.

This site has been developed in memory off my uncle who lost his life at the age of 18. He was a sailer on board of the Dutch submarine Hr.Ms. O13 when she was lost.
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News about search expeditions

Santi Odnalezc Orla
News about search expeditions by the Polish Organisation Santi Odnalez trying to find the Polish ORP Orzel.
O13 Site
Blog about search expeditions in the Northsea and other news related to the O13 and the Polish ORP Orzel.
O13 StillOnPatrol
News and facts about dutch submarine O13 and other disappeared submarines. (Dutch language only).

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