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(not everything might be present yet.)

Stand-alone version

Winboard version


Program to determine perft counts (i.e. number of move paths of a certain depth) for any position (given as FEN). Counts can be split per move to any depth.

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micro-Max 1.6

A stripped-down 1433-character version, basically uMax 3.2 without hash table, but allowing you to play under-promotions for full FIDE-rule compliance.

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micro-Max 3.2

The 2000-character version that is discussed extensively in these web pages, with simple SEE-like Quiescence Search and hash table. (Now considered obsolete.)

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micro-Max 4.0

The shrunk 1752-character version that is functionally equivalent to uMax 3.2, except for a slightly simplfied hash-replacement policy.

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micro-Max 4.4

A strongly improved micro-Max, with an all-captures QS, futility pruning, null-move pruning, and enhanced King safety added to 4.0. (1865 characters)

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micro-Max 4.8

Even stronger micro-Max, with repetition-draw recognition, check extension, late-move reductions, and better (passed-)Pawn handling added to 4.4. (1953 characters)
Now available are some very fast compiles by Denis P. Mendoza!

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A version of micro-Max that reads the piece description from a file fmax.ini, so that arbitrary fairy pieces can be implemented. This version (4.8J) supports up to 15 piece types, and board sizes upto 12x8 board. A Linux port exists in the format of a debian package.

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Stand-lone version (1.0.12) that played in Leiden '06 ONK.
Winboard version of Joker 1.1.14 (replacing the buggy 1.1.17).

joker12.exe - Executable -


A version of Joker 1.1.14 (e) adapted for 10x8 Chess. (beta version!)

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An adapter to play Reinhard Scharnagl's Smirf engine (capable of both 8x8 and 10x8 Chess) under WinBoard. Just install the executable in the directory where you have the SmirfEngine.dll, and you can use Smirfoglot as any other WinBoard engine. (alpha version! No 'Show thinking' yet.)

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An adapter to play the Gothic-Chess server under WinBoard as an engine, so that you can play other engines against people on the server. Install as any other WB engine, with as command-line arguments the username and password of the account you want to play under on the server. Run winboard in match mode! (e.g. /mg=10)

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N.E.G. 1.2

Remake of an Old blitz program of mine, which doesn't think ahead, but just moves based on the number of times squares are covered, and by what. Plays extremely poor, mainly trying to last until his opponent runs out of time (always moving instantly).

- - Windows Executable
Linux x64 Executable

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