A Dedicated Piece Set for the Game of Ultima

I used a set of draughts chips for the Pawns. Since I don't play checkers, this does not confuse me. The King could of course remain a normal Staunton Chess King, since it moves the same as in Chess.

For the (Long) Leaper I used a cylinder, since that reminds me of the Queens in Draughts, that have the same capture mode. The Immobilizer is represented by a cube, which seems as immobile as anything I could imagine. The Coordinator is made from two draugts chips mounted perpendicular on top of each other, symbolizing a dish antenna, which signifies action at a distance. The Chamelions are spheres (mounted on draughts chips to stabilize them), symbolizing a spherical mirror in which everyone sees his own image.

Finally, since we seemed to be caught in geometric objects, I chose a triangular prism for the Withdrawer. This is the piece I am least happy with. It does not seem a metaphore for anything. In addition, the threefold symmetry axis seems to dissonate with the symmetry of the board. Perhaps an octagonal prism would be better, but I still don't see any pulling or drawing action in it. Of course you could imagine a Withdrawer as a rocket, that annihilates anything behind its tail by means of its engine exhaust flame as it takes off. A bullet shape would then suggest itself. Not so easy to make, but aesthetically pleasing, since it would be taller than the other pieces, more matching the height of the King, thus restoring symmetry.