British WW 1 Heavy Tank Mk I/II,

notes on conversion of Airfix Tank Mk I.

Mk I roof details

Correcting the Airfix Mk I version.

The Airfix model of the WW1 Heavy tank Mk I is an old model but still a very good one compared with the Mk IV released by Emhar. The main fault is that it is not a Mk I at all but a Mk II tank, this can however be corrected and makes building a Mk II version a lot easier

Rear steering wheels

Tail steering wheels.

The tail steering wheels should aid with making small turns, they were removed when it appeared that they were very easily damaged and of little use. They were only fitted on the Mk I and never on the later marks.

Bomb roof

Bomb roof.

Caracteristic for the Mk I version was the bomb roof, it purpose was to protect the roof of the vehicle against hand grenades thrown upon the roof. It was found to be of little use and soon removed.

Female sponsons for Mk I/II

Female version.

Half the tanks built were of the female type. They were armed with 4 machine guns instead of the two 6 pounder guns. The sponsons were slightly different compared with the male version.

Mk II roof details

Coverting to Mk II.

As the basis of the Airfix kit is a Mk II only some small modifications are needed for this conversion. Remove the hatch in the roof of the drivers cabin and do not fit the tail steering wheels. Like the Mk I the early vehicles did not have exhaust silencers, later they were fitted on all vehicles.

Spuds on every 6th tracklink

Mk II tracks.

The Mk II had a narrower drivers cabin so that wider tracks could be used, however these were never fitted. Instead spuds were fitted on every 6th tracklink to improve the traction in bad terrain.

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